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  1. DrunkenBerserker

    New to Butchers - how should I run the minis I have?

    With Ox as captain i usually skip the union pick to maximize his auras effect, only tip i have is don't go all in on a boiler bomb unless you're sure it'll go off/ you actually need that much damage(farmers) also while he can deal ludicrous damage every butcher is a beast with Ox (I was blinded by his Damage output for a LONG time). Brisket v Brisket is entirely down which toolbox you need more in your lineup, i'm partial to VBrisket because of the bonus Inf and dodge for her friends. I use almost every model save for Tenderizer regularly but to finish out a 6 i'd grab Meathook and Shank as they're flexible in their roles and have earned cheeky goals now and again.
  2. DrunkenBerserker

    Falling into a trap

    i'd say he's definitley not a versatile choice as he's not doing much that he couldn't do with a cap of 3 inf, it is fun to run him in and set up 2 targets with KD and SO for Alloy and Sledge to tear into. i've taken him mostly for the tough hide bubble when fighting butchers and farmers. not having much luck out-scrumming farmers yet but still a lot of fun.
  3. DrunkenBerserker

    Piper Preview

    He looks like an amazing toolbox with insane potential, i'll save my cry's of 'busted' for after he 3-0's me
  4. DrunkenBerserker

    First turn

    2. Put it in a position that forces them to give you a target than can't grab the ball AND get back to safety // If they don't go for that then they've left the ball alone for now giving you time to set up your engagement or get ready for your own ball run. 4. Hold the ball and advance while building momentum and take the engagement when they make a misstep or try to take your ball using the built momentum for bonus timed attacks or a goal if they give you a chance AND it won't leave you 2-4VPs away from losing if they take it back and score. just pick em apart 4B. If they are real good at ball and way too fast(Fish/Alchs) i try not to risk the ball, i leave it in a corner, edge or on the hardest to hit model i have, set up a cage and wait for them to try and play ball and try and get some damage to stick. My experience is limited as my local community is small and i am a filthy casual(no timed tournament play) Also i have yet to face all the guilds and captains so take anything i say with a lot of salt. I've only played around with butchers, hunters and blacksmiths so beyond them i have no idea of what's goin on
  5. DrunkenBerserker

    Without a chance against masons?

    You don't necessarily go for goals over kills, careful use of defense debuffs at range can be a good way to avoid getting tied up and still ensuring murder, my usual lineup into masons is Ox, Boiler, Obrisket, Shank, Princess and Meathook. gives good defense reduction, armor pen and plenty of fast players to score if you get the chance.
  6. DrunkenBerserker

    Granite should have Protective Instinct - Discuss

    I might be a bit biased here since Granite has never caused me any trouble and anytime i see her she becomes an easy 2VPs for all of my teams (hunters,butchers,smiths) she wants to do something to throw a wrench in peoples plans but she just gets herself killed and then spends the rest of the game jogging upfield. i imagine if she's played extremely well she can get something done, maybe the teams i play aren't her best matchup but she never seems to gain anything before just dying. Chisel needs a bit more than a 2 on 2/3 to make that monster of a playbook work, couldn't say what else as i see her less than Granite. hell if i saw all 3 i might actually worry about her causing problems but like you say she wants to get stuck-in and gets torn to bits
  7. DrunkenBerserker

    Vet Minx in May

    i would prefer solo blisters seeing as i only need 2 of em and the local GB scene is rather small, but i'll be happy to paint some different models
  8. DrunkenBerserker

    New Master/Apprentice Discussion and Roster Ideas

    Coming from Butchers and Hunters this team has me spoiled for choice and gives me good ball and murder options, Alloy and Hearth will be auto takes for me in most games, Anvil/Sledge and Furnace/Cinder will round out my usual for the next while maybe with Burnish/Cast swapped in for Furnace/Cinder. I just cant pass up dishing out MOM 7s and 8s so the more dedicated ball players will sit out for a bit until i've had my fill of ridiculous damage
  9. DrunkenBerserker

    Tips for Farmers

    I'll take the advice to heart and report back after a few more games but in the mean time I have a more specific question, for running around and whittling the farmers down is one Hearne better than the other? I'm usually torn between which one to take. OHearne makes a great murder buddy for Jaecar with singled out and the versatile teleport shenanigans. VHearne on the other hand Lets me Quad box and can chase down snared players rather well plus having 13 Inf is wonderful.
  10. DrunkenBerserker

    Tips for Farmers

    Buddy of mine just picked up the Honest land box and has been beating me black and blue, i've tried staying at the edge of his range and avoiding the windle death ball but when he eventually catches me there isn't much for me to do, against his masons i never have had this much trouble, do i need to play just the footbally hunters and hope for the best or can i win with theron and company? Usual team consists of: Theron, Fahad, Jaecar, OHearne/VHearne, Egret, Seenah/Chaska