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  1. Yeah, I changed that rule to make the store's rules simpler. The problem was that the objects in this game are not at all well measured. A legendary article could be much less powerful than one transposed. And some normal items were more valuable, for example titanite stones. So after many games I've decided to change that rule.
  2. The link says v100 but if you look inside you will see that they are the updated rules.
  3. Souls earned (4 players campaign): 8 souls are the minimum number of souls you can win by resolving a repeated encounter. Objects: Mimics are a new chest shaped enemy that will come in an official expansion. The fact that the reward of certain objects only occurs during the encounter makes the confrontations more entertaining. Keeping chests: Correct. Mixing house rules: I think it's perfect that you want to use a mix of rules, in fact my manual is just a mix of rules that fit with me. I just want to warn you that if you don't test them by playing several campaigns beforehand, you run the risk of the mix not working properly. That games become tedious or that the game becomes very easy. I have adapted my rules a lot after trying them over and over again. Edit: New update 1.16
  4. Hello Mr. Cabezazo. I'll try to clear your doubts. Souls earned (4 players campaign): 16 souls to solve a encounter for the first time 8 souls for repeating an encounter already resolved. I want you to move forward, not repeat the same thing over and over again. New cards in the store should help you move forward without wanting to repeat too much. 32 souls for defeating a boss Objects: Gravestones: Spend 1 stamina from adjacent node to read it. Chest: No revised rules Keeping chests: I mean, you can't open more than one chest per room. So if you've already opened a chest in a room, keep that chest and don't put another one in. This stops Grinding. I hope this helps you and I wish you enjoy the revised rules. Muchas gracias por el interés . Si tienes cualquier otra duda estaré encantado de responderla.
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    Makes sense. Thanks.
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    Are you sure? This card make me think the opposite.
  7. Repeating weapons can choose different targets each time?
  8. Big Update 1.03 I've created a new mode of survival called Endless Dungeon. Where the most advanced players can find challenges at their level. I hope you like it. Edit: 1.10 I've reworked everything, added a general difficulty table, and made a lot of little adjustments after testing quite a few times the campaign and survival mode.
  9. One rule that I like is that "if you have been pushed, and have three characters in a node and there is another free, you must choose the free one". If you do not, you can easily rebound allied characters against the enemy, over and over.
  10. Hi again, I wanted to clarify which are the errors of the game I'm trying to correct: Errors: The game is too slow. Five hours of playtime bores anyone. It's too easy, progress is broken. When characters evolve, no one can hurt you and you make instantkills in every room. The knight is too powerful, has the best defense and can have the best attack as well. It's very repetitive with the emptying of the same rooms several times. Commented rules: With more souls per game I find the duration of the game decreases. I have measured the number needed to complete a 6 mission campaign properly. The fact that the boss's tile is next to the bonfire makes is extermination faster and less repetitive. Andre's store is a solution that many players have come to make the treasure hunt flow faster. In my version the fact that I only have 3 cards minimizes the discussions between players about which item to keep. The price of cards limits the number of blue and orange items in play. The limit of 8 cards in the inventory has the same function. Changes in the barrels and tombs, especially making them only give prizes during the encounters, make the encounters more dynamic. Resetting the encounters cards improves the fun. Changes in the defenses are designed to prevent the game from being too easy. In my opinion, the fun of this game is not to be sure that you will survive to the next room. Block has been changed because with so many dice it was difficult to suffer any damage at the higher levels. The advantage of adding only the two best results is that the game design remains intact, and it's still better to roll 10 dice than 3. This way, a lot of blockage occurs, but some damage happens from time to time. Dodge was too powerful. Against minions with a die you had a 50% chance of leaving in one piece, with two 75%, three 90%, and four 94%. Too much. Adding just one more die, it keeps you in that 75%, against minions, which is one hit out of four. And it's still useful to have more dice to have a chance against bosses' attacks. Having taken the strain off when you miss the roll, I think it balances its use. The level rise of enemies in campaign mode ensures that the game stays tougher level after level. The system of "penetration" affects the characters with increasingly better defense equipment. The dodging characters don't need any more adjustments. Placing 3 encounters per boss speeds up the game. Resetting the encounter cards makes it fun to repeat.
  11. Hello, everybody. I've been working on a set of house rules to fix the major bugs in this great game. It is intended to be simple by altering as little as possible the components of the game and its spirit. I have tried the whole campaign with my group of friends and feelings have been very positive. Here are the download links to pdf (my mother tongue is Spanish, I hope the English version can be understood well): In English In Spanish I hope you like it, and I look forward to hearing your opinions. ...Also in Boardgamegeek.