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  1. DougE

    GB Manager

    Just wondering if GB Manager for Android is up to date? Shows on mine last update was Oct 17, 2018. Is that the most recent? Doug
  2. Thanks for the info guys...I appreciate it. I'm going to try... Esters, Scum, Friday, vSpigot, Stoker and Lucky. Now here's a question. Friday. Her Defense Support (Spigot)...does that work with vSpigot or just oSpigot??
  3. DougE

    Terrain base size

    Let me guess...in the rules? *Sigh*...guess I should've looked there first...lol Thanks
  4. DougE

    Terrain base size

    I've picked up a few items that can be used for terrain pieces...cart, pillars and some trees. Wondering what is the maximum size of base for them to be on? Thanks
  5. No I don't. Can' seem to find him either. Thanks for the info so far guys. 😁
  6. I just got my hands on the 'Sing when you're winning' pack with Esters and company. Nice looking, clean and crisp...looking forward to using them. From what I've seen on this forum already is how other Brewers mix them up with the KO set. And that's one of the reasons why I'm on here. I can't seem to figure out how to use the KO Brewers set. I know how to play them as a beat down force, but I still end up losing as I can't quite figure out how to use them to get goals...kinda pathetic actually...but it's fun watching Stave lob those barrel bombs...lol... Seriously though, with both sets in my possession now, I'm looking for some team advice on how to play them right and maybe get a win or two...with goals Secondly. Pintpot...noticed he's on a larger base...is he supposed to be on a larger base and not the smaller one? Thanks for help gang
  7. DougE

    Wanna try Hunters...

    Ah. Sounds good.
  8. DougE

    G.B. Scrum: Android / Web App

    Having problems trying to use this app. I have a Galaxy Tab E, which works fine. Can't seem to get any of the conditions to come on when the player takes one...such as poison. Nor can I deduct HP. Yet, I also have a Samsung S5 phone and it seems to work on it. Weird...🤔
  9. DougE

    Wanna try Hunters...

    I noticed on the Tokens site that Egret doesn't have anything showing up.
  10. DougE

    Wanna try Hunters...

    Thanks for the info and the links.
  11. DougE

    Wanna try Hunters...

    Before I go diving into purchasing the Hunters, I wouldn't mind trying them out first. However, I don't see any of the downloadable paper dolls from the Resources page for Hunters. So, where can I find them? Secondly. With SFG making the teams with the new plastics, any idea when Hunters will be redone? I don't want to go and purchase the existing set and find out in a month the plastics will be out. Thanks
  12. DougE

    Hunters set question

    Okay. Thanks
  13. DougE

    Using Brewers,

    That's interesting that you use Scum to receive. Gonna try that next time.
  14. DougE

    Hunters set question

    Okay. Thanks