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  1. Bloodymason

    Newish butchers player.

    I have never used truffles yet tbh. I tend to use Princess for boiler but the charge on 1 Inf against humans sounds good tbh. Based on my local meta, my current 10 are: Ox Fillet Princess Boiler Meathook Shank VGutter Brisket VBrisket Boar I do agree that VOx is not as good as he appears but Tenderiser and Truffles are left out as well. I love giving Boiler assist as well as the turn 1 fillet play. I use VGutter and Shank to lock down an enemy model, plus both can generate momentum on 1 net hit, which comes very handy in fillet as well. Cheers for the advice bud
  2. Bloodymason

    Newish butchers player.

    Hi all. Earlier this year, I have made the decision to switch from being a masons player to start using the guild I wanted to use since I first discovered the game... Butchers. They appealed to me as they appear to have one objective... To take out their opponents. My question is what would your tournament roster be and how would you approach each match up? I gained a few wins already with the guild and suffered a few losses but not used them competitively as of yet
  3. Bloodymason


    That's so very true. I enjoy every game anyways because I am learning more every game. I was losing 12-4 12-2 etc most of the time but think it's my determination to grind before February, plus a ton of battle reports and articles are helping me out hugely :-) Thank you I will update once the league is done before the Masters :-)
  4. Bloodymason


    Update from my last post; 1. First off, thank you to those who gave me suggestions how to use hammer much better. The tips has truly helped. 2. At first, I became too protective of Hammer (oops) therefore not using him to his full potential... 3. ... Until recently. After losing 12-0 against Butchers whilst using Brewers (fancied a change), my masons game play has improved hugely; Beating ballista engineers 12-8 (finally my first huge win), followed by a 12-0 beat down over a mates Brewers. After that; lost 12-11 against Obulus Morts (2nd time in a row I had that result against the Morts), lost 12-10 against Fillet Butchers and lost 12-10 against Ferrite Blacksmiths (Ferrite, Furnace, Hearth, Cast, Alloy and Cinder). Why am I very proud of my recent results? Yes I am not winning much against really good players BUT the score has improved massively and hammer has been claiming souls whilst Flint and even BRICK has been scoring goals for me. Now after new year, the local league is changing AGAIN from a set 6 to a roster of 10. I hugely welcome this change because this is a massive opportunity for me to learn how to draft rosters and how to deal with organised play, ready for the UK Masters at end of February. My 10 are as follows; Hammer, Honour, Marbles, Brick, Mallet, Flint, Harmony, Vet Harmony, Tower and Lucky
  5. Bloodymason

    New to masons - tackling blacksmiths

    The number of times I actually got told that myself... Mind me asking what was your masons lineup? I faced blacksmiths today with masons and lost 12-10 but was such a close encounter.
  6. Bloodymason

    Any advice on using hammer?

    Now that SteamCon has past and been, I have recently changed my league team from the Masons Kick Off 6 to the following; Hammer, Marbles, Brick, Flint, Mallet and Tower. Only played two games with this team. Lost the testing game against Morts 12-11 (best match I ever had tbh) and lost the first league game with this team 12-4 against Blacksmiths. Is there any hints and tips that a new hammer user could learn and even apply in future games?
  7. Bloodymason

    Newish Guildball player from the UK

    Hello. So sorry only just saw this xD I'm based in Stoke :-)
  8. Hello all. I have been playing guildball since march/April but been more involved within my local guildball community since summer. I purchased the Kick Off set and immediately fell in love with masons. Still using masons to this day. Recently been introduced to the forum :-)
  9. Bloodymason

    Lucky's Stack the Deck

    Thank you all so much for the replies :-) He is definitely going in my hammer team and that INF will be very handy indeed :-)
  10. After doing some research into the newest member for both Masons and Brewers guilds aka Lucky, I want to give him a test run in my masons team. The only thing that's got me thinking is his Stack the Deck. If you lose the initiative, does that 1 INF he gains count as an extra or is it part of the overall INF allocation?