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    I'm fairly sure this factoid isn't correct. Mostly, because if the .357 bullet hits something that an owl would hunt, it would go clean through and leave the force of impact quite low. And even if the bullet and the owl stopped equally quickly when they hit the target, a large owl has more energy than even your heavier .357 rounds. A heavy 180 gr (12g) bullet travelling at 1400 ft/s (430m/s) would have around around the same amount of energy as a large 10 Pound (4,5kg) eurasian eagle-owl traveling at around 50 mph (22m/s), which is around their speed in level flight. They can certainly dive much faster than that. The owl hits harder.
  2. Myyrä


    I doubt anyone controls the IP for a roman goddess.
  3. Myyrä


    Actually according to this, the crossover players might be Egret and vHearne.
  4. Myyrä


    So people still actually do falconry? Kinda cool. If we look at it from thematic point of view, I would guess Egret, Zarola or one of the Hearnes. Jaegar and Chaska use traps, and trapping and falconry seem like they wouldn't mix. Ulfr and Seenah on the other hand don't seem disciplined enough. Although, the decision could be based on fluff or game mechanic reasons just as well, which makes it anyone's guess.
  5. I don't really feel bad if I don't allocate any influence on Chaska. I feel like he can be useful just running around throwing traps and being annoying. Then, if I find he's in a good position at the beginning of some turn and Jaecar for example isn't I can throw him some influence instead.
  6. Myyrä

    What about Bolt?

    They trigger most often outside the activation, but can trigger during the model's activation as well. You just seem to lack imagination. Hog Wild can trigger from counter attack (or at least character play triggered from counter attack, if this is once again one of those situations where counter attacks and attacks are different) giving Truffles its first advance. It will still have the normal one after that. Not the only way or the simplest. Character play from a counter attack would work just fine.
  7. Myyrä

    What about Bolt?

    Also Truffles with Hog Wild, Fallow with Between a Rock, Snow with Oooh... BALL!, Granite with Between a Rock..., Obulus with Puppet Master, Dirge and Coin with Follow Up, vBrisket with Route One, and every model with counter charge. Some of those require more specific conditions to happen than others, but they can all get two advances during their activation.
  8. Myyrä

    What about Bolt?

    Whatever gave you the idea I don't think the rule works as intended? I feel that the text in the rulebook isn't super clear about how the rule is intended work, but the clarification is definitely crystal clear. All is good in the world. Also, Bolt is hardly the only model that breaks the mold. There are several models that can make multiple advances in a single activation.
  9. Myyrä

    What about Bolt?

    Oh, I didn't mean to insult anyone. I was just implying that they might not consider mathematics the highest priority, as they shouldn't. Their first concern should be what works well in the game.
  10. Myyrä

    What about Bolt?

    @Sid Yeah, you are right. Was just about to edit my response after checking the rules clarifications. Apparently lawyers don't really care about mathematics. Or maybe they have taken into account that the game is played in a physical universe, where there actually sort of would be a unambigious point where the model is just outside the melee range.
  11. Myyrä

    What about Bolt?

    Parting blow says it's an Attack, and Attack's can only be taken against engaged models. The wording "at the point the active model leaves the melee zone or LOS of the enemy model" can just as well mean just barely withing melee zone or just barely outside. (It's actually mathematically impossible to place the model outside the melee range so that it is as close to the melee range as possible.)
  12. Myyrä

    What about Bolt?

    Wouldn't he just suffer another parting blow if he did that? I guess getting two tries to disengage is better than getting just one, but it's still not an ideal way of getting out of an engagement.
  13. Myyrä

    Hunters Matchups, when to draft which captain.

    I'm guessing you meant <15% as it's around 11%. Not that 11% isn't <85%...
  14. Myyrä

    Mold line removal on SFG plastics?

    I have only experience with the starter box and don't know if they have experimented with different plastic blend with the others. That plastic was hard enough that the mold lines were easy enough to scrape off, unlike some other PVC minis I have encountered. I used a knife to do the scraping (didn't cut) but see no reason why a mouldline remover wouldn't work just as well.
  15. Myyrä

    A Thread to Talk About My Problem(s) With the Hunters

    If you are talking about the Longshanks rankings, they give quite a lot of weight to the number of games played. A player that has always won against all the top 20 players in that ranking might not make it to the top 20, for example. Not saying it's a problem with the system, it's more like a feature, but like ForestRambo said, it means that the rankings might not reflect skill perfectly.