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    Free Cities Draft Discussion

    Right, dueling pistols are something unique in Guildball so she'll likely have something that's only here.
  2. WardedSpinny

    Free Cities Draft Discussion

    So obviously we haven't seen all the players, so someone better might still come along; however as a long time Alchemist player I personally like Kami. Now while Layne does have a use ( a striker isn't bad) I think that we legitimately don't need another one. While the guild we be going through a rework the core idea behind the guild will stay the same, the give give (and now use) conditions and will be a goal scoring team. Vet. Calculus is very likely to not change as she was made with S4 in mind and she go at it. Layne will just be more of the same and play to the least unique part of the team. Story wise Layne is very similar to Mercury with a addicted, charismatic ball handler. Kami is story wise a decent fit; a secret past, so high tech and a noble; the Alchemists are a poor guild because they don't have much of a product and are mostly self-funded. On the pitch she is something I feel more than a striker, which is cool ball control tricks and more ranged damage. The Alchemists are though of as one of the range guilds, but we barley have more range than the Morticians! and are easily outdone by Hunters and Engineers. She won't necessarily overtake them, but she helps one of our themes that we just aren't as good at as we should be. Finally while I know that we want another striker who might have a buy-able dodge most of the models on our team are good at ball control and handling and can get the ball to someone who can score, (Except the Katalyts, but two models does not a team make; even Venin is fast with a good distance.) Kami is just someone who i can see on the team and allows the Alchemists to be a more interesting team who can play and win a game without a team of ball handlers. In the end vote for who ever you want, as long as we play a good number of games and get a good draft pick the internal guild choice is uper to everyone as we all play. Hopefully I at least make everyone think.
  3. Played Alchemists vs. Farmers Alchemists: Watch the World Burn, Smoke (C), Flask (M), Calculus, Katalyst (Vet.), Mercury, Vitriol Farmers: Eat Hearty, Thresher (C), Buckwheat (M), Harrow, Jackstraw, Millstone, Tater Starting Setup The Start of turn 2. Starting with Vet. Katalyst Tater knocks down Vet Katalyst after healing 16 Hp. The start of turn 3 [Hint: It's bad for Smoke :( ] The end of the game with a Vet. Kat. Witness on Millstone A close call to be honest even though Vet. Kat. kill Harrow and Millstone with a Witness and Vitriol scoring a goal. If it had ended even one activation later Tater would have finished Virtiol (3 Hp) with a charge on a surrounded Mercury scoring 4 points and Thesher could have scoreded a goal next. Good Game :)
  4. WardedSpinny

    Eisnoran for Alchemists

    Sorry for the blurry pictures it's an Eisnoran team with: Shark (C), Fahad (M), Hemlocke, Mash, Stoker, and Zarola vs. a Raed team with: Hammer (C), Princess (M), Flint, Graves (Base), Mallet, and Spigot (Base) Mallet ends with the ball turn 1 using Spigot (Base) after knocking down Shark, Zarola snares Flint and Hammer just advances. After coming back on Shark finishes a weakened Flint (snared and Fahad as backup) and then scored This is the last turn (Below) Hammer finishes the game with a kill on Stocker Final Score