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  1. Xavian and Deathgrip

    Vassal Ball Discord Now Available

    Uh, the link seems to be expired or something.
  2. Xavian and Deathgrip

    Looking for game?

    So I just finished up my University exams yesterday, and am now on winter break. While I am not totally free, as I still need to get Christmas presents for a large family in a last minute rush, I have a lot of time available and was wondering if I could organize a game through Vassal, I do not own any models (or plan to) nor have I played a game before. Albeit I believe that I have a pretty solid grasp of the game mechanics. The two teams that appealed to me the most were the Butchers and the Blacksmiths.
  3. Xavian and Deathgrip

    Four more Minor Guilds cryptically announced...

    Ah. Nevermind then.
  4. Xavian and Deathgrip

    Four more Minor Guilds cryptically announced...

    My apologies, I was simply surprised to receive a response from a staff member. I was also trying not to stoke my ego. I also wonder if we are looking at things wrong, maybe with some guilds the 'minor' guilds will not be the guild newly released, but the one that was already here. Messengers and Astronomers (not scholars?) are on the list. Alchemists and Brewers both seem to be relatively weak, on the other hand.
  5. Xavian and Deathgrip

    Four more Minor Guilds cryptically announced...

    Are the alchemists part of the shadow council? I play on Vassal so the lore eludes me a bit, but I got the impression that they were a relatively weak guild who had yet to prove themselves as important or essential and who were constantly bankrupt. Sherwin just liked the post. Is that a confirmation or a troll? Also if you are listening, is Obulus the Solthecian devil? Hemlocke's story mentioned how she had begun to serve "the devil himself", and since she joined morticians she would be serving Obulus, who goes out of his way to reduce the church's influence.
  6. Xavian and Deathgrip

    Steamcon USA Keynote

    They might have been trolling with that one. I cannot say for sure.
  7. Xavian and Deathgrip

    The despair of a castaway

    I had expected that the losing teams would have entered a free for all for vAvarice, vGreede, or vA&G with one contest occurring to see which team would redeem themselves, and which veteran(s) would return to the pitch. Unfortunately that is not the case. I would say this is a cool community event, but I am new and play on Vassal, so I have not experienced the negatives of losing the Union in the same way long term players have. It would definitely feel like a let down though.
  8. Xavian and Deathgrip

    Wild Speculation on Minor guilds

    Kinda wondering about the aesthetics for the sub-guilds. They would have to be similar enough to their parent Guild as to be noticeable, but different enough to be separable. Personally I would like to see an arctic aesthetic for the fish sub-guild. The smiths seem to be the biggest toss up, it would have to be a profession involving masters and apprentices with heavy use of metal. Not that many professions that qualify.
  9. Xavian and Deathgrip

    New, Shiny Rookie Cards!

    Cosplay Bunny Fangtooth... Why?
  10. Xavian and Deathgrip

    SteamCon keynote

    Sorry I thought for a moment that Graves and Bonesaw would be part of the six man team with the two recently revealed being the two players. Also I can barely read the slides at the top, but if the rat catchers can also suffer from diseased than I bet that the big tumor guy will have a giant health pool and will began the game with it.
  11. Xavian and Deathgrip

    SteamCon keynote

    Also judging by the card only the rat catheters will have access to it. It seems like Skulk will be the captain then. Wonder what the mascot will be? The vileswarm or a small (but vicious) dog?
  12. Xavian and Deathgrip

    What's next for Guild Ball?

    That would likely mean that the Undertakers are associated with professions often considered "unclean" such as rat catching, corpse disposal, and sanitation services. And sometimes tax collection. Wait, is the ferryman potentially plotting a revolution? Using the numerous forgotten dregs of society to help him take control of important elements of city life that people cannot live without? 10 minor guilds means one for each. Likely the scholars, astronomers, and messengers will not be among them. As for the fools and chandlers guilds, they were mentioned as being toothless and destitute so who knows? Blacksmiths may have gold smiths, shepards could belong to the butchers, farmers, or even hunters. Architects could be engineers or masons, Chandlers may be most likely assocaited with butchers due to how they use fat, or maybe to the fishermen because of blubber. Lumberers may have to respect hunter lands, or maybe the constant wood use has them connected to the engineers. Honestly, this will be a toss up.
  13. Xavian and Deathgrip

    Which Guilds would you like to see next?

    It seems like the messengers, fools and seamstresses are the top picks at the current time. Honestly I am surprised by the last one, I expected them to receive a lot of vocal support but little numerical support in the poll. The messengers and fools both feel like they could bring things to the game that no-one else has done, both in gameplay and in aesthetic. I have doubts about the physicians and seamstresses being added, the first due to conflict of interest in the fluff and some of their potential weapons and aesthethics being stolen by the morticians, and the second as I doubt people would be willing to spend hundreds of dollars on scantily clad women and men to paint, as well as potentially scaring off future players. Notably all of the top picks were Guilds that already existed in the fluff rather than ones I proposed. Personally I believe that a canon Guild should be the next to be added.
  14. Xavian and Deathgrip

    Data Analysis - National Comparisons (or WTF?!?!)

    This is actually rather natural in all games, name a game and if it balanced correctly you will see tier lists like this. If all the areas have the exact same tier list then something is actual unbalanced. For example, the Brewers, but hey, no one can balance something perfectly. It depends on how the culture of the area defines the meta, I used to spend a lot of time watching DOTA 2 esports, and I picked up on how different the game styles were. US loved their team fights, China tried to create a powerful carry, Russia is aggressive and ratty, and South Korea was strange. These different game styles affect how a game is played in each region and what characters are more powerful. As well, Guild Ball does not have a community that crafts theories and strategy like many esports, preventing homogenization.
  15. Xavian and Deathgrip

    Which Guilds would you like to see next?

    I included the tailors Guild for that exact reason, albeit admittedly the name bears a connotation and diction that would suggest different abilities. Also, it would technically be the puppet subfaction, as Collodi is only one of the Neverborn's leaders. I do agree with you however, killer puppets are awesome. I doubt it will be present as well, considering how dark most of the game's lore is, the seamstresses Guild would likely be little more than human traffickers at the lower levels, and glamorized and powerful geisha at the top. That is a faction I can see many players being unable to stomach.