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  1. I agree with your point mostly, Egghead, but why you used "Rude. disrespectful"... someone just expressed their points and yes, from the demo you can't confirm the whole game, but the demo is all we know now. I think what we need is SFG's response. How to decrease the too much randomness and increase the tactics? How to implement the puzzle? More rule details? More play through video? We do need more details. Even we still have one year but don't forget the production and fulfillment time. One year will fly. So we need encourage people express their concerns, even sometimes they sound a little impatient.
  2. Lux Liu

    Skills and abilities

    Maybe I will be on Flohsors' side. .. I am no a guy prefer a high weight board game but for now this game looks too simple for me. I think Flohsors just wanna introduce a variable player ability mechanic for this game. I'm agree with him on this point, but I'm agree with Chubby's point as well cuz it's a weird to let characters level up and change their abilities, I mean in RE theme. That's why I had another post to discuss the extra action cards (I know they are from RE 5/6, but still RE aren't they? ) ---- to add replay-ability and deduct randomness. And I like the idea of changing /adding ability when go scenarios further. At least it's better than now ---- only one fixed ability for each character.
  3. Lux Liu

    Puzzle Ideas

    Disappointing for now. I think those who wanna make this game easier would like a monopoly of RE theme.. so sad. SFG always focus the light users. Please, make this game more complex and it's too simple now, really like a monopoly game (no offense). I feel not good : ( Board game's quality depends on the rule and strategy. I know RE is just a simple dungeon crawler game but even so it's too simple and many randomness right now.
  4. Yeah, I thought of it and yes, we can do that, the different scenario has different start action cards quantity. I just worry about how extra work SFG need to do. If it's too much means maybe the shipping dates would be delayed. lol
  5. A lot of people who watched the play through said there are too much randomness in this game. The core rule is just roll dice to doge or to shoot. Only these 2 actions you can do. I have to admit they are right. Even in different scenarios maybe we will have different mechanic but no body knows now. I have a new idea for this: Add one new type of cards: action cards/tactic cards: evade, kick, rush, squat... and players can get them when they search, and every one only can keep limited action cards (3?) For example: when you need roll dice to doge zombie, you can choose use evade card or just your luck to roll the dice. When you have no ammo, if you have kick card, you can play it (within 1 space) to push a zombie like you roll a 1-hit dice. So when player search from cards deck, if we separate action cards from item deck, they have to choose which type they wanna draw. This would bring more thinking during play. And more , some characters may have some abilities can boost these cards which can bring more fun.
  6. Lux Liu

    Puzzle Ideas

    I like the idea of rewards after solving the puzzles. And I prefer plan B cuz that means players have to spend more time on moving which will bring more danger. I have similar ideas about different deck of items, following is from my comment on KS: In RE video games, most of the puzzles are put something into a hole or somewhere. So, this “something” is from another room, one hidden place or after you kill a monster. We can implement them on the board game: 1. Another room: we have got this implemented now. Just put some items (keys, gems …) as one of the tokens faced down on one tile. 2. Hidden place: maybe we can put the item in the deck of items? Or Maybe we can separate items into 2 decks:one is for consumable items : ammo, herbs and so on, another is for weapons, puzzle items needed ...? 3. Killing a monster: this can be fixed in the scenario, or just draw 2 -3 cards from item deck after we kill a monster? 4. We also can put some box or heavy weight tokens on the tile, we can use “push” action to push it into a hole/somewhere to trigger a door open or something like that. Of course, this “Push” action need consume 2 actions points? All above ideas can be implemented in the board game. Only one thing: how to sort the order of the items seeking in one scenario, this part need to be designed and tested a lot. And I think this will increase the setting time somehow. Anyway, I guess these ideas would match the original RE video game’s feeling: you have to optimize your order to bring an item, and later you find the key items, more dangerous you got (cuz the limited tension deck and more and more monsters spawn).