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  1. Cutegoth13

    Don’t burn my baboon...

    Masons vs Brewers. The Mason’s take offence as Stoker sets half the team on fire. They retaliate by sending him off the pitch groaning on a stretcher. Friday makes the most of this focused attention elsewhere to sneak in the winning goal.
  2. Cutegoth13

    Union Models

    I was hoping this would be the case.
  3. Cutegoth13

    Union Models

    I was just wondering if the models currently in loose blister format will be going into a box set like the rest of the Union has or if the models will be phased out completely? Just wondering if I should hold off purchasing till the boxed version or it’s a grab them before their gone situation?
  4. Cutegoth13

    Scholar's Guild Summer Challenge Results

    Wow! I'm so excited & amazed that you liked my poem! Thank you for my third place, so thrilled!
  5. Cutegoth13

    My Entry

    phew! I wouldnt like to be judging - they are all really good!
  6. Cutegoth13

    My Entry

    Just submitted my entry. My story is in poem form. Hope this is alright, as I'm a poet by trade and just couldnt get to grips with a prose format.
  7. Waiting for the Wheat Poppy to ripen. The match had just finished, Nim heads back to the farm. Her friends scattered, off around her, back to their homes or masters. Her head full of the delights of the game. The noise of the stands - the clamour and wail of it all. The blood on the grass. She runs through the fields, pulling her old pig skin out of its hiding place rolling it along at her feet as she tugs out her little harvesting hooks. She runs through the wheat and grass, ball at her feet and blades in her hands, whirling and weaving, the wheat the opposing team. Nim takes them out in sheaves. Running through the long grass and the wheat poppies. letting the seeds cling to her clothing, the ball raking a path - bending the uprights. The wheat bows to the ball the Poppies bend and wave - an adoring crowd as the ball sweeps them aside. Wheat twirling in tumbling heaps, the patterns of Nim's Harvest stretching out loops and weaves, an intricate braid. She runs in silence listening to her own heartbeat, hearing the way the blood beats loud as she changes pace, or jinks out to avoid an errant pebble or sends the ball scooting out wide and scurries after. Nim plays ball like she is dancing, quick turns, her arms flashing with silver crescents. Cutting the harvest, unaware she is being watched - someone is watching, waiting for her to be just old enough, but she doesn't notice. Right now she is running to the beat in her head the wail of the crowds, she is harvesting her crop in the pattern of the blood on the pitch.
  8. My Truffles (inspired by the pig in secret life of pets).
  9. Cutegoth13

    Easter Mascot Painting Challenge!

    I think I just finished my entry. Was going to enter my favourite Salt, but I've just finished Truffles and love it so I think he's the one for me!
  10. Cutegoth13

    What other Guilds to bring to the Game?

    How about an orphans/foundlings team? A group of mostly teens, would be a fast & nimble team. I can just imagine one player as a toddler girl, bottle of milk in hand with a special power of terrible scream. Maybe an artful dodger-esque captain.
  11. Me & the hubby live near Stockport (near Element Games). We'd love a few games whenever we can get babysitters. Pre-ordered fishers & Brewers.
  12. Cutegoth13

    Where in the World Are You?

    Think I was near you in the queue Jcdoodles - ordered similar - fishermen for me, Brewers for him. You let me look at your fab print outs to help choose!
  13. Cutegoth13

    Where in the World Are You?

    Manchester, Uk here.