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  1. It's close to february now and the closing of the pledge manager and we have yet to receive any worthwhile updates. Why are there no more info about the rules (and tweaks to them), the tiles, special monsters and so on. I guess I can only speak for myself but It's hard to complete the pledge manager when you have close to zero updates from the creators. People already had a ton of questions and doubts before the kickstarter ended but I never expected this kind of silence for several months
  2. It's a huge flaw in itself and has been mentioned before by me and others during the kickstarter campaign. There is literally zero reasons to use less than 3 bullets with the handgun since you are limited by actions and enemy reactions. Unless they somehow change the handgun they should just straight up make it so you always shoot 3 bullets
  3. Cane

    Game Tiles

    I totally agree. From what we have seen the current tiles seem very bland and boring. Hopefully they are just a draft and that the final product will be much better
  4. One of the big issues are with the current item amount there is no feasible way to make the campaign mode work as it you would more or less have to take zero damage and use zero ammo to not lose ammo in every scenario. It should be possible to finish with more than you start with to make the continuous campaign a viable game mode. Also remember that RE2 actually had a ton more zombies and monsters in general compared to RE1.
  5. Saying that you are not rude of not disrespectful automatically doesn't make it so. What are these boards used for if we can't give our feedback? Apologies if I have missed out on some big ground breaking reveal or all the scenarios and all the item placements but as afar as I know what we have seen is the demo + 4 player scenario so I'm gonna base my concerns on what I know and not what I don't know. Fact is that having a single 1 HP heal ( or 3 HP if combined with red herb) for a full scenario is way too little same goes for the concerning lack of ammunition shown. I want the end product to be as good as possible so that the amount of house rules will kept to a minimum
  6. After having seen whatever little footage were available to us before the end of the kickstarter it felt pretty clear to me that the game lacks a lot of resources. It feels downright silly to only include a single herb and box of handgun bullets for a scenario with several players. Anything less than 1 handgun bullet reload for each player seems way too little. Yes ammo was limited in the RE games but not even close to what it looks like in this board game