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  1. what I truly feel Brewers need

    Maybe, just maybe, sSpigot won't be out until Season 4, and by then oSpigs and vSpigs will have gotten reworked to be a stronger choice between the two? It's really a sad coincidence that Spigot's narrative is the most compelling of any of the Brewers (possible exception being Tapper). As such, it makes the most sense for more versions of him to be released, but he's also the most essential player on the team in his original form, so any future iterations are by definition going to struggle. If vSpigs kept Tooled Up, or if it was moved to another model, we might be talking, though I think Time's Called! is actually where the money is on oSpigs, and there's no getting around that...maybe swap their Heroic Plays' effects so that oSpigs gets the Def buff for the "brawling" feel and vSpigs gets the speed buff for the "striker" feel? *shrug*
  2. Tapper - why ever bring him???

    Let me start by saying I love BOTH of our captains; to be fair, I hate Esters in the narrative, but I like her on the pitch, so... My biggest problem with Tapper is that he seems like he wants to go early to set up Commanding Aura and KD opponents, but when he does, your opponent will be able to see the turn developing and react accordingly. I've actually started leaving him until a little later in the turn, and sometimes doing things my opponent wouldn't expect to try to throw them off the trail. For example, I've allocated 1 INF to Hooper near Tapper, which normally screams "Old Jakes is Coming!", but then just put Tough Skin on somebody and jogged to help provide crowd-outs/gang-ups. Then the last two activations of the turn are Tapper putting up CA, knocking down a victim who has hopefully already activated, and using Old Jakes on Spigot nearby (who has been sitting on one or two, suggesting a Tooled Up and maybe a sprint is coming). Spigs then tools himself up and jogs in, now at +3 TAC (up to 9 with CA, 10 or 11 if you've done your Gang-Ups properly) and +2 DMG on plays. In most cases, he'll wrap pretty handily and do at LEAST 15 damage (and generate at least three momentum) across his three attacks.Normally, I'd then leave the enemy player alive so that next turn, Spigot can go first, Tool Up Hooper (or the cat!), take out the enemy player, and Tapper and Hooper can go Bash Brothers on people. The point here is that you don't need two or three squaddies/the cat to benefit from CA to make it worthwhile- if Tapper and one other dedicated beater get the benefit in a given turn, you've done your job. Getting greedy and trying to set up a miracle turn where my team kills the whole enemy squad is the biggest trap I've fallen into while playing the Grand Brewer- your opponent is going to see it coming and won't give it to you. Take your Take Outs one or two at a time- target a player and DELETE them, then move on. =) My biggest problem with Esters is that in a team that thrives off momentum and heroic plays, she sometimes doesn't convert INF into MP as efficiently as Tapper, unless she's in melee, which at 3/1 and a 1" melee is still not amazing, even with Glut Mass. It's very easy to allocate her 4 every turn for no MP in return if she's throwing her AOEs. She also doesn't fight very reliably in terms of killing the enemy or knocking them down; her playbook is great for generating momentum, and she'll push people around, but significant damage is harder to come by (though she can do it if you get your buffs laid down) and her KD is a LOT less reliable (coming on 3 from TAC 5 rather than on 2 from TAC 6/7 under CA). She can be glorious on the charge, though- and is a rare captain I actually think it's better to charge with than jog and take two attacks- her playbook is so short that you can easily wrap, and she's got that magical Momentous 2/KD on column 4. In short, I think they both have their place. I use Esters if I think I can't outfight my opponents (or need the reach on her character plays because I won't be able to catch them) and Tapper if I think I can.
  3. How do you stop a Mexican standoff between two bruising teams?

    One of our main players in our group plays Butchers almost religiously, so I have played this matchup a good amount! I've found that pairs of Brewers usually beat up pairs of Butchers better than vice-versa; the Brewers have a number of buffs/debuffs from different sources (Commanding Aura, Tooled Up, Dirty Knives, character traits), and they're harder to kill than the Butchers, so if you can spread out and change the six-on-six fight to a few two-on-twos, you're often advantaged.
  4. Sick of blacksmiths

    Fallow on the Grange team can also make a mess of Blacksmiths. If she activates last, with Tooled Up, attacking a target in Honest Labor range, she's TAC 10 and gets +2 damage on playbook results. Even with their armor, that's often 5-8 damage a swing- enough to wreck most apprentices and even put a serious dent in their masters. The Grange squad also makes enough Harvest Markers to fill her up from Making Hay, so she's not an influence drain on your team.
  5. Thoughts on the new errata?

    Mostly my thoughts as well. The lost influence from Millstone combined with more eating of Harvest Markers is the only thing I think is really going to be tough. I'm not sure how viable Buckwheat is now, given that he's 0/2 and Peck is 1/2. You just need that donated influence SO much...
  6. Farmer Errata has landed

    So I played a game last night- Grange, Peck, Harrow, Millstone, Tater, and Fallow into Blacksmiths (Hearth captain, Alloy, Furnace, Cinder, Ferris, and Cast). Ended up winning 12-11 (surrendering a point to the clock at the very end, on account of it taking a little longer to be precise with new character cards). My points were four takeouts (Cinder twice, Cast, and Ferris) and a goal by Grange on the final activation of the game. Honestly, I didn't feel too hurt too badly by the changes to the team. I was a little influence starved at times, but mostly that just meant Harrow and Peck didn't get to do anything except be a Tooled Up battery and a roadblock (respectively). Millstone still did her job, Grange is still great, and Fallow still feels right to me- she's awesome if you can set her up, but she very much dictates your order of activation and your opponent can see her coming a mile away. Most interesting was Tater. He never counter-charged the whole game (he was in range of a marker most of the time, but my opponent was canny and didn't really give him opportunities); instead, he ended up being a pretty strong secondary damage-dealer. I think his role shifts a little with the changes, but he's still plenty strong. All in all, I feel perfectly OK about the Grange team. Again, I wish Millstone's lost INF had ended up on another player in order to try to make some of the "second tier" Farmers a little more attractive, but I didn't feel like I was chasing my tail the whole game or anything. I'll be trying out Thresher next. I never actually played him under the pre-errata rules (I like playing Grange too much!), so I'll be interested to see what my impression of him is in that vacuum.
  7. Farmer Errata has landed

    For my money (and as a Farmers player, though primarily a Grange player), I think this is a totally fair errata IF Millstone was still 3 INF. I think making it so you're going to be spending most of the Harvest Markers you generate AND taking away an influence from the team might be a hair too far, but in the interest of keeping people happy, I'm more than willing to lose an influence off of Millstone. I do wish there had been some kind of buff to Ploughman, Windle, or Bushel...even taking Millstone's INF and giving it to Ploughman would have made for an interesting conversation. If he's 3/3, that might actually bring him into consideration for people a little more. Still, overall, pretty well done, SFG!
  8. Ratcatchers Launch Event Kit

    Interesting! Well, I'm most of the way through the Masons, so I'll finish them up for sure. I sent in my application last Thursday night. Fingers crossed!
  9. Ratcatchers Launch Event Kit

    Thank you! Hoping to join the ranks and keep the SFG train chugging along in my own small way.
  10. Ratcatchers Launch Event Kit

    That is super-helpful! Thank you- I'll try to get my application in tonight or tomorrow morning, then! Quick question, somewhat off topic...anybody of you Pundits know if SFG has a preference WHICH two painted guilds you have when you apply? I've got the Brewers all done and the first Farmers box (The Honest Land), and of course like most people have about five other guilds in progress, but I am working on getting my Masons done so I can demo games with the Kick-Off set fully painted and then say "You should buy this! It has all the models we just used." I'll hold off a week or two until I finish the Masons and submit the painted Masons/Brewers if that sort of thing might make the difference between making the cut or not...! =)
  11. Ratcatchers Launch Event Kit

    Hmm. I'm just curious; I'm the guy who runs events for my store, but am only just about to send my Pundit paperwork in (passport photo is trickier to get than I thought), so even if I get approved I imagine I won't have access to that for a bit yet. =)
  12. Ratcatchers Launch Event Kit

    Does anybody know anything about this? I noticed this when looking at the Ratcatchers Launch event preorder the other day (size/italics/bolding/underlining for emphasis added by me): 1 Ratcatcher’s Guild, Paying the Piper Launch Party Guide 2 Double-sided posters and Launch Party sign-up sheets 10 Double-sided Coach Record sheets and Launch Party Team Construction Rules sheets 20 Launch Party flyers 20 Launch Party invitation cards 1 Alternate Veteran Graves metal model 1 Alternate Bonesaw metal model 8 Limited-edition cards (1 each of Piper, Squeak, Pelage, Scourge, Miasma, Skulk, Vet Graves, and Bonesaw) 8 Wheel-of-cheese balls 16 Sewer Grate tokens 1 T/O thank you code (which will give them access to obtain an awesome free pack as a thank you for running the event) Anybody know what's in the free pack? I didn't find spoilers when I went looking.
  13. PVC Fishers and Butchers

    That's neat- the game seems cool. I'd never heard of it, but I'm stateside; France is a mythic land of beautiful things to folks like me. =) Bloodbowl's rules aren't free online, so you have to buy the core game to get the rulebook. Beyond that, you need the Deathzone book your team roster is in. A new player for GB can download everything they need ruleswise from the website. Same for Necromunda- and if you want to play it properly (in three dimensions and/or as a campaign), you need not just the core rulebook but Gang War 1 (and you'll need Gang War 2 as well if you want to play Orlocks). Please don't get me wrong- I love both Blood Bowl and Necromunda (the original Necromunda remains my favorite miniatures game of all time) and play both of them quite a lot, but they're both more expensive to start up than Guild Ball, largely as a result of players needing to purchase more than just the models in order to play. You can get by for a bit on loaned books, but sooner or later, you really need your own copies.
  14. PVC Fishers and Butchers

    I can't speak to Eden, Pulp City, Bushido, or Twisted, but I feel like Steamforged/GB is ascending to the "big league" of games and gaming companies (GW, PP, FFG) in terms of tourney/con presence and that carries some extra weight in terms of value. I can speak to Blood Bowl and Necromunda, as I play both, and both are more expensive than Guild Ball to start, whether you're getting a single team and the rules or the starter box (Necromunda's starter is $150). Shadespire is cheaper, but I don't think it has the depth or value GB does. To the more relevant point, though, I agree with you: I'm sure price point is indeed part of the equation for the IGG campaigns looking like they're going to fall short. I'm willing to pay $100 (even $120) for the Fish resculpts, but not the Butchers, so I guess I'm part of the problem there!
  15. PVC Fishers and Butchers

    I think you'd be hard pressed to find a game that you can get a whole playable team/force for that price. I'm state-side, so I only know the prices in USD, but $60 is significantly less than it would cost you here to get into X-Wing, anything GW produces, Warmachine, Malifaux, Infinity...none of those can offer a "one box with everything you need" like a GB team box can. Even at $100 for the two Farmers/Blacksmiths boxes, $120 for the proposed PVC resculpts, or $150 for the two metal boxes of any other team, Guild Ball is still in my opinion just about the most affordable minis game on the market. I do think, however, that we're comparing apples and oranges a little bit here by throwing the Ratcatchers into the mix. The PVC Fish/Butchers would eventually be the products a person would buy to get into the game. I don't think the minor guilds are intended as a first stop for new players. Maybe Steamforged just realized that they were marketing too low at $50 with Farmers/Blacksmiths and that they had to go up to $60 to cover their costs, regardless of Major/Minor guild status? As far as the material goes, I'm not in love with PVC, but I don't hate it, and I have no love of metal. Hard plastic would obviously be my preference, but I know that's prohibitively expensive for a company like SFG. My Farmers and Brewers have held up well and look great painted up. I was disappointed with the PVC sculpts for Fallow and Thresher (Thresher in particular), but I like the PVC Millstone and Ploughman out of Farmers2, and have loved most of the Farmers1 models and the Kick-Off resculpts of the Brewers as well. Ferrite, Furnace, and Cinder are all really good uses of the medium in Blacksmiths1, too.