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  1. Horeath

    Locus: Where and When?

    I did, and it was answered that the rule to intercept a kick are to lie between the starting point of the kick and the finishing point of the kick. Seems to be RAI rather than RAW.
  2. Horeath

    Can locus intercept remote control?

    To clarify: This is the picture than got me thinking. Blueboyzcptain it uses the ballpath and the kicking . The play clearly states "This model may make a kick......"
  3. Horeath

    Can locus intercept remote control?

    What about other models intercepting? The rules state they must be both on the ball path and between the kicking model, and the final location of the ball. The character play reads "This model may make a kick as if it was in possession of the ball-marker. This kick-distance and ball-path of this kick must be measured from the current location of the free-ball". So, as I read it, Locus is the kicker, and is B= Ball-marker and P = PinVice L P B Then if Locus remote controlled the ball to Pinvice and missed the kick, it would be impossible for any player to intercept the kick, because they physically can't stand on the ball path between the ball and Locus. Is that correct?
  4. Horeath

    Locus: Where and When?

    *Edit* so yeah, only can manage to kick to himself if it lands within snap range....not ideal. Hmm...so by that logic, a player in front of Locus couldn't intercept if he kicked the ball "through" them, to behind him, because they are required to be between the kicking player and the final location of the ball? In fact, it's almost impossible to intercept a remote control kick, because you need to be on the ball path, and between the kicking model and final location....This might make Locus a nice companion for Harriet?
  5. Horeath

    Locus: Where and When?

    Yep. You can still do it though. If you target a spot behind locus it maximises the chance of him being able to intercept his kick (does that make sence?)
  6. Horeath

    Locus: Where and When?

    He can get some benefit from Harriet. She can knock the ball loose at range allowing Locus to run 6', kick from 6' away. I scored a nice goal with him where the ball was lose after Hoist killed the playing holding it and my opponent didn't have a clear player within 9'. Locus ran up forming a triangle with him, velocity and the ball as the points. Remote controlled to himself, then passed to Velocity who snap-shotted the goal. The ball started about 17' from goal!
  7. Horeath

    Harriet 'the Hat' revealed!

    Except that our opponent can to an extent CHOOSE where the 16' in centered. To hit a Def 5+ character for example, Hoist needs to start his charge within 6' of Harriet (because he can't true rep in the space between a charge move, and a charge attack), and then needs to charge something, hit it and bounce damage. So, your opponent can: 1. Move Hoist (pushes, unexpected arrival, the unmasking, puppet master etc) so that he can't true rep, then charge. 2. Limit his movement (e.g. gut and strong, snared, AoE rough ground, hobble, burning) 3. Direct his movement (Theron's range move, Goad from O-Harry). 4. Block his charge lanes (move a piece with a big base in front of Hoist like Farris, so that his charge can't be in range of his preferred target due to angles and straight lines) 5. Ensure that the only target in range of a Hoist charge (within 8' of the squishy model) is someone with a >> or << low in their playbook, or has UM. 6. Protect with a countercharge player (Brick, Marbles, Tater, Compound) 7. Simply engage Hoist, so he can't charge at all. 8. Kill him at range (ranged DPS Blacksmiths are okay at this, hunters) All of these things can be used to mitigate / eliminate the Hoist, tooled up, deletion burst damage. The OP is a morticians player. If i was in his shoes, some options to limit this combo arer: a) Shutout and move players away from the threat. b)Shutout and use memory to block him. c)Fireblast to limit movement (reducing his charge to 5') d) Move Obby up, puppetmaster Hoist and make him jog out of 6' from Harriet. e) take Vileswarm and try to charge him and use Rabid animal f) Cosset to pull Hoist closer to my team, and out of range of Harriet to true rep. g) blind him with VHemlock I am sure there are more options, but I don't play morticians, and have rarely played against them to be honest. The key is that while Hoist can sucker punch 8' away, he has to threaten something 7.5' away, which is a threat range small enough that you can sit outside it, activate, move in and deliver an important CP to disrupt his plans. Thresher was SOOOOO different, because he had an 11' threat range, which is MUCH harder to control.
  8. Horeath

    Engineer Stories

    Don't forget we killed Thresher in season 3. Where is the love people? Everyone hates Thresher right?
  9. Horeath

    Harriet 'the Hat' revealed!

    Hoist already has 2 non momentus on his 3rd Playbook result, so the damage isn't a massive spike. It's slightly easier to gain access to though. He also had sturdy, but not stoic and only a 1' melee range. Pretty easy to counter and push out of range against those low def guys (who often have low pushes). I think that while the output has great potential against harder to hit models, the reality is that you need to tool up, overclock (1 mom), deletion (which deals damage), and ensure the big guy is knocked down (to avoid counters). So you HAVE to play Pinvice, Ratchet, Harriet, Hoist (with mother of course). Non of them have an easily accessible KD, so you HAVE to play Colossus or Locus to make it reliably work so you can KD. For those playing along at home, that means no velocity. You are playing 1-4 then (most likely), with a potential second goal if things work out well. You also have no flex picks in your lineup. You also have to commit 6 influence and 1 momentum to a single take out, which yields you only 1 momentum back. You will also potentially lose Hoist (with the advent or far more common 4-7 damage hits, Hoist is far less indestructible than his used to be - Thesher should 1 round him and has a longer threat range). That is what I LOVE about Harriet: she gives us the option of a beater style. Before Harriet (BH from hereon) it was either all out goal, or gunline. Now we have punchy shenanigans. Fun times. I'm pretty keen to see Singled out and Knocked down from Colossus, and then having Hoist, with a gang up, trying to throw wrap attacks and bouncing them! I'm also ken to try out Hoist true rep'ing Disarm, then charging for a wrap and a tackle / disarm on a striker! But i don't think it will "break" anything. Don't get me wrong, I think she is wonderful, but I don't think she "breaks" Hoist. If you play against Cogs, you are going to have to think about hiding high def, low HP from the Hoist sucker punch,
  10. Horeath

    Vet Honour?

    If she is a goalkeeper, she must, absolutely must have the "Smashed shins" ability. Because she knows a thing or 2 about smashed shins.
  11. Horeath

    Pin Vice v Farmers/Thresher

    Couldn't agree more. Your first point is significant, need to receive for it to be worthwhile. Absolutely. Regarding the Tater countercharge, Thresher poised counter attack, if you hit the 11' b2b, it's a moot point. Tater's KD is on 3, and according to https://www.wolframalpha.com/input/?i=probability+of+third+6+on+tenth+roll&lk=3 that is a 1 in 21 chance. If he hits it, he also knocks down Thresher which might be a problem for him. Haven't modelled 4 shots on a KD Thresher, however on 4 hits, you drop 16 damage. It downs't spike down with 3 hits, but it spikes up with 5 hits..... Anyway.... Tater's push is irrelevant as if he hits it, you can simply sacrifice 1 damage for a dodge (or not, if you spite high enough lol). That removes the chance of Threshers counter attack delivering a second push and moving you out of melee. The average result of PV's charge is 4.5 hits, 4 is either M2D or 3. Drop to 3 hits is M1D or 2. There are a LOT of variables in play, however one of the biggest is actually Tater and his positioning. If your opponent leaves Tater JUST 2' away, after the Thresher counter attack, you bonus time your first "normal" swing, and look for a M2D to drop just out of his engagement range to get your extra dice back. Just another nifty Tater trick. Most of the time Tater won't counter charge if he thinks you are setting up a run at Thresher, no matter what you do. It is quite legit to move a player (I like Colossus for this) to just on 6' of Tater with the ball. If he counter charges you, great. Sure, he knocks you down and the ball scatters, but Tater is isolated. PV can roll Tater and pass / teamwork away from Thresher, leaving him open next turn. If Tater doesn't counter charge (the most likely option), then Colossus can PASS to PV, and take the TW action in to Tater, engaging him and ruining the counter charge. If you have the spare Inf, you can shoot for a KD or 2 on Tater the neuter the Millhouse effect, and prevent Thresher simply going in to Colossus and freeing Tater up. Either way, with 20 health and Tough Hide, Colossus can handle Thresher coming in to him unless he get's Tater up first (just) and give PV that opening. Another alternative here is, depending on positioning, is to pass the ball and Team Work Colossus into Thresher directly, however placing him in a position that will totally ruin Tater reaching where you want PV to charge (if that makes sense when typed). Sure, the big fella will take a beating, but PV can go in, Smack the old bloke up, and throw a heal on Colossus. So many variables, as I said, but I think Thresher is going to serious help non farmer players play, because working around the holy trinity (Thresher, Tater and Millhouse) and pulling the combo apart will help us face any other challenging synergy that comes out.
  12. Horeath

    Pin Vice v Farmers/Thresher

    It shouldn't really be that hard. You have an 11' charge if you want it, which is his total threat range. IE, if he can hit you, you can b2b him. You can also defensive stance against Tater, can't you? Makes him need 2 6's to push you off if you do miss out. PV is GREAT against Thresher. If you have the ball (the dreaded Thresher kick off) you can deploy her a bit back if you want (16.1 inches from Thresher) and kick the ball around a bit for momentum, then give her an overclocked from Ratchet. A fully loaded PV with Overclocked up is terrifying for Thresher. If you kick a few passes and lob some bombs you can either try to win momentum and make him go first T2, or alternatively, finish off by kicking to PV, dodge into range, then make him either hit you (defensive stance to save you hopefully), or you hit him if he waits for Thresher to go last. Deletion, alternator Pinvice with Overclocked hurts Thresher BADLY. If you manage a tooled up as well...curtains.
  13. I'm really keen to figure out some non Thresher lists when my Farmers2 Box arrives. I'm currently thinking something like: Grange, Eddie (Murphy, a.k.a Donkey), Homer (Mr Plough), Harrow, Fallow and Grace Which might work against some teams. Ploughman dropping AoE's for double markers in my mind allows for optimal Fallow set up, while Grace + Harrow means very strong healing options. Grace basically does her heal or Quick foot for free, and hands an inf to the team. The list only brings 10 influence, but Fallow doubles the impact of markers, as she gains 4 inf for 2 markers, and you still have Grange's legendary up your sleeve. I really like the idea on not making it all about a single brutal Reaper, but trying to spread some damage out around various players, with a few options for "finisher". Everyone on the list has access to damage on their playbooks, except Grace, with Grange and Fallow the "finishers". Especially with Granges 2' melee and honest labour, he can engage a hurt someone target, and let Fallow take bonus' (if she doesn't go Rowdy) in hitting a second player. Loads of KD, and especially cook in momentous AoE from Ploughman, and momentous harvest markers from Harrow. Questions: Would Millhouse be better than Grace? She doesn't heal, but can punch a bit better with damage on her playbook. She also is tougher, and negates conditions. I kinda see Fallow hanging out behind the line, with 2 HM between her and her teammates, and taking a "between a rock" jog, then a quickfoot jog to get in and swing times. Does Grace or Millhouse help that better? I'd love to hear other non Thresher ideas.
  14. Horeath

    Dealing with Alchemists

    I think thresher is definately the way to go. I would imagine the last player could have been Mist to offer a 2' melee range, ball retrieval and alike. Personally, I'd run Grange, Tater, Fallow, Jack, Millstone, Peck. No Grace. I reckon Millstone's "Get in the goal" plus Fallow's "Rock and a hard place" can help you ensure that at least some of the goal runs will be at -1tn and crowded out. Similarly, "Rock and a hard place" is brutal when you have Cocky, Constitution both up, limiting targets for AoE. Smoke teams really have 1 solid turn where they put out LOADS of conditions and damage (the legendary turn). Aside from that, it's basically a "witness me" and 2 goal team. Grace won't help you much, because yes she can remove an AoE, but smoke can make her own, jump to it, and go go gadget smoke tricks. I'd prefer Jack for the extra 2 markers, and ability to place them forward. I would think I'd sit Jack on the 4' line, giving him goalkeeper when I can. Port forward, cast 2 markers, port back again and hundred hand stance, then use him to try and counter after the inevitable goal, get the ball up field with ports, and flick in on to Grange for the goal run or something. With a free port, 1 inf port, 4' run, he can cover ground reasonably, you just need to set up the markers as you go. I recommend having Tater on a marker midfield obviously. In this matchup, the counter charge further up field makes a smoke goal run MUCH harder. He'll need to be shielded from, Vkat though. You could take Harrow if you wanted, but the match up really don't need massive damage, and Grange is more than capable of take outs without tooled up, as is Fallow. If you felt you needed Harrow, it would probably be for Jack, which would limit your counter goal score. Certainly he's useful, but you should be able to beat up on Smoke, Vitreol and Mercury without Tooled up. Certainly, I would love Thresher in this game. If you found you really didn't need Grange's marker with Millstone and Jack laying them down, try him. Just my 2c worth.
  15. I would bet that somehow a "different take" on the Hat will be the focus. Given that the pre-errata Hat has the "go crazy" ability, and the fluff story had Harry lose his flashy temper after being beaten up, I suspect she could be "mad as a hatter", and have some form of Fury type abilities. Could even be a 0/2, 2' melee range furious charge / beserk type, like Windle / Seenah, could more likely be a 2/4 2' melee with cut self to get angry like Pre-rata Harry. Either way, I'd expect less pushes, and instead some momentus damage. 2/6 kick and tac 5-6. This would give us access to 2 different Harrys, inspiring Hat, and Mad as a Hatter, each one doing a different thing and a different playstyle, and the latter FINALLY plugging the momentus damage hole the engineers guild has. Just my 2c. I have no inside knowledge at all.