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  1. The Hieb

    Building bigger bases

    Absolutely Brilliant! The concept, sculpting, painting, color scheme it’s all top notch. Thanks for sharing.
  2. What did you use for the bases on the butchers
  3. Looks great, looking forward to seeing more!
  4. The Hieb

    Malritch's Mess: Progression? Thread.

    Your painting is really good, those terrain pieces are amazing and love the goal markers!
  5. The Hieb

    Winter Painting Contest

    Thanks for putting this contest together, I’m not sure when I would have tried for snow but now that I’ve done it I might try more.
  6. Santa Ox, with his candy cane axe and lump of coal.
  7. The Hieb

    My Kick Off Teams

    My colors are locally inspired. Tioga Sequoia Brewers vs Fresno FC Masons
  8. The Hieb

    The first miniature I’ve ever painted

    I tried water once to make a glaze but I used way too much water so it didn’t work. Ill start a new thread in a little with my kick off teams. I feel like my Masons went down hill from Brick and then my Brewers were better but I see so much room for improvement, but hey we are our worst critics right?
  9. The Hieb

    The first miniature I’ve ever painted

    Thanks for the info, when I washed Brick and the other Mason models I pretty much drenched them in the wash and figured the dirty look went well with the idea that they were players on the field. When I did the Brewers I was a little less generous with the wash but wasn’t figuring out why it wasn’t sitting in the crevasses like the videos I watched were talking about. I’ll for sure pick up something to thin out the wash. I’ve also noticed some of my paints are thicker than others, like the darker tones. Thanks again for the tips.
  10. The Hieb

    The first miniature I’ve ever painted

    What is this medium and can I buy it?
  11. The Hieb

    New to it all

    Thanks, I’ve painted all the kick off models. I went with a local feel. My brewers are the colors of the local brewery and the masons are the colors of the local soccer club. I’m currently painting an Ox for the holiday painting contest but after that I’m not sure what team I want to paint. My wife was interested in the painting so we picked up the butchers team for her to paint and the building of the minis is quite the process. I like the detail of the metal but not the assembly. I’m from central California, the local guild ball scene is practically non existent but as much as I enjoy the game I enjoy the painting. I’m hoping for like a small league or something this year.
  12. The Hieb

    The first miniature I’ve ever painted

    Thanks! The bigger models are much easier to paint. Some of the models I painted after brick didn’t turn out so well. Also I’m trial and error learning color theory and shading so I’m excited to paint more.
  13. The color scheme is from the new pro soccer club in my city.
  14. The Hieb

    New to it all

    Hi. I’m new to the miniatures hobby. I picked up the kick off box painted up both teams and then picked up a butchers team. I enjoy the painting so I’ve started working on an entry for the holiday painting contest.