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    Empty text here...
  2. Yubnub

    Darn SJW's *shakes fist*

    "Excuse me, but did you just assume my gender?"
  3. Yubnub

    Mulligans during play.

    In the casual environment, I tend to be the player that communicates openly - I won't tell them how to play, but I'll tell them what likely won't work. Tournament, I'll answer questions. It's your responsibility to either know what the opponent can do or ask. If they don't answer or intentionally obfuscate to pull a "gotcha", they're a total ****weed.
  4. Yubnub

    PVC Fishers and Butchers

    They've been discontinued... you may be able to find rogue retailers who may have some singles, or maybe a retailer who has broken up boxes. But for now, it's boxes or bust! Well, unless you're talking hunters.
  5. Yubnub

    vs Alchemists - advice?

    You mean 3 1/2 months, right? The next blacksmith box is end of February, since the launch kit thing drops end of January.
  6. Yubnub

    Snow is top dog as he leads his pack to victory!

    Uh... if snow dropped the ball, he can't pick it back up...