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    G.B. Scrum: Android / Web App

    Also having issues with GBS with the roster screen being essentially frozen. It'll darken the player I click on but nothing happens to see the card or be able to adjust vps, health etc. Running 5.0.1 android on my phone and the tablet is running android 6.0.1 and both have the same issues. Thanks so much! Love the app!!
  2. Jhenette24

    Navigators Guild on FB

    Aw Q4? I thought they'd get pre-released at Gencon or something
  3. Playing against my wife the other day for a home game! Blacksmiths vs farmers! Blacksmiths are playing for the brewers while farmers fight for the fish. Ferrite kicks off, Grange receives the ball with a squabble in the center. Jackstraw passes the ball off to peck who attempts to run away with the ball to score a goal, but pretty boy Sledge foils him (them...?) Meanwhile on the other side of the pitch, windle brings the heat to Iron and Anvil, killing iron in a fit of turnip induced rage. Sledge passes off to ferrite for the first goal of the game. With health running low for the farmers, the game was called a victory for the blacksmiths with a final score of 8-2.
  4. Hey guys I've been playing a little bit here and there for the past year but I've really caught the GB but as of late thought I would get in on the union in chains action! I currently have brewers, fish and farmers. I'm more of a painter than an avid gamer, but I've be having a blast playing with the farmers!