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  1. Customer service for miss packed order

    I waited an answer on a misspack for a month. It seriously shouldn't take that long but it does.
  2. This was a good read. It made me quite happy to hear you've found something you enjoy and it has lead to you meeting new people and connecting with them. Cheers for sharing. And I'm entirely sure you'll get there. I myself suck as well for a good while, I can't learn anything by reading the cards, I don't listen to people on the Internet before I've confirmed it myself so I play models people say are bad just to see if they are indeed bad also in my hands. Guildball is rough man, as a first game. I'm happy I have friends that play a variety of games. We have way too many games we play btw but out of them all Guildball had the most ridiculously high learning curve. So don't get disheartened man, we come from a competitive malifaux crowd and we're stumped with Guildball every friggin' game. You'll get there, for sure!
  3. Kdogs completed stuff

    Ouch, good luck getting a replacement. I've been waiting for any sort of a reply on my mispack for over a month now.
  4. https://www.bases4war.com/shop/rivenstone-lipped-range/ Those ones, they are quite good, cheap, delivers fast and looks pretty good also. Nowadays I usually make my own bases because it's probably the most fun part of the hobby for me but these were based after the first KS delivered.
  5. Here are my wips of my previously "good enough" Butchers. They saw quite some work today.
  6. Winter Painting Contest

    I did it! Now slap on that badge good sir!
  7. Well I finally managed to kick myself out of a long long hiatus for the painting the competion, so here we go! My entry for it and the first of my Hunters done. oHearne. I have rest of the Hunters, all Fishermen, Butchers and the first 6 of the Blacksmiths at the moment to paint. Quite a work load but I hope to finish them up this year and try to hold myself off from ordering the Alchemists which are seriously tempting me.
  8. Bad photos but I can't do better atm. Anyhoo, there we go. Yay badge!
  9. A new blog dedicated to the Hunters guild

    Aye. I believe so too.
  10. Winter Painting Contest

    So that means.. Someone is getting a parade?
  11. I'd really like to see your Morticians finished and especially what you do with Casket. Brainpan and Memory are definitely on the better end of the line. The human eyes on it are the stuff of nightmares. Damn.
  12. Speedfreek's Mixed Models

    I take it that a known Tresher pain train companion carrying around a bag of salt wasn't a happy coincidence?
  13. Majestic! Those strings are brilliant and the eyes on the doll are haunting. And disgusting.
  14. A new blog dedicated to the Hunters guild

    I read your blog today while I was working, well no, not entirely.. I took time off from work to read it.. Okay I just plainly didn't work for a good while but it was a good read!
  15. Slacks gone metal, moving beyond Kick Off

    Looks great! Snow came out very good.