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  1. Quick query, if Tater charges, deals damage and hits Quaff with the sweeping charge, does loved creature trigger? I don't think so as it is a trait not a attack or play dealing the damage but clarification would be great.
  2. Steveedoug

    Falconers Guild changes for S4

    It is why she is better in Theron Hunters, he can put Sunstrike on her so it is mom. I still like her for bouncing putting out poison on 1 net hit with Falconers though, that takes a lot of clearing which means they aren't healing.
  3. Steveedoug

    S4 Theron 4+ Takeout list

    I don't think I have played Jaecar since June, been double pushed or double dodged away from too many times, but that's my bad play so should get him out again
  4. Steveedoug

    Hunters Guild Ball Draft Prep

    26 hour notice on Facebook gives the name of the next rookie
  5. Steveedoug

    Hunters Guild Ball Draft Prep

    Sounds like a good idea! Then we have the weekend to vote before the draft begins next Monday.
  6. Steveedoug

    Hunters Guild Ball Draft Prep

    I am liking the sound of edge too, not knowing too much about her seems to fit well with us too. We do love a bit of pace in our team.
  7. Steveedoug

    vHearne vs oHearne with vMinx

    Whoops! I have done that wrong a lot. Might make me want to take vHearne for last light even more
  8. Steveedoug

    vHearne vs oHearne with vMinx

    They can benefit from another model giving it to them, spend it, then give it to themself though, meaning they never have it on them twice, or have me and my mates been playing that wrong for the last six months? Probably have been knowing us lol 😂
  9. Steveedoug

    vHearne vs oHearne with vMinx

    I like the potential for Theron to get 5 momentous character plays in turn one with vHearne if you are receiving. Two successful passes to generate momentum, then Blessing from Minx and last light from vHearne. Use last light to put on Sun Strike, then use BotSF 6 info and his own BotSF to have net 4 mom at end of turn one putting out 10 dmg without anyone having to get close.
  10. Steveedoug

    vMinx card shown

    We are the only guild without a player that tackles on one (I didn't include mascots), and majority of guilds have more than one, hence why we struggle with ball retrieval. VMinx does help with this allowing strikers to charge for one and get the tackle easier.
  11. Steveedoug

    vMinx card shown

    It takes some planning but it does work with Ulfr. If vMinx is 2" away on one side and Ulfr is 1" away on the other side, as the smallest base is more than 1" they can engage the same model but Ulfr would be outwith 4".
  12. Steveedoug

    Veteran Minx Speculation Thread

    I am thinking she will have lost Hunters Prey since she can now lay traps. The traps I think will basically be the same as Chaska. I am hoping she is still as quick, maybe now with light footed, furious and 2" melee, playbook probably staying similar to the original but losing her character plays for a new one. I am looking forward to this model sooooo much.
  13. Steveedoug

    Falconers pics

    Yeah, it is rough ground
  14. Steveedoug

    Veteran Decimate Speculation Thread

    On a more serious guess though, with Vet Gutter, she was taken back to being what a butcher is, so I am thinking it will be similar with Decimate. So what is a Brewer? A higher attack than length of playbook. Drunk Decimate may be slower at 5/8 move. Maybe only gain anatomical against knocked down models.
  15. Steveedoug

    Veteran Decimate Speculation Thread

    You forgot the mom T <<<< on 1 :-P