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  1. DanB

    The Navigator's Guild

    Exactly. With rerolls, he's effectively TAC 6 basic, TAC 12 on the charge. 4th column on a charge is not that hard, average dice at worst. An achievable charge result of 5 net hits can get T, T<<, which cracks close control, disengages the target and provides 1 MOM for the shot. Not bad. Major weakness is glut mass. Unpredictable movement is bad for him as well, since it shuts down his charge TAC bonus. He's easy to kill, but only worth 1 VP and if you include his icy sponge jog he will threaten 16" from either player's board edge plus any boosts from fast ground and/or game plans if he gets taken out - i.e. nowhere is safe for the ball. Taking him out will be a dilemma, in many cases probably leaving the opponent 3VP down. I don't play fish so can't comment on whether there are better options, but he seems strong to me.
  2. DanB

    Season 4 Changes

    Yeah, I thought this too. Overall I like the changes, especially AOE measurement (surprised this wasn't already used on vCalculus's card). Losing the 0.5" is important though - notice in the pic SFG used to demonstrate the difference, Mercury is outside Tapper's 9" threat in S3, but inside 9" under S4 rules. 9" is a common native threat range, so it will be interesting to see how this change is balanced - otherwise Alchs might soon be trading a shot with fire/noxious blast for 2VP!
  3. DanB


    I really like her. Great threat, some jank, creates new synergies with Venin and Crucible, discourages non-interactive bombing strategies (which I don't enjoy using).
  4. DanB

    Midas vs brewers

    Yeah, you have to charge, but most Brewers are 3/1 and Decimate ignores 1 ARM, so the odds are good. You're right though, Def Stance will probably ruin the plan.
  5. DanB

    Midas vs brewers

    I have been thinking about this: what about Thousand Cuts with Decimate? Needs a nearby DEF3 brewer to make it reliable, but negates her +2DEF buffs. Another theoretical option is to Midas Touch Friday before you score (before she gets the ball and is buffed) - unless Friday has Tough Skin form Hooper, you are guaranteed 1 hit. Also needs Vitriol (for 2" reach) to charge Friday same turn as the goal though - not sure who is doing the scoring in this scenario...
  6. I'm about to start Rats and was wondering how people are keeping the ball safe. From looking at the cards, Rats don't have any tech like UM or close control, or any DEF/ARM buffs. Is it more a case of forgetting about ball killing and just scoring instead?
  7. I started off with Brewers and this is reliance on buff auras is, I think, why I was terrible with them. I will certainly be revisiting them now that I understand the game so much better. When I started, I wanted to run up and punch people as soon as it was possible to do so - basically over extend to do a few points of damage. I think figuring out how to keep the pack together to make the team much more than the sum of its parts is key and requires discipline. As soon as you spread out I think you are fighting an uphill battle. Also think about how to hide the ball. You can leave a clear route to goal open if conceding means you can take out the scorer, gain possession of the ball and hide it on Friday (with +1 DEF from Spigot's aura and Tough skin from Hooper it will be pretty safe), forcing your opponent to move more models dangerously close to the brewers' meat grinder. Definitely get vDecimate on the pitch. She's so scary. I've played against her once with Midas Alchemists. Pretty much managed to avoid her for the whole game, but her threat was really limiting where I was prepared to put models (e.g. never placing anyone within 8" of a pitch edge ever). While I managed to limit her takeout threat, she just punted in the winning goal anyway. She can do everything, very flexible and perhaps less reliant on the rest of the team to get work done.
  8. DanB

    Getting value from oKatalyst

    I basically use him to clear people off vitriol (you can also set most of them on fire if they're crowding around her) and grant her a 2" dodge. As mentioned above, he works nicely with Decimate lurking to finish off the leftovers.
  9. DanB

    Struggling with vKat

    Nice. I always forget about their condition auras, will have to try this. I played Smoke/Naja/Vitriol/Decimate/oKat/Compound vs Pin Vice/Mother/Salvo/vVelocity/Colossus/Hoist last night. Had loads of fun with it.
  10. @Wolfchild ease yourself into it, there's no need to rush. Nothing wrong with keeping to casual games in comfortable settings, it's about having fun after all. I'm curious about tournaments because I want to play more games, not because I necessarily expect it to be more fun than playing casually!
  11. DanB

    Struggling with vKat

    I think it's the "standard" Smoke list - My understanding of what the Curkov list is: Smoke, Flask, Merc, Calc, vKat, Decimate. Kill the ball, pile on conditions, get a Witness Me!, 2 x take out using Smoke's Legendary with decimate backing up for more Damage, then a Smoke goal for the game I usually use Naja instead of Flask - while flask give the free jump point, I always end up with him in the wrong place and exploding in my face. Naja gives an easy bonus crowd out or a decent place to hide the ball when Smoke is getting closed down.
  12. DanB

    Puzzle Time - Engineers vs FIsh

    @kaladorm love this thread! Can we make Puzzle Time a regular feature? My take. Def stance or not, Greyscales is getting the ball, so Colossus has to CA. Greyscales will use MOM Ball's Gone (T is not effective due to close control) If Greyscales wrapped and escaped Melee - Engineers are screwed If Greyscales wrapped but is still engaged: If Colossus counters with KD, the ball scatters. From here Greyscales must use 1 MOM to stand up and has 2 INF/1 MOM left. The only way Fish win is if the ball scatters close enough that WTG is enough movement to snap the ball and get into shooting range. On the other hand, Colossus could counter with T. In this case Greyscales can Bonus Time an attack to hit Ball's gone (74%), WTG and shoot with Bonus time. KD is a better option for Colossus here I think, but it's difficult to quantify how likely the scatter is to put the ball far enough away from Greyscales and/or the goal to deny the Fish goal. If Greyscales did not wrap: A KD from Colossus is really bad news for Greyscales because he needs to collect the free ball, generate 1 MOM, get into range and shoot with only 2 INF (i.e. he has to snap the ball and get into range with a MOM <). A T from Colossus in this case means Greyscales can go for Ball's Gone with Bonus time, then WTG and shoot. Again, I think KD looks better for Colossus.
  13. Hi all. I'm hoping to get some advice on using vKat, as I'm finding him more of a liability than an asset (I have only played about 3 games with him, using the Curkov smoke list or a close variation of it). I'm really struggling to get Witness Me! off. My opponents seem to be very savvy as to his threat, and through a combination of my (presumably bad) positioning and their cunning, they always seem to be able to engage me such that vKat's charge is blocked out by my models (or those damn spider's nests!) - I'm trying to keep him back and not expose him early, but he ends up with a lot of blind spots. After his 3rd activation of stomping around not doing much, he's lost 12 HP and is becoming a soft takeout target. I'm getting much more work done and VPs out of Decimate (albeit with a much higher INF cost). I also feel like the setup is quite hard to achieve. Assuming nobody is going to put a conditioned target in vKat's threat range (unless I get a cheeky blindside with Midfield General - love that game plan so much!), I need to put conditions on the target and push it into range. For that I need Mercury in range to charge for the double push and another 2 INF to light them up. Or I run Harry, who can probably pull off that setup for 2-3 INF, but then I lose Decimate, who I feel I really need for momentous damage. Maybe A&G could cover both bases with a KD >> using Thuggery? I know my inexperience is certainly the main factor here, but I can't help but feel vKat is a bit of a one trick pony and everybody knows how to counter his threat. Can anyone give me some pointers? For now I'm thinking of benching vKat for now and trying a 2-2 Smoke list, maybe Smoke/Naja/oKat/Decimate/Vitriol/Calculus.
  14. Yeah, I'm guilty of that. For me it's speed. Even if a game is going my way, I am 100% sure I will clock out and lose that way every time. But with that attitude I won't get faster will I? I need to stop making excuses start practicing with a clock, tournaments or otherwise. Thanks for the motivating post!
  15. DanB

    The Navigator's Guild

    True - you're also very unlikely to get past column 2 with TAC 6 in that situation though.