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  1. I was told months ago when I first started playing Brainpan and memory that if I had union on my team "control strings" didn't allow a dodge when my Mist activated because he wasn't a friendly "guild" model. Now with ghost shot having the same wording I'm starting to question the ruling. If i have a union player on my team do these abilities work?
  2. Scalpel's Spooks vs. Theron's Tribesmen Morticians lose 12-10 The Morticians normally keep to themselves but when the alchemists are offering "Netflix and Chill" you go and hang out with them. Arriving to the pitch the following morning the Morticians were feeling...unhealthy. In fact Scalpel thought that there should be no reason that this game should be difficult to win. They had learned much from their games against the hunters but when you feel poison in your veins it is hard to keep your head in the game. Every member fought through the pain the entire game and although expressing concerns that the entire team had been poisoned to officials the game went on. After being defeated Scalpel reported her suspicions to Obulus. The Ferryman became furious and disappeared into the misty night. When he came back he told Scalpel that he had taken care of the problem and that the Alchemists would pay for their deception. He was now backing the engineers for their claim to "The Hat".