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    2 farmers Questions

    I appreciate the answers. The point of contention locally was the 'if able' wording. Since they would NOT be able to 'make an attack against the origin model' they would not qualify for a counter. Basically the since they aren't able to declare an attack against (in the example Grange) they do not qualify to declare a counter.
  2. Hopefully simple questions but my LGS wasn't sure so I wanted to get the official take on these. Fallow engages Shark, then Grange engages shark and buys an attack. Can Shark buy a counter attack? Relevant Rules: Wording on counter attack: "After the active model resolves their attack, the target model may then make an attack against the origin model, if able." Key words: if able Also, note the phrasing of "make an Attack" Fallow says "While an enemy model is engaging this model, the enemy model cannot declare an Attack against any other friendly model" The second Question: When Veteran Honour uses Surpassing strategy, if she rips up 3 harvest markers does all 3 influence have to go on the same model or can it be distrubted between multiple models such as 2 influence on Windel and 1 Influence on peck? Thank in advance!
  3. I was discussing this with a friend of mine the other day and wanted some community feedback. So you think brewers can get away with a pure footballing team (I know we don't have a football captian)? Something like Tapper - for control Quaff - for pushes to keep players disengaged and help us hit tackles/pushes better Mash, Friday & either Spigot (v for close control and o for football legend) Harry - to stock momentum from passes Some matchup just feel like we struggle to out scrum due to their better damage, pushes/disengage or general mobility. Has anyone tried something like this into say engineers or smoke alchemists? What are your experiences?
  4. Sitaavanu

    5 months of brewers

    So my main team for the past year has been Hunters. But when we started up a new player league at my LGS I decided to actually use the models I got out of the starter box. I picked up the rest of the brewers and have been playing them almost exclusively for the past 5 months. This past weekend I went to 20 man tournie and did reasonably well. Lost round 1 to the guy who won the whole thing, won my next 2 matches and lost because I forgot mash had unpredictable movement, after setting up a play that needed him to unpredictable to close out the game, on my last game (so salty about that). If I hadn't lost that last match I would have taken 3rd instead I got clumped into the rest of the 2-2 scores. With a 40 man tourney in 2 months I'm torn between brushing up on my hunters or continuing with my brewers. So I came to the forum looking to see what people were taking as their 10 and maybe getting some tactics and insight that I hadn't discovered by myself or from local input. It seems that from what I've read so far that there is a discontentment with the current state of brewers. I can feel that in their play as well. I'm gonna give a quick break down (and probalby some ideas of how I'd like to see players work) and then list my 10 and list some issues I've had to hopefully get some feedback to improve my game play. Tapper/Esters - I am not sure when to take which captian. They feel very 'samey' to me. Their are both reasonably survivable 22 w/ glutmass and 18 w/ Tough hide it takes a relatively equal amount of work from the opponent to take them down. They are both slow. Esters can put out some ranged nonmomentous damage but unless your opponent clumps up its not normally an impressive amount. They both setup your team though in slightly different ways but CA/Marked vs Songs are both situational and you can't really do a 1 to 1 comparison. Compared to Theron and Skatha or the union VRage, SBrisket and Blackheart or well basically any other guild where the captians can heavily influence the game plan I feel these 2 aren't very distinct from each other and I am not sure when I want one over the other. A lot of the time I find myself taking Tapper just for 2" reach. Scum - default mascot for killing the ball, disrupting movement, synergy with tapper/friday, and possible murder machine. Quaff - I don't know when to take him. I wish he had a KD so people would swing at him to get him away and proc Loved Creature. I never feel like activating him for Bag of Quaffers is the right move as it telegraphs a play even more and gives the opponent additional time to counter play. Stave - I've only used him twice both times against blacksmiths to push them apart. Lob Barrel seems good but he's slow, no momentous damage early on, Ramming speed is a worse version of Battering Ram (free and can push allies). I just don't see the point in taking him. Is lob barrel really that good? Friday/Mash - both are excellent strikers and synergize really well with spigot. Balls gone into volley threat is golden. I usually prefer Mash because of 2" unpredictable. Spigot/VSpigot - I want to take vSpigot so badly for close control. But Tooled up and Football Legend are impossible to overlook. Spigot is normally my first draft just because of his toolbox. I'd like to see Tooled up moved to another player (Hooper) to make the choice between these guys competitive. Hooper/Pintpot - I'm clumping these 2 together for the same reason I put Esters and Tapper together. They don't feel very different to me. Hooper obviously has 2" reach but Pint Pot can auto hit multiple models at 2". Tough Hide vs Glutmass, yes you have to pay for pint pots glut but I haven't found this to be an issue it's also really nice that opponents can't eat glut mass with an attack that doesn't matter. Shove the boot in is more consistent damage but requires setup or dropping Hooper down to 2 attacks where pint pot can generate equivalent momentous damage easier. Stoker - the only ranged damage dealer and probably my favorite player on the team. Hitting someone for 5 from 13" away is always a nice surprise. His non momentous damage though is annoying on a team with so many Heroics. Lucky - amazing player in everything but character play. I recently read someone advocate using his character to play for a goal threat, while I can see this potential between spigot, mash and friday I really don't think we need another goal threat. Union - I haven't been playing with Union since I got into Brewers right at the announcement of minor guilds, figure I shouldn't get used to options that won't exist in the (somewhat) near future. But Harry is SO APPEALING for my standard approach to the team. Speaking of which the 10 I've been running are: Esters, Tapper, Scum, Quaff, Friday, Mash, Pint Pot, Spigot, Stoker, and a random other character that I think 'might make my list feel complete but never does so they get swapped out again' My default drafts are A Captian Scum Spigot Stoker Pint Pot Mash or Friday My normal approach is kicking off with Tapper (if he's captain to get him up the field), Stoker (if Esters is the captian to put down some early damage) or Mash (If I think I can contest the ball early on). I tend to run Pint Pot wide so that he can either pull enemies to the side to make my grouped up scrum stronger or he can get a good side position for smashing bottles and not catching my own guys. Stoker hangs back a little to throw fire at the enemy and play a bit of goal tending while spigot, mascot, captian, and mash/friday scrap/work the ball up field for goals. I guess all of that said, how can I improve my play? adjustments to my 10? better strats? etc appreciate the feedback
  5. Sitaavanu

    Lucky feedback

    I like Lucky, his stats, playbook and character traits are all stellar. However I REALLY dislike raise the stakes. In the simplest terms it gives you 1 point of articulation in your list and your opponent gets 6 points of articulation. You can't use it to fully disengage or engage (since the model that lucky could engage or disenage from could just follow you though it does give you a way out of being crowded). Your opponent dodging into the threat range of another team mate of yours is relying on your opponent not being smart which is not a good game plan. My main team is hunters, If I had a 0 cost action that let anyone of my models make a 4 inch dodge and I could select one of my opponents models to make a 4 inch dodge (lucky). I'd use that ability every turn. Get a furious model out of combat so they can charge in next round? yes please. Get my Theron into or out of range to more efficnetly pin and snare? all day. Increase Chaska or Jaecars threat range? Every turn. I think the simple solution would be to put qualifiers on which of my opponents models could dodge. An enemy model within x inches or the closest enemy model to lucky or any model but the opponent must spend momentum.
  6. Sitaavanu

    Your favourite 6.

    Vminx is coming! Theron, Fahad, vHearne, Chaska, Seenah, Egret/Hemlock/Minx
  7. Sitaavanu

    Zarola ..... and playing her well

    She's like Ulfr, midnight offering and where'd they go are 2 awesomely powerful movement abilities but for us they are tucked away in otherwise poorly designed characters. There are some small nice plays and it sounds like you have those covered. I hope season 4 is kind to her.
  8. Sitaavanu

    Thursday night Guild Ball Hunters vs Famers

    Remember with seenah if your engaged with a 2" reach you can roar, spend 1 influence to attack for a push and then charge. Or you can use another model to generate the push (vHearne and Chaska do this in my usual line up).
  9. Sitaavanu

    A new blog dedicated to the Hunters guild

    This is why I love theron, Chaska & vhearne on the same team. Well played!
  10. Sitaavanu

    Kick or Receive (Captain & Mascot Choice)

    Because Oooh... BALL! doens't trigger on the kick off this change has no impact on mascot useage. If you think Pack Mentality will make a difference take snow, if not take Fahad. I've gotten used to just using Theron (gonna be working towards learning skatha over the next few months. So i can' comment too much here. I like kicking off with Theron because I can start snaring opponents on Turn one. Receiving I can turtle and force my opponent to eat snares and boomboxes as they try to close in and take the ball from me. I think there is merit to kicking off with Skatha (if you have knee slider) and going for a turn 1 goal assuming they don't have an unpredictable model.
  11. Sitaavanu

    Random Thoughts after a Tournament

    To be fair they are probably the best beaters we have access to currently. Functionally TAC8 with mom 4KD>> on a result of a 5 is disgusting. Iss just a pain to find a way to fuel them especially in hunters.
  12. I may be misunderstanding and I'd appreciate some clarification. I thought the proposal was: Release 2 6 man boxes per faction (3 for union). Or you could buy a single 12 man box in PVC with alternate scultps if you want to collect a full guild in one purchase. Is that what they are talking about or are they talking about only releasing 12 man boxes?
  13. Sitaavanu

    Teach me how to vHearne

    Quick follow up, the ability to walk up, boom box, than snowball back to safety could leave an enemy model 12 inches (and snared) from the closest friendly model, functionally removing them from the game if they are a beater/striker. I don't know if this practical or not but you could try Skatha, mascot, oHearne, Chaska, Minx, Ulfr/Egret if you wanted to give a Skatha/Chaska line up a go.
  14. Sitaavanu

    Teach me how to vHearne

    @angyi your absolutely correct in your statement that 50/50 isn't great odds and oHearne w SO has better odds but it also demands more influence while bringing less influence to the table. I try to keep a chaska trap infront of my Hearne/Seenah screen, or get a snare with Theron before using these guys to drop their defense down hopefully to the 3/1 range (89%). As for Skatha, I really haven't figured her out well enough that I feel confident giving advice on a 'go to list'. My gut tells me that because BoTSF is more efficient momentum usage than LL and SO can boost charges for T< results that oHearne is the better choice with her. I don't know if Chaska truely has a spot on her team, the thing about Chaska (as I play him) is you have to force your opponent to respect the 16 box potential. If you just fire off pot shots for the sake of using boombox he isn't worth it. If your oppoennt over extends and makes themselves vulnerable and you don't punish them for it you've wasted his spot on the roster. Think of him as similiar to Silence from the morticians, opponents that are activation dependent (such as tooling up a beater) have to respect that Silence (even with low odds) could completely destroy their turn order. But if you don't make good on that threat your opponent knows they can ignore him. Without the 16 box potential, and given how Skatha's legendary works I think Jaecar would be my influence dump of choice. So my gut tells me (though again I have not found consistent success with Skatha) that I'd run something like: Skatha - because this is the captian requested Fahad/Snow - Fahad has a more consistent place but snow is really good into the right match ups OHearne - for the reasons listed above, though his speed is going to be an issue Jaecar - list above Egret/Ulfr - to bring another good kick stat/goal threat (I'm not a fan of Ulfr design wise but I don't really think Egret is very good in this situation either ... we just don't really have another option 6th - I have no idea/maybe this is a match up dependent spot I think Hemlock vs killy teams, minx/seenah seem alright here but not special, Zarola adds speed and ranged snares which are appealing but I have a hard time looking past her playbook, Chaska could fit here but I'd have to break out of my normal patterns/routines with him and I haven't been able to do that. That said I have seen vHearne run with her successfully but outside of his bonus mobility from flipping through a group of cold snapped dudes I haven't really felt there was any synergy. @Warpstoned & @ForestRambo This list was designed to make the maximum use out of Vhearne, every part of his playbook, character plays and character traits have a function/use in this capacity. If your not running a list similar in design to this vhearne probably doesn't have a role to play in your line up. The thread topic of Teach me to vHearne I've probably gone in a really round about way to say if your finding that oHearne is better for you than vHearne you are probably not playing a list that vHearne fits into. If you want to play vHearne you will most likely need to change up 2-3 other models in your list and possibly your play style to fit him in. But as Forest points out thats one of the things I love most about this game is that somehow without a points system or anything else other than a rough concept of a 'team' (a captian a mascot and 4 other dudes) this game is well balanced and even within a given team you can find very distinct and diverse playstyles. Chaska can def work with oHearne, he puts out a surprising amount of (nonmomentous) damage in CC with SO etc. I find him too squishy to be in this role consistently but its a great maneuver to pull vs an off guard opponent. I advocate VHearne specifically for the quad box threat which (provided KD, and snared are applied) is the most reliable 16 damage activation available to hunters. Yes I know it's not great odds and no where near guaranteed etc etc it's just as close as the build can manage right now. If you take away Theron than oHearne jumps up in value as BotSF is a more efficient way to get damage out of chaska than LL. @Penguin Warrior Chaska is not end all be all, in my experience most hunters don't touch him. The go to line up for most players seem to go Jaecar>oHearne>Fahad (snow situational alternate)>captian of choice (usually Theron) then fill to taste. Normally the filler means Minx and a situational pick. Chaska will never be a situational pick, he requires too much investment by the rest of the team to make good use out of to just slot into another list.
  15. Sitaavanu

    Teach me how to vHearne

    Ohearne brings no goodies to the provided list, noone in this list cares about singled out, you don't have the influence to spare to just swing to gain momentum quad box is a threat your opponent can't ignore and must play around, and if they don't punish them for it until they do nonmonemtous KD on a 3 from ohearne is not reliable on a tac 5 model, momentous KD on 2 is reliable on vhearne at tac 5. If your thinking that ohearne is more reliable with SO for a KD thats 2 influence for KD vs 1, and both sets of results generate 1 momentum, for the second influence on Vhearne I can get a double push to disengage and generate a 2nd momentum netting me the result 2 mom instead of 1, a KD model that is 2 inches out of engagement vs a KD model that can stand up and still be engaged/engaging so doens't force my opponent to burn momentum to get in contact with me. Oheanre and Vhearne both have momentous double push on a 3 for disengage, and Vhearne has nonmentous push on a 1 the entire premise of everything i said was to stay disengaged and push enemies off of your team with Seenah and Vhearne while Theron and specifically Chaska put in damage, Oheane doesn't do this. His playbook is objectively worse for disengaging, keeping your team safe via KD or pushes and he doesn't provided an additional playbook threat. Bluntly Avarisse does a better job at every reason that you'd take Vhearne in the above list than Ohearne brings (aside from the loss of reach). I'm genuinely confused in what you think oHearne brings to this list. with 11 influence 2 on egret (so she can flurry/disengage or threate a goal every turn) 4 on chaska (damage) 1-2 on Hearnefor KDs and pushes as needed (3 if you've got the oppertunity to charge (take the skewer and follow it up with a KD) 0-2 on Seenah, only give him 0 if you can disengage him with Hearne/Chaska so he gets the free charge, otherwise give him momentum to make sure his activation isn't wasted. 1+ on Theron to sunstrike chaska and shoot at whatever is needed. going down to 10 influence means that either Hearne/Seenah or Theron will have 0 influence and unable to do their jobs you should generate ~6 momentum a turn 3 from chaska, 2 from hearne and 1 from seenah. You will spend 3 from Heroic + LL. As I said earlier spend yoru momentum to keep front liners healthy so plan to go second, but it shouldn't matter since they are going to be burning up momentum just standing up and walking back in. This also means you'll have an extra momentum from going second. with these 3/4 bonus momentum you should be able to have hearne and seenah self heal and chaska/theron/fahad come on mate one of them for 12 regeneration a turn.