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  1. Painting Blacksmiths as Alt Avengers and need ideas

    What about Aunt May for Hearth? How to get that to come across, I'm not sure...I feel like you'd need to do Alloy as Spider-Man if you do that, though. =)
  2. Farmers into alchemists

    Tater is also dangerous on his own that if you can put him somewhere to threaten the Alchemist team, the player may feel "forced" to try to blind him (which often requires playing around counter charge, too), which leaves Thresher free to do his thing.
  3. Tips against Ballista gunline

    This is coming from a Brewers player, so it's going to be a little different for you, but my normal goal against Engineers is to get in there as rapidly as possible. Without the ball, you're right, you're not going to keep up your healing as well as you'd like, but you CAN outfight them if you can get close. For as long as you've got Union options, I'd also consider thinking about Mist against them- 2" melee is a big problem for their "hide the ball and shoot you" strategy, as few of the gunline models have 2" reach, so Mist can get in there and get the ball back without much fear of reprisal.
  4. Newbie at Tourney

    Agree strongly with this. Have a plan for him, and a backup, spend a few moments at most looking for other opportunities that might have presented themselves, and then make a choice. You don't want to end up burning through your clock just to end up doing what you probably would have initially done anyway. The other thing to remember with any control team is that the sexy play is sometimes not the right play. Puppet Master-ing someone to get into threat to attack a high value target if things go well is exciting, but it's not as good a choice as jogging an already-activated enemy model into range of your whole squad.
  5. I use Mash into a couple of very specific opponents (Smoke Alchs., Ratcatchers, Hunters), but he sets the world on fire for me when he's on the pitch. 4+/2 (w/the defense buff and near Esters), 2" reach Unpredictable is a nightmare for some teams to deal with. Howzat! is also an amazing character play when you can get it off (it's especially awesome on the Counter Attack). Friday is usually my go-to ball holder, as Edek says, but I keep Mash in my ten because if I see a lineup draft developing where I know my opponent isn't going to be able to handle him well, he can really sing.
  6. Painting Blacksmiths as Alt Avengers and need ideas

    Farris with her horse's legs dissolving into flames like Ghost Rider's motorcycle's wheels would be outstanding.
  7. Bonesaw

    My guess is that a player on a smaller base who can move over other players could become essentially impossible to defend against effectively. One of Bonesaw's big weaknesses in his goal run (and the way I usually try to counter it) is that if you can predict where he's going to want to be to shoot, you can crowd the "landing zone" with models. Even if you can't stop the goal in that case, you can usually make sure he dies right afterwards, DEF 5+ notwithstanding.
  8. Farmers into alchemists

    Into Smoke, I prefer Thresher. Calculus (the blinder), Mercury (the guy who's on fire), and Smoke are all pretty good Thresher targets- the Alchemists don't have a lot of health, so he can really clean up against them. Watch out for vetKatalyst- he's dangerous and hits really hard. On the plus side, he's really, really easy to hit- even your not as strong fighters should be able to do some work on him and open up the high end of their playbooks. Make sure you knock him down first to avoid his counterattacks!
  9. Season 4

    One of my fears for Season Four is the clear preference that Steamforged has for keeping the ball "live"- they've been very open in interviews on podcasts and such lately that they dislike "Killing the Ball" and are actively working to keep it more a part of the game. I like that, conceptually- but I don't like what it may mean for teams like the Brewers. If the ball is more "live" throughout the game (especially since efforts to keep it such seem to often fall into conversations about limiting momentum generation for teams that "kill" it, and we're feverishly dependent on momentum), that disadvantages teams like the Brewers who are slow, grinder teams that want to win a 1-4 or at absolute most a 2-2 kind of game unless they get some kind of buff to their ability to actually play football. Don't get me wrong, we have a few good strikers (Friday, vSpigs, even Lucky and vetCimate will work in a pinch I guess), but part of the core design of fighting teams in GB has been "stopping the goal scoring from happening" long enough to kill the other team. I'm confident in SFG's design and playtest team (they've been rocking it lately, for the most part), but I'm still nervous about it.
  10. Season 4

    I will be fine with vDecimate losing something as long as it's not speed or 2" melee. I'd guess "the result" is going to be adjusted- KD/Stagger is astonishingly good. Maybe her playbook gets one longer? I don't want to see her lose anatomical, as I think that's something that's very Decimate and also helps with her consistency. I'd like to see her low results very consistent and the top ones the things people have to reach for a little. I'd like to see some more low pushes to make Counter Attacks more relevant, since that seems to be a part of our core design. I'd also like to see the Spigots rebalanced so it's really a choice which one you're going to take. I'd also like Spigot 3 to be dual-guild so we can use him! =)
  11. Model distribution needs to change

    On the positive side, LE pride went up in the webstore today, so everybody can take a deep breath about the Solthecian box. Union players, you've got your answer- SFG has heard and responded. =)
  12. Will GB die because of the Minor Guilds

    I think making sure the width/depth of the game isn't an impossible barrier to entry for new players is on us as the community- if there's a new player in your meta and they haven't played against your guild before, then use a game with them as an opportunity to teach them and help them become part of the community. Unless you're incredibly competitive, you can have a really great experience while still losing a game if your opponent is nice and helps you to grow. Experienced folks could even (GASP) not play as hard as they can against a new player to encourage growth of the community and help other learn. =)
  13. Resin Returns

    My thoughts exactly. Elegant answer, that!
  14. Model distribution needs to change

    (...and subsequent posts on the same topic.) My thought on this is that at the start of Season 3, when sBrisket, Benediction, and Grace all came out, they didn't know this was the direction they would end up taking a year and a half later, so I don't think it's fair to attribute malice aforethought here. As far as the Minor Guilds go, I agree, it would be nice if there was a way to get the "crossover" models from the Major Guild without having to buy one or two whole team boxes to get them. The Launch Party packs have alt sculpts for them (that are amazing!), and I thought I heard rumblings that those might be available down the line...? Don't remember where that is sourced from, though. Whispers in the wind or me hallucinating, perhaps (I'm still pretty tired from the Spring Fling this weekend)... As far as the Exiles and Faithful boxes go...if they can't be singles, if I were SFG, I'd make them individually available on the webstore, maybe a month later than the box releases, to give FLGS a chance at getting sales on the release day, but still give everybody access to the models. I totally understand the frustration with this one, even if I'm planning on buying both. (Heck, I'm crazy enough to buy the Solthecian box for the alt. Harry and Pride, with the intent to turn the doubles of the other four into statues/terrain/goalposts or RPG models.) Still, making people buy stuff they don't need/want is a dangerous game. It'd be one thing if there was one repeat model in the box. More than that starts to get dicey. In the long run, if they can resolve the crossover models problem and stop putting out multi-guild boxes, this "transition from blisters to boxes" is a good move for the company- once all the boxes are out and the blisters have been phased out, players switching over to a new guild or especially new players getting into the game (which are vital for its long-term health) will benefit tremendously from the consistency of a "buy it and use it" box system. The transition is going to be painful, however. It would have been nice if SFG had given the players a few months' warning before it happened (maybe they did and I didn't know? Want to give them the benefit of the doubt, here), but it's the right move for the long-term health of the game once we're past the immediate growing pains and turbulence. I do 100% believe that SFG is doing the best they can and that they do care about their players. They may make mistakes from time to time (I know I do at my job), but their hearts are in the right place and they're working hard to make the best game, company, and community that they can. I think that's important for us to remember!
  15. Beat engineers

    So I gave Tapper a go at the Spring Fling into Engineers and it worked out pretty well. I kicked; the lineup was Tapper (who took the kick), Quaff, Hooper, oSpigot, Mash, and Lucky. Opponent was playing Ballista, Mother, Salvo, Ratchet, Hoist, and Locus. It worked pretty well; I rushed everybody in pretty much as quickly as I could. We got shot up pretty badly, but got in there. Gave up two goals to Mother, one as a result of good Engineer planning and one to the result of a very unlucky ball scatter that went a long way and happened to land right next to a spider nest. After that, though, things turned in my favor pretty quickly; between Tapper, Hooper, and Spigot (applying Quaff's buff to the latter two as needed), we were able to kill Ballista, Hoist, Locus, and Salvo. Lucky finished off Ratchet, eventually got ahold of the ball from Mash, and used Raise the Stakes to make a 12" goal run and close out the game. Mash was an all-star in this game; I kept him more than 3" away (ideally about 5") from the rest of the team at all times, so that even if Hoist or somebody else tried to hit one of my players and dodge into him, they wouldn't be able to get in range. Unpredictable did the rest. The one time Hoist did manage to get in on him, the robot had already been knocked down once during the turn, and Mash countered with a HOWZAT! (Hoist was ganged up on and Mash was in the CA) to chuck him back into the rest of my team and lay him out for the others to finish off. One thing I can't emphasize the importance of enough- in many cases, it may be better to beat an Engineers' player down to 1 or 2 health remaining and leave them there to kill at the top of the next turn. Many of them are quick enough or have good enough ranged character plays that if you take them out at the end of a turn, they're just going to come back on into relevance at the top of next. More than once I had Hooper trading down for momentous pushes to build up my MP, heal damage from Minefield (which I took a lot of over the course of the game)., and ensure that I got to go first. Then the first activation of the next turn was to take the player in question out and keep them away for at least a turn. In the same vein, I don't recommend trying to score goals on the Engineers unless the goal is going to win you the game. Scoring is just going to give them the ball back, and that's often going to lead to a goal pretty quickly (especially with Mother on the pitch). Get the ball (give up a goal or two if you have to- try to make it only one, though!), and then march up the field killing their team until you can break out and head for the final goal to close out the win.