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  1. Hello from Nottinghamshire

    Hello form Notts @Tadpoleface
  2. First turn

    Hi all, I'm pretty new to Guild ball and while things are starting to click now, I still struggle a bit with deciding how to allocate influence in the first turn, particularly when I'm kicking off. For background, I started with the kick off brewers and lost all my games (~7-8) spectacularly. Recently switched to Masons kick off box (plus Lucky and Mist as options) and found it much more intuitive and actually have won 2/2 with them. In my last one I ran Honour, Marbles, Brick, Flint, Mist, Lucky and it was so much fun! I realise it's very Guild/strategy specific, but any general pointers would be appreciated. What do you tend to do T1 with: 1. Kicking football team 2. Kicking violent team 3. Receiving football team (this one's pretty intuitive - pass the ball down the line to generate mom and fer your strikers into position right?) 4. Receiving violent team (I guess hide the ball and move your big hitters up?) Cheers!
  3. Sounds great, where can I find them?
  4. I'm interested in the discussion about attracting new players here. As a new player myself, I was really lucky to fall into a group of experienced players who are very patient and happy to invest time in teaching me. If I'm stuck on what to do they might throw out a few move suggestions and see what I pick. I'll then choose a move, explain my reasoning and we might discuss it and weigh it up over the other options I had. My approach is to say "I'd really appreciate it you tell when I do something stupid, I don't want to reverse any of my moves but I'd like to know when I've made a mistake or missed an opportunity". This seems to go down pretty favourably and I'm learning a hell of a lot. I even managed to win my first game this week (if you ignore the fact that my timer ran out... haha), admittedly with a couple of big slices of luck and one major gamble that payed off! One thing that irks me a bit is that it's not that straightforward to be aware of releases etc. My only other heavily invested game is 40k, and GW are very much on point with keeping you in the loop, the marketing is a lot better (though I can understand it's not to everyone's tastes). I actually started GB because I'm a bit sick of 40ks ridiculous power creep and the fact it has barely any tactics now, it's just list optimisation for damage output. GB feels far, far more tactical and is a lot more interesting IMO (with the added benefit of being a lot cheaper!). I've never faced 'smiths or farmers, so for me GB has felt pretty balanced - I almost always get thrashed of course, but at least I can understand why when we discuss what happened in the game. More beginners resources, or at least some well curated resources would be a godsend. While I've found great videos on basic gameplay on Youtube, there isn't much easily available that builds on the basic mechanics to help you understand the more subtle interactions in GB. I'm lucky that I found a group to help me negotiate the steep learning curve, but I would guess that if I didn't have that I might lose interest simply from not appreciating the depth it can have.
  5. Are we all plastic now?

    Yeah, as a newbie to GB with only the kick off box I would not hesitate to order the other 6 models for both Brewers and Masons if they were plastic. It will be really annoying if SFG only release the full rosters of 12 in one box for each Guild, which appears to be the plan if I understand it correctly, meaning I either have to duplicate players in plastic or buy metal ones. I much prefer plastic to metal and as much as I'd like to diversify now, I'm waiting to see what SFG are going to do and when. Clarity would be good, hopefully SFG will be in a position to release some firmer details soon.
  6. Brewers

    Thanks for the comments! I agree, I think hooper came out the best. The mini also lends itself well to showing off the tartan with his flowing robes. Re:bases, I have always done black rings before (for 40k), but I decided I'd try official team colour rings for Guild Ball - it just seemed to make sense in the context of a sports team, and because I chose to vary the tartan (albeit within a restricted palette) I wanted to have a strong unifying feature (although the prominent red/brown probably achieves this already). I did the ball with a black ring because it's a neutral piece). I'll do my masons and see how I feel then - it will be easy enough to change at a later date. Looking forward to seeing your brewers!
  7. Not About Guild Ball

    That's how you bonus time a marriage proposal! ...I'll get my coat...
  8. Brewers

    Brewers done! Here's Spigot and my WIP goal post - got a pewter barrel ornament off ebay (incidentally, I have another if anyone's interested) And the whole team, just waiting for some 50 mm bases to arrive to finish the goal:
  9. My Blacksmiths (:

    Great colour scheme!
  10. Looking good! Would love to see some higher res pics if you have them!
  11. Brewers

    Stave done: The team so far:
  12. Brewers

    Here's Hooper. Pretty happy with him, although I think he's disappearing in earthy tones - should have added something to make him pop. Also Tapper, Friday and Scum based:
  13. Which Guilds would you like to see next?

    How about: Exorcists Musicians Lion Tamers Chimney Sweepers Explorers
  14. I love Guild Ball miniatures!!!

    This work is just breathtaking. Thanks for sharing.
  15. Fisherman South Pacific Scheme

    Awesome work. Really love the skin and tattoo work on Kraken.