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  1. DanB

    V-Katalyst in Season 4 ?

    Yeah, can't see myself taking him now. Too glass cannon with not enough payout. Give him tough hide or empathy and I'd consider him. It's annoying because I kind of need him in the 12 for the painting comps haha.
  2. Yes, Burst of Fumes triggers after the attack is resolved. Unless the enemy model has an ability to ignore the condition form Venomous Strike, it takes Burst of Fumes damage after the attack. Perkins explained this on the double dodge podcast.
  3. This came up in a game last week and we weren't sure how to play it. Squeak buys an attack on Boar. Boar declares a counter attack. Squeak selects the GB result for Dreadful Shriek Boar becomes friendly and is jogged away Squeak follows up to re-engage using Tag Along Question: At what point in this sequence does the counter attack come in? Does the counter come before or after tag along is resolved?
  4. Congrats @Warpstoned! Thanks for the detailed write ups. I would love to hear your thoughts on team selection. I am new to rats and find Scourge really needs Miasma to mitigate everyone's obsession with KDing him. From there it seems tough. Pelage is often really good - reverie target, singled out and snared for Scourge takeouts. From there I struggle to pick between Skulk, Graves and Bonesaw. Skulk is a solid player IMO. Graves I find difficult to use properly (he ends up in useless places or just dies), but the extra VP reward is tempting. Then Bonesaw.... that big base is so annoying.
  5. DanB

    Newbie questions aka Help an idiot

    You keep the ball - same applies to e.g. Smoke's Cloud jumper or Crucible's Slip past.
  6. @Azreal13 have you checked the outpost in Sheffield? They do a lot of scenic bases and some of the packs are small so there shouldn't be too much excess: https://www.the-outpost.co.uk/product-category/hobby/scenic-bases/
  7. DanB

    Ratcatcher's hopes for s04

    What about it Squeak got a push on 1? Combined with dreadful shriek and follow up that could be amusing.
  8. DanB

    Season 4 Changes

    The masons minor guild will be Ultramarines
  9. DanB

    Season 4 Changes

    2 subs, so basically 8 playable on the pitch instead of 6. Hence the 2 player roster increase. I am trolling you, but wouldn't it be amazing it it happens...
  10. DanB

    Season 4 Changes

    The reason we need 12 now is because of the new substitution mechanic. Keep up.
  11. DanB

    The Navigator's Guild

    Exactly. With rerolls, he's effectively TAC 6 basic, TAC 12 on the charge. 4th column on a charge is not that hard, average dice at worst. An achievable charge result of 5 net hits can get T, T<<, which cracks close control, disengages the target and provides 1 MOM for the shot. Not bad. Major weakness is glut mass. Unpredictable movement is bad for him as well, since it shuts down his charge TAC bonus. He's easy to kill, but only worth 1 VP and if you include his icy sponge jog he will threaten 16" from either player's board edge plus any boosts from fast ground and/or game plans if he gets taken out - i.e. nowhere is safe for the ball. Taking him out will be a dilemma, in many cases probably leaving the opponent 3VP down. I don't play fish so can't comment on whether there are better options, but he seems strong to me.
  12. DanB

    Season 4 Changes

    Yeah, I thought this too. Overall I like the changes, especially AOE measurement (surprised this wasn't already used on vCalculus's card). Losing the 0.5" is important though - notice in the pic SFG used to demonstrate the difference, Mercury is outside Tapper's 9" threat in S3, but inside 9" under S4 rules. 9" is a common native threat range, so it will be interesting to see how this change is balanced - otherwise Alchs might soon be trading a shot with fire/noxious blast for 2VP!
  13. DanB


    I really like her. Great threat, some jank, creates new synergies with Venin and Crucible, discourages non-interactive bombing strategies (which I don't enjoy using).
  14. DanB

    Midas vs brewers

    Yeah, you have to charge, but most Brewers are 3/1 and Decimate ignores 1 ARM, so the odds are good. You're right though, Def Stance will probably ruin the plan.
  15. DanB

    Midas vs brewers

    I have been thinking about this: what about Thousand Cuts with Decimate? Needs a nearby DEF3 brewer to make it reliable, but negates her +2DEF buffs. Another theoretical option is to Midas Touch Friday before you score (before she gets the ball and is buffed) - unless Friday has Tough Skin form Hooper, you are guaranteed 1 hit. Also needs Vitriol (for 2" reach) to charge Friday same turn as the goal though - not sure who is doing the scoring in this scenario...