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  1. Playing against my wife the other day for a home game! Blacksmiths vs farmers! Blacksmiths are playing for the brewers while farmers fight for the fish. Ferrite kicks off, Grange receives the ball with a squabble in the center. Jackstraw passes the ball off to peck who attempts to run away with the ball to score a goal, but pretty boy Sledge foils him (them...?) Meanwhile on the other side of the pitch, windle brings the heat to Iron and Anvil, killing iron in a fit of turnip induced rage. Sledge passes off to ferrite for the first goal of the game. With health running low for the farmers, the game was called a victory for the blacksmiths with a final score of 8-2.
  2. Hey guys I've been playing a little bit here and there for the past year but I've really caught the GB but as of late thought I would get in on the union in chains action! I currently have brewers, fish and farmers. I'm more of a painter than an avid gamer, but I've be having a blast playing with the farmers!