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  1. The Withdrawn

    Squinty-eyed Cooks Spoilers

    That is in large part due to the face paint that makes them come across as being on the uncanny valley, with a face that is covered and a permanent expression. You can plainly see all of the cooks faces. Also, cooks aren't clowns.
  2. The Withdrawn

    The Engineers Minor are the Miner Guild.

    Well I probably misinterpreted what they had said, I just skimmed through it and won't have the time to re-watch it for a bit, but I thought they said that the players would be based off of the mascots while the captain would be a narrator. The character created looks like someone dressed as dirge, if not, who was the character that was created?
  3. The Withdrawn

    The Engineers Minor are the Miner Guild.

    So far I have noticed that the minors guilds were released in pairs similar to the pairings from union in chains, may be just a fluke, but we saw morticians then hunters, followed by fish followed by butchers, I could be wrong but I would bet that the next will be the Alch minor guild. I honestly expected either the masons or brewers to come next, but the reveal window seems to be one at a steamcon, then another in 3 months, then another at a steamcon, then another in 3 months. Also, kinda ironic that, despite miners being one of the most commonly speculated minor guilds, NO ONE suggested engineers for them, with smiths and masons being the more popular suggestions. edit: I hadn't skimmed through the hour long video above before I posted this. Entertainer's guild eh? That seems rather fitting. All of them based off mascots? This should make for an interesting team. I always liked the playstyle pitch for brewers, tanks and stuns have always been a favorite of mine, especially when combined with auras and buffing, but I wasn't interested in their theme as a teetotaler. I am definitely keeping an eye on these guys. Also, my hypothesis seems to have been wrong. That was fast.
  4. The Withdrawn

    Squinty-eyed Cooks Spoilers

    "When an enemy model damages this model with one or more playbook damage results, after the attack is resolved the enemy model suffers a 1" push directly away from this model". This seems to be worded as a passive (lack of 'may') rather than as an active (and most actives and once per turn to be fair), which is now just confusing me.
  5. The Withdrawn

    Squinty-eyed Cooks Spoilers

    That's odd... it has the dot on the left that, up to this point, has indicated an ability that can only be used once per turn, they must have placed it on Big Belly by accident instead of resilience.
  6. The Withdrawn

    Squinty-eyed Cooks Spoilers

    So Roast got revealed alongside the new butcher cards, he has resilience as expected, and a new ability called "Big Belly" which allows him to push a model 1" after being damaged once per turn. The only guess that OP got wrong was the he has 2+ def rather than 3+, but he is definitely in the same power area. I definitely feel that "intimidating" is misnamed, the cooks are comical and grotesque rather than intimidating. "They Look Harmless..." feels like it would be more fitting for the group. Side note, am I the only one who hopes that Pepper has Vindictive (mascot) and Killer (mascot)?
  7. The Withdrawn

    S4 Hunters finally revealed!

    Well, as a non-hunters player, Seenah's playbook is terrifying.
  8. The Withdrawn

    Free Cities Draft Poll

    I doubt the masons will put votes to Knuckles, they already have Brick to fill his niche, if all their top picks are taken it will come down to scraps of votes, and I don't see knuckles getting any at all. Personally I think that Nomad would receive the most votes for them, they already have a lot of good defensive options, no one likes flea, and with Snakeskin and Decimate gone they are down to a single winger (oHarmony) who only really works well with one of their captains.
  9. The Withdrawn

    Hunters Guild Ball Draft Prep

    How did you know it was going to be 'Nomad' before it was announced?
  10. The Withdrawn

    Vassal Ball Discord Now Available

    Uh, the link seems to be expired or something.
  11. The Withdrawn

    Looking for game?

    So I just finished up my University exams yesterday, and am now on winter break. While I am not totally free, as I still need to get Christmas presents for a large family in a last minute rush, I have a lot of time available and was wondering if I could organize a game through Vassal, I do not own any models (or plan to) nor have I played a game before. Albeit I believe that I have a pretty solid grasp of the game mechanics. The two teams that appealed to me the most were the Butchers and the Blacksmiths.
  12. My apologies, I was simply surprised to receive a response from a staff member. I was also trying not to stoke my ego. I also wonder if we are looking at things wrong, maybe with some guilds the 'minor' guilds will not be the guild newly released, but the one that was already here. Messengers and Astronomers (not scholars?) are on the list. Alchemists and Brewers both seem to be relatively weak, on the other hand.
  13. Are the alchemists part of the shadow council? I play on Vassal so the lore eludes me a bit, but I got the impression that they were a relatively weak guild who had yet to prove themselves as important or essential and who were constantly bankrupt. Sherwin just liked the post. Is that a confirmation or a troll? Also if you are listening, is Obulus the Solthecian devil? Hemlocke's story mentioned how she had begun to serve "the devil himself", and since she joined morticians she would be serving Obulus, who goes out of his way to reduce the church's influence.
  14. The Withdrawn

    Steamcon USA Keynote

    They might have been trolling with that one. I cannot say for sure.