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    Farmers 10.

    While I see that tater and millstone seem to be must haves, first being great counter mofel woth counter charge, playbook kd and sweeping charge and the second one being great support providing practically 4 inf (3 and a marker) and having great supportove skill (incidentally also quite a good playbook), but I can't justify jackstraw in grange lists that much Also I believe that playing 4 reapers and 3 planters might be quite harsh, as you'd run out of markers quite quickly
  2. Shino

    Farmers 10.

    I think my 10 framers would currently be Thresher, Grange, bickwheat, millstone, tater, jackstraw, harrow, ploughman, fallow and grace I'd like to use ploughman in grange. List when I don't need tooled up so I could get 2 harvest markers in 1st turn, also it seems that his marker placement might be more reliable than harrow's, and granny sure needs her markers Grace i'd use in thresher's list instead of harrow when quick time might be more important than tooled up (I'm thinking for example blacksmiths, maybe alchemists) So general teams would be: Thresher, buckwheat, tater, millstone, jackstraw and harrow/grace Grange, buckwheat, tater, millstone, fallow, ploughman/harrow When farmers won't be able to use union I'd swich her for bushel so I could play more ball. If gic are going to be used i'd mist likely use crack at dawn in grange list to power up granny and generate 5 harvest markers.
  3. Does tater's sweeping charge activate if he does one net hit, and chooses 1dmg, against a tough hide opponent? Sweeping charge states "During Charge, in addition to one or more Playbook damage results[...]" So it is different to other similar effects, which usually say when enemy is damaged (also it states damage results, not damage done). Also if it does trigger, then would said attack give momentum, as playbook doesn't do anything, but trait does? If tater wrapped then would I gain 2 momentum if I chose 2 damage results, but one of them beong m1? What if I chose only 1 damage result. Thanks for taking your time answering this question