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  1. blackcat12345

    Ivy Special Ruling

    Answer is posted in the main post. Ivy counts as a small base like a zombie.
  2. blackcat12345

    Ivy Special Ruling

    I posted on Reddit but I'm curious to know how the ruling works, SLOW: Do not modify evade rolls for the size of an Ivys base Does that mean you need to roll a basic or half evade to dodge an Ivy? What would be the correct ruling to dodge an Ivy? Answer: the base of the Ivy is considered a small base like a zombie. Thank you 🙂
  3. blackcat12345

    New playthrough video... UPDATED RULES

    I think it's a better step forward, I loved the gameplay, I'm still not sure about the starter handgun, the fact that using 3 every time is the best way to use it effectively IMO, but then again I know they will have more guns from the game
  4. I don't think the amount of items would be a problem, what I think should be addressed are the blue dice, they need an additional single hit icon, it's terribly unbalanced, even if a player rolls them more often they won't be able to kill a zombie with a gun because of the push factor not taking health, when knifing, you are already in danger because of the proximity needed to strike, and getting a blank does damage, however I think the proximity to knife should be changed to zero/on the same tile (or maybe not, but either way the game board tiles have small corridors that makes it harder to pass zombies without having to roll, you will no matter what, evasion, knife, handgun weapons)
  5. blackcat12345

    Puzzle Ideas

    Puzzles in the Board Game Collecting various items only to insert unto a statue or mantle All this can be easily implemented like collecting keys, we will use Item Tokens The item tokens are the same as Item A/B decks The tokens when picked up draw from the Item Deck C The Puzzle Room will appear on the scenario instructions and the color is light purple In this room, the Tension phase pauses and players will no longer have to draw from it unless Zombies or any other enemy enter the same room/tiles The player can push or pull statues or bookshelves but will cost 1 action point Statues will be square shaped Tokens like corpses. In some cases the player will insert the Gem Items into it to open a secret door/path or to receive an Item/Weapon that does not draw from the deck but rather from a discard pile of cards used like Ammo/Herbs Bookshelves will be Tokens like the Door Tokens, pushed around to unlock a path If we do get Statues or Bookshelves, we could get 3D models for the Terrain pack
  6. blackcat12345

    Community suggestions

    I was thinking that you could make your house rules like so: red dice for all guns, and just use the blue dice for zombie dodging and attacks, etc but just I'm going to sit tight and wait for the rulebook to be shared For better gun gameplay, instead of using three bullets and dice, just roll 1 dice per shot and remove the proper amount of shots, but can still only shoot up to 3 times