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  1. Thanks for the info, I'll be sure to check out the channel and see what you've produced. On a side note. I had no idea there was a "Big trouble in little China" BG. I'm going to have a look into that as it sounds like my kind of thing. Thanks!
  2. I really envy the painters here. I broke my right wrist (im right handed) years ago and haven't had a steady hand since. I had to stop painting my Warhammer miniatures. But I'm looking forward to pictures from people in the months following the launch of the game. Also if anyone currently paints and has a Twitter etc with their work and it's ok to share on these boards feel free to send them my way!
  3. Cee

    Community suggestions

    I really like that idea alot! I would love to see this get tried out from the planning/dev side of things and considered. It not only adds more options for the players, but it also means people can select difficulties depending on how many players, exp etc. I'd like to see what others think about the idea.
  4. Cee

    Community suggestions

    This is somewhat what I mentioned and if those odds are correct I'm inclined to agree with you. I've always added/paid for a 2nd set of dice, if happily take an easy mode set as those and just have 1 set of each.
  5. Cee

    Community suggestions

    Morning! I do feel the dice seem quite unforgiving. But in all honesty I also like that element of difficulty somewhat appealing, but do not want it to impact the fun. Harsh dice combined with the tension deck could well make it unenjoyable for a large portion of the community. Essentially it seems like we need an easy and normal mode or atleast a compromise this all comes down to the dice imo. So I'm interested in seeing what suggestions others have. In terms of the abilities suggestion OP made I'm easy either way, I've always been under the impression that options are good. So long as it doesn't make the game and tedious to keep track of for casual and (soon to be) veteran players. Anyway have a nice day!
  6. Hey folks! I just wanted to say hello and congratulations to the community for getting that "S" rank at the last dying moments. It was all in typical resident evil fashion with it all coming down too the final few seconds, it was beautiful. I'm a pretty diehard RE fan of the original games and have been wanting to get into table top games for a while, so I felt this would be a great place to start! Anyway I look forward to talking with you good folks more