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  1. Hemlock lent her aid to the Hunters during a game at Hulls Angels this week. Hunters won 12 - 8 with Jaecar scoring the winner whilst being pursued by a chicken (dodged away but it just kept coming). I like to think he ran off with it for his tea.
  2. glamage

    Hemlock poisons Egret for the win!

    We played very unusual teams Dunksm - it led to an unusual kind of game. Two goals with Theron was awesome though - I've been playing the Hunters since release and not managed that.
  3. glamage

    If the face fits...

    This is a great idea - well done!
  4. Great game of Hunters V Hunters. We picked teams using school yard rules so that we had different teams. The game ended up 12-10 to Skathas team with Hemlock hitting Egret with a noxious blast to take her out and score the last 2 VPs! Lets hope she caught the guild masters' eye at the great sun father moon goddess conclave.
  5. glamage

    Hunters V Alchemists

    I won a couple of games against S3 Midas recently - I think I lost every single game with Hunters against the Season 2 version. I took Theron, Fahad, Seenah, Hearne, Egret, Jaecar. As per the previous poster I'd agree that you need to stop it being a fair fight by getting the most of any use of movement debuffs, pinned, traps, KDs and counter attacks that you can manage. I also looked to keep the ball out of play where ever I could with the plan being to get 4 takeouts and 1 goal. I think you should score if the opportunity presents itself providing you know they aren't guaranteed a counter goal in the next activation. In that case its by far better to move into a safe position and wait another turn to see if its worth scoring. I still think its a hard match up but a lot better match up for hunters than season 2 for sure.
  6. glamage

    Big League Final V Shark Fish - Line-ups

    Thanks for the advice Nix, I'd love to watch some other hunters players play as I never seem to get much from Zarola. Chaska is improving for me though so will be trying him a lot more than I did in season 2. Thanks to your advice, the loan of Shank, good luck and one of the scariest games I've played in I managed to win the game 12-5 I think (it was 10-4 to me and we both ran out of clock). Ended up fighting the whole game within about 6 inches of my goal with none of my players crossing half way. A missed kick turn1 turned it into a real goal mouth scramble where twice he managed to get the ball on a player next to my goal but without any inf left to pass or shoot. Turns out blessing of the sun father on thousand cuts from Shank is alright! Ended the league top with 7 wins and 1 loss. It's been great fun and I'd encourage anyone to give the big league a go.
  7. glamage

    Big League Final V Shark Fish - Line-ups

    Thanks Besteven. I appreciate the advice - going to see if I can get a last practice tonight so will try out your suggested team. :-)
  8. glamage

    Big League Final V Shark Fish - Line-ups

    Thanks Redmaw. I've never had much look with Zarola. Any experience with the bear or Hearne in the match up? Both slow and low def but have been key players for me up till this point using their 2 inch melee range.
  9. Hey all Im playing the last round of the local big league on Tuesday. It's myself vs a Shark fisherman player and we are the top two teams so it will decide who wins the cup! I've loaned Shank for the week from the Butchers. I don't feel obliged to play him though. What at are your preferred teams against Shark Fishermen? Any words of advice for a fellow hunter on the trail?
  10. Great event. Well done and thank you to everyone involved in running it! A long drive but I'd come back for more tomorrow if I could.
  11. glamage

    Strong Ball Cup - Hull - 25th Sept - SOLD OUT

    This event is now sold out. Thank you all for your support. I had a couple of requests to hold tickets for people but unfortunately I have to give it to the people who pay first.
  12. glamage

    Strong Ball Cup - Hull - 25th Sept - SOLD OUT

    Make that 3 spaces left!
  13. glamage

    Strong Ball Cup - Hull - 25th Sept - SOLD OUT

    Only 4 spaces left chaps - first come first serve!
  14. glamage

    Strong Ball Cup - Hull - 25th Sept - SOLD OUT

    Quarter of the way there already :-)
  15. Guild Ball Hull & Strong Hold Games presents: STRONG BALL CUP A follow up to last years popular 'Who Ate All The Pies' tournament last year, Guild Ball Hull has teamed up with the city's newest gaming store to bring you another 16 player, 4 round event to remember. Come down and see Hull’s brand new store; Stronghold Games ( https://www.facebook.com/strongholdgamesLTD/ ) - which stocks games, models and hobby accessories from all the major companies (Steamforged included). We should have a high level of prize support, a friendly atmosphere and a good days gaming. Date Sunday 25th September 2016 (25/09/2016) Venue Stronghold Games 190 Hessle Rd, Hull, East Yorkshire, HU3 3BE https://www.google.co.uk/maps/dir/''/stronghold+games+hull/@53.7362232,-0.3597004,18z/ Parking Free parking is available on street and on the side streets round the venue. Price £10 per player. Too reserve your place send a PayPal payment of £10.00 to luke@glamage.co.uk - please also give your name and if possible your mobile number. Please note tickets are sold on a first come first served basis and can only be reserved once payment is received. Guildball Format Format outlined below - please reference the GB Organised play rules and regulations http://guildball.com/downloads/GuildBall_MFA_OP_LowRes.pdf Tournament length ‘Its not over, 'til it's over’ (capped at 4 rounds) Match Win Conditions ‘Play to the final whistle’ (games played to 12 VP win condition) Round Length ‘Team Tactics’ (45 minutes chess clocks with a 110 minute total round length) Team Roster Selection ‘Strength in Depth’ (Bring a team of 6 and 2 substitutes) Match Roster Selection ‘Hide the team sheet!’ (write your team down before each round and simultaneously reveal with your opponent) Prizes There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, a Painting Prize and Best Goal Prize, there will also be something for the last place player. Schedule 0930 - Player registration and Briefing 1000 - First Round Starts 1200 - Lunch 1300 - Second Round Starts 1450 - Third Round Starts 1640 - Fourth Round Starts 1830 - Awards Questions? If you have any questions you can contact me via: Guildball Forum: (here) Twitter: @glamage Phone: 07921172210 Signed up (and Paid) list: 1. Jayke Hall 2. Matthew Price 3. Matthew Walker 4. Mark Pattison 5. Duncan Moffat 6. Niamh Moffat 7. James Coleman 8. Paul Hillary - paid in store 9. Danny Ransom - paid in store 10. Will Ransom - paid in store 11. Daniel Garnett 12. Simon Coates 13. Martin Edwards 14. Jonathan Cannon 15. Sam Wood 16. Carl Walker Reserve List: Chris Jarratt, Alan Herbert