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  1. Furnace


    Great stuff! Astoundingly stupid move. A game as complex as this gets thrown over to social media? The tacticas, tactics talks.. They just don't work over there that well, apart from painted minis, those work fine. The forum is run by volunteered moderators isn't it? The content is done by fans of the game? There's already the steamforged site. The forum surely can't be a massive burden but it is a valuable asset to a game and it's fanbase. Really really saddened to see sfg make silly decisions and mistakes after another.
  2. Furnace

    Fishermen in Season 4

    I've been looking forward to this one! Can't wait for the one on Alchs as well. Thank you for doing these!
  3. Furnace

    Corsair S4

    Thank you! Will do.
  4. Furnace

    Corsair S4

    Right? Maybe steer towards the sides and use Drag from Kraken / Corsair? But I'm afraid that would just lead to the other team to take the other side freely and leaving Corsair and Kraken having a party by themselves.
  5. Furnace

    Corsair S4

    How do you get the scrum up to the sides so you can push them off? In our games we always seem to have a massive scrum in the middle but that's it. No one's running around the sides.
  6. Furnace

    My Navigators (:

    Thank you! An honest opinion was exactly what I wanted and I've felt the same. However the Navigators do look good and I play fish so they've caught my eye naturally. Glad to hear!
  7. Furnace

    Ox s4 composition

    No he got a kd and you got up from momentum.
  8. Furnace

    Ox s4 composition

    Really solid points! I actually have been out of habit stacking up Ox with nigh full all the time. After playing Shark, Skatha, Fillet etc that I seem to forget that you don't really have to stack up Ox unless it's beneficial. That is a really good eye opener actually. As he still does things with his auras in effect. Boar is very easily controlled and a bit of a liability as well in certain situations, I usually use him because I like the model and I'm not playing super competitively. A bit sad to hear there might not be a place for him, but I did find out that Boiler churns out similiar damage if not more and isn't as easily controlled. Roast I haven't glanced yet as I don't have a model for it. But he does sound very good. I was thinking about including oBrisket in my line up over Tenderizer but decided that I wanted to give Tenderizer a go. He got one charge in but whiffed it pretty badly. Shank I am pretty hyped about though, I played him in s3 and he always fell short because of his 3 cap. I felt like I wanted to do more but just couldn't. So 2/4 seems like a good change to him!
  9. Furnace

    Corsair S4

    I've tried Corsair once this season and ran Corsair, Kraken, Tentacles, Sakana, Greyscales and Hag. It was a bit of slogfest against Brewers but eventually Corsair came out top.
  10. Also even the issue that regarded her surely didn't regard the previous minions which were massively downgraded from detailed to absolutely nothing. And it doesn't quite explain why the model went from a detailed mini to.. That. Surely there could've been better fixes to the issue than a massive downgrade on details, style and overall quality of the miniatures. Well I mean.. Miniature is such a grandiose term when it comes to the new iteration of these come to think of it.
  11. Looking for those two models. vHemlocke for myself and vDecimate for a friend who plays Brewers. So if you ordered up the box on Black Friday and have those to spare I'd be super glad.
  12. Furnace

    My Navigators (:

    I really like your color choices again. You have a very good eye for it. The models look good as usual. May I ask, how do you find the navigators to be in quality in contrast to other pvc guilds?
  13. Furnace

    Ox s4 composition

    What have you been running with Ox this season? I played my first s4 game with Butchers last night and I ended up with pretty much zero footballing skills. I took Ox, Princess, Boiler, Boar, Tenderizer and Shank. I ended up loading Boiler, Ox and Shank most of the time. Butchers churn out momentous damage like crazy. I really liked the damage output though. I played Butchers in s3 and I felt I made some good damage then but felt I kinda got lost in the end because Butchers doesn't seem to last too long but my first impression is that might've changed a bit. Or then I've learned to play just a bit better. Boiler does wicked damage, Ox is no slouch himself and Boar is still himself. Sadly Tenderizer didn't really come into play and Shank got a bit left out as well as he was taken out swiftly. Anyhoo, enough rambling, what are you running with Ox and how have you found the team?
  14. Yeah. Sure. Fix the problem. But why change the small ones? They weren't a part of any problem but they took a massive hit as well.
  15. What I'm talking about are these: Changing into these: If that isn't a nice little kick in the enthusiasm and trust in sfg I'm not entirely sure what is. I was already super saddened seeing the state GB is in now, even more so with the announcement lacking that was supposed to come this week. And now this? Not great.