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    Board gaming, doom & doom II (classic), toy collecting, retrogaming, narrative videogaming,, hot sauces, assorted movies & tv shows.

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  1. ChubbyCop

    Cheers from Rome!

    Welcome aboard !
  2. ChubbyCop

    Hello from Paris

    Welcome !
  3. ChubbyCop

    Pledge Manager has arrived

    Done ! Only had to pay for shipping since I already had put the funds in for malformations, alligator, 4th survivor, doors, 3d objects, death from above and 2 extra dice sets.
  4. ChubbyCop

    Brand new from Sweden!

    Welcome man !
  5. ChubbyCop

    completely new to guild ball

    Welcome rookie, enjoy your stay !
  6. ChubbyCop

    New Player takes to the Field

    Uh welcome again, Farmer
  7. ChubbyCop

    New Farmer takes to the Field

    Welcome, Farmer !
  8. ChubbyCop

    New playthrough video... UPDATED RULES

    @Cane Nah, there's still room for 1 shot, as demonstrated in the demo when they used the sound to lure a zombie towards them. And it's still a 1 in 6 chance of a kill so you might get doubly lucky !
  9. ChubbyCop

    New playthrough video... UPDATED RULES

    Yeah I noticed that too, when he pushed the Licker back, he didnt take his damage. Naughty naughty !
  10. here's a new video with the beasts of wars crew, one thing I found of note is that Sherwin made a few modifications to the gameplay Getting bit : Now when you get bit by a zombie, you are allowed to push them away ! That's a geat change imho, and very in line with the videogame mechanics. Should solve the annoying "getting stuck in a corridor not being able to get past a zombie" issue that the game suffered from. Corpse Markers : Instead of triggering a tension deck draw, now you roll a die whenever you move next to one, if you roll an umbrella, it stands up and becomes a Zombie. What do you guys think ? Those two seem like very simple tweaks that will improve the gameplay quite a bit imho. Edit : You can also stack dice results, if you have two "single hits" on the dice, you can do a double push (still cant combine them into a kill but that's also nice)
  11. ChubbyCop

    Hello from the Notts Yorkshire Border

    Welcome, enjoy your time with us here
  12. ChubbyCop

    Hello from the New Forest

    Welcome ! Hope you have fun here
  13. ChubbyCop

    Hello from France

    Bienvenue mon gars\Welcome dude !
  14. ChubbyCop

    Newish Guildball player from the UK

    Welcome, enjoy your stay !