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  1. Looking tobeabetter Alchs player

    Oooops! Thanks for the correction.
  2. Looking tobeabetter Alchs player

    I got Decimate on the pitch today. Was playing with a new player running kick off Masons. I took Midas as I thought a Smoke attrition list wouldn't be much fun for a new player. I definitely noticed how well Decimate hits that sweet momentous damage - this is something I've found the Alchs severely lacking (hope vCalc or minor guild players will fill the role in the future). I had her playing tag along with Midas via Lure of Gold and she could just walk into Melee and convert 4 INF to 4 MOM/8 damage every turn. Obviously this would be harder against a more experienced opponent, but I was really pleased with her.
  3. I had trouble sourcing them too - but discovered that "jailer's fobs" come in 3" and you can get multipacks on ebay. I got these: https://www.ebay.co.uk/p/10-Units-Very-Large-Heavy-Nickel-Split-Ring-Key-Rings-76mm-Diameter/1388280409?iid=270967178806&_trkparms=aid%3D222007%26algo%3DSIM.MBE%26ao%3D2%26asc%3D50546%26meid%3D3aa1c8667c6e4232b514ddbcc83adf3b%26pid%3D100005%26rk%3D3%26rkt%3D12%26sd%3D270967179594%26itm%3D270967178806&_trksid=p2047675.c100005.m1851]these Only downside is they are quite heavy
  4. Hang on, so the PVC Farmers/Blacksmiths are £35, Rats £45, and Morts £60.... And I have to drill them all out to do scenic basing? The sculpts look nice but I'm not impressed by the latest price point (unless the detail/quality is proportionally improved). Why the price discrepancies? EDIT: Just realised they are resin, not PVC.
  5. Considering dabbling with the Union

    Yeah, I'm going to give him a shot. I have a friend selling a spare Coin, and am in the process of tracking down a Blackheart. I like this option because it leaves the vRage box as a sensible purchase later. I know Benny is a very good piece, and once more minor Guilds come out I will start thinking about fleshing out my Union properly - for now I just wanted to put a fun team together for casual games.
  6. Considering dabbling with the Union

    Thanks @Redmaw I am not looking to make any major purchases right now (I have spent a lot on GB in recent months and have a lot of painting to do!). My question really is whether I can have a decent game with Mist/Harry/Decimate/Gutter, and if so who are the best choices out of Blackheart/vRage/Coin/Strongbox. From reading, Blackheart doesn't seem to get much love (why is this, he looks fun to me?). Then Strongbox seems to be the standard option for vRage, but with coin offering a less spectacular but potentially more reliable/consistent option. One thing I'm thinking of is, as you say @Starlight picking up Coin/Blackheart now/soon, leaving the vRage box as a long term option.
  7. I realised the other day that I now have 4 union minis in my collection. I thought it would be fun to pick up a captain and mascot and play them as Union (particularly given they will eventually only be playable as part of a Union team). I have: Mist, Decimate, Harry, Gutter So my question is: Which Captain/Mascot combos would work well with this team? I want to avoid Brisket since she will be leaving the Union.
  8. Looking tobeabetter Alchs player

    Ah, yeah, that absolutely makes sense. Thanks for your input.
  9. Looking tobeabetter Alchs player

    @TheCurkov could you comment on Harry vs Decimate in a Smoke list? I'm learning to play Alchemists and have been finding your posts and videos very useful, thanks!
  10. Vet Calc confirmed

    I thought it was 20th July. Pretty cool. vCalculus will have to be pretty awesome to make me want to leave oCalculus out, I'm looking forward to seeing what SFG come up with... Blind, Quick Foot and Tooled Up!
  11. Will GB die because of the Minor Guilds

    Oh I totally agree. I've become very disillusioned with it and view it as a very expensive game of top trumps at the moment. I disagree that knowing toughness/shoot/melee on a rough scale is enough though. It's now full of "gotcha" stratagems that will cost you a game if you haven't done your homework (or don't want to buy (or illegally download) and study a bazillion codeces). GB has a much steeper learning curve but the free resources and the fact that you only need to consult 6 cards to see all your opponent's rules IMO makes GB far more accessible (for me it was a breath of fresh air). The learning curve barrier exists whether or not there are minor guilds, and I don't think their addition changes that very much . The fact that you win at GB with skill rather than minis (money) is awesome - changing your strategy in GB is sourcing a couple of minis and having a think, in 40k it's a very significant financial investment + 50 hours painting time.
  12. Will GB die because of the Minor Guilds

    This is an interesting topic. The concern that the minor guilds add so many models and rules that it will be impenetrable is minor for me. I mean look at games like 40K. It's got a truly overwhelming range on minis and a library of rules (none of which are free). It also has a major power creep problem. It's doing pretty well despite all that. Variety can attract people as well. GB has the advantage that it's very cheap to start and if you don't get on with your guild you can switch to another one relatively cheaply, and probably sell the old one quite easily. More important for attracting new players is resources online and friendly established gaming groups who are prepared to take the time to teach you, not just stomp you. The group I have the pleasure of playing with is generally very experienced and I lose most of the time, but those guys will point out mistakes I make and will explain (if asked) the logic behind their decisions. It can still be fun to lose if you have a couple of "ah-ha, now I get that" moments in the game, and once you start stealing the occasional win and realise that nobody is unbeatable it is very motivating.
  13. How to Play: Guild Ball

    Great video. I really liked the way you built up different facets of the game over the first 3 turns so as not to overwhelm the viewer with all the different rules. It was great that so many things came up in the game - wraps and various TN and dice pool modifiers, interceptions and so on. It was also great to see the game go down to the wire and seeing the swing of the dice when Ox's seemingly guaranteed final TO fluffed. Lots of drama! I have a few questions and comments/observations: Ox's sprint range was incorrect in T1 (8 on the card, 7 max quoted in the vid), so he might have been able to smack someone. You also say Ox has a 7" charge in T3, but it says 8 on the card. This might be confusing for new players. The goal kicks were measured 10" from the centre of the goal. Is this correct? Rules state "target spot that is within 10" of the friendly goal post". You also measure Angel's distance from goal in T3 from the centre of the goal marker rather than the edge. When Brisket threw dirty knives in T2, you say that you don't need to take into account ganging up or "anything like that". I thought character plays were subject to crowding out penalties, is this correct? Your use of the phrase "knocked down to x health" or "knock her down by x damage" is a source of confusion given the knockdown condition. You reroll a cocked die in one of Ox's attacks in the final round - I think it's worth explaining why it was rerolled.
  14. I ordered a pitch mat on 17th in the sale, got the shipping notification email on the 19th, it arrived on 22nd.
  15. Veteran Decimate

    Looks like it. So let's see if I got this right: She has a 10" threat range jogging from within the Time's called Aura. With a full stack she can then pop Duellist Lunge and push a model 8" (with 4 x >>). Or she can sprint/charge (or jog + acrobatics to avoid unpredictable movement) in from 12" away and then push you 6". So her "push you off the pitch" range is 18" + opponent's base size. Pretty mental. Unless Duellist Lunge only grants her 1 dodge per turn, in which case it's still pretty good (she can also buy acrobatics 2" dodge for 1 INF, pushing you 6" on a full stack).