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  1. Fish-in-a-Beer

    Free cities update

    I can't agree enough with both of these sentiments. One of the Union players I know actually apologized to me the other day for their community being such a bunch of jerks to us. As far as the Butchers go...sure, it'd be nice, but I'm not counting on them at this point. The big problem with the Free Cities Draft concept is that SFG has told us to "negotiate" with the Union/Minor Guilds, but we have no currency with which to negotiate. What are we supposed to offer them in return? Our good will? The idea of the FCD is amazing, but without something for the guilds to use to try to entice each other to support their cause, it's pretty much down to player pettiness and or preference, and there's not much that can sway that.
  2. Fish-in-a-Beer

    Free cities update

    Don't give up, mate. We've been through the wringer before and come out on top! Just keep reporting. I'm going to keep pushing, too, and I know others will. Maybe it's time to reach out to the Union? We could "owe them one" come the next narrative event, if they help us now...
  3. (The beginning of this is a repost from my response on FB, but the middle is new and has what I think is a pretty key point.) It’s a good article; I happen to disagree (strongly), but it’s very well thought out, and it’s well-known I make my wargaming decisions based on the story, so... That said, two things: 1) If the woman in question is a horrible person who wants to deepen the Guild’s criminal/underworld connections as Esters does, don’t trust her intuition. Especially when it goes against that of the Grand Brewer. 😉 In all seriousness on this point, I do see a bit of a parallel in our community to the split in the game: you have Tapper’s crew who are the “family” mentality Brewers, loyal to the kutte, going after Amber for narrative reasons (“she’s one of us!”). You have other players, on the other hand, who are voicing more I’ll for the sake of argument say pragmatic “what does another attacking midfielder do for us?” comments that seem more in line with Esters’ way of thinking- the effectiveness of the guild or its power level rather than its identity. I think (with nothing but intuition to back this up, but...) there’s a very real chance that SFG is watching this with interest, and that getting Amber back or failing to do so could tip the narrative balance between Tapper and Esters one way or the other for good- the side that wins their rookie could gain control of the guild in the narrative. For that reason alone, I think it’s critical that we succeed in bringing Amber back to the Guild. For those of you who say “bah, the narrative, who cares?”, that makes me sad, but I have a case to make to you as well- see point two. =) 2) I genuinely think Amber as an attacking midfielder with a football focus will bring a lot to our Guild on the tabletop. I don’t believe in factions getting models that break their playstyle (everybody should just play the same faction if every faction is going to have everything), so somebody like Kami joining us is something I actually view as BAD for the game as a whole, because it unbalances the design space and gives us something we “shouldn’t” have. Amber further opening up our 2/2 game would be an excellent add who fits the guild’s theme. We could really use another player who can “go both ways” and score or fight as needed; right now, most of our players lean one way or the other, so I think a strong, versatile piece could mechanically be very, very good for us. For the story, on the tabletop, we need her. #bringamberhome
  4. Fish-in-a-Beer

    Season Four Blog

    I agree. I'm excited to try out Stave on the table, and really underwhelmed by Esters. Stave is going to have a different role (I have previously tried to use him to shove people towards me sometimes, and that's going to be harder with the reduced range b/c of how positioning the center of the AoE will work), but I love him as a threat extender or lane clearer with battering ram, and while I wouldn't play him into Fish, against some teams 2/1 tough hide is hopefully good enough to stop him from being quite such a momentum farm. I would have been 100% fine with Ester's playbook changing and with her losing the ranged character plays (which I 100% agree don't fit the Brewers Guild flavor) if she'd kept her songs and legendary play- but the fact that she has to pay, at shorter range, for something that used to be free AND she has to be closer AND she lost the "increase DEF" option AND she can't do the super-flavorful opera grand finale with her legendary makes her boring as a player. Effective, perhaps, but super boring. She might be amazing in terms of power level (we don't know yet), but it doesn't change the fact that your turn playing her is a lot less fun/cool than it used to be. In short, is Aria a powerful ability? Absolutely. Is the new model a LOT less fun and interesting in terms of decisions you get to make and things you can try to do with her? Also absolutely. Final thought I haven't seen anybody writing about yet: why is Aria 4" (limiting the possible use of a situationally useful free heroic play) when Ox's auras are now 6", providing an ALWAYS useful damage buff/ARM debuff, Scatha's aura is 6", etc.? If Commanding Aura also stays 4" (I don't see any reason it won't), are Brewers captains supposed to narratively just be less good at buffing/inspiring their teams? Why the 2" extra for other captains as compared to ours? Ah well. I'm a Brewer, through and through, I'll be here no matter what!
  5. Fish-in-a-Beer

    Free Cities Draft [Poll]

    FYI all- In case you’re not following the FB group, we’ve got a pretty strong split over Amber VS others going on there, while here on the forums Amber is overwhelmingly the favorite. We need the active support of all of you folks voting for Amber on here if we’re going to counter the agents of Esters and bring our girl home! Report early, report often, and #bringamberhome!
  6. Fish-in-a-Beer

    Free Cities Draft

    I like the sound of Nomad a lot; he brings some neat options to the table and seems to fit our identity as "the tough guild." Mind you, he's no Amber, but... So far, my order of preference is: AMBER then Nomad, Knuckles, Cutlass, Kami, Edge, and lastly Layne.
  7. Fish-in-a-Beer

    Saving Amber

    Just some quick thoughts (inspired by a similar post on the Butchers' board): 1) This isn't a foregone conclusion this time. We're not playing the Masons this year. We're playing everybody. That means we can't count on getting out to an early lead and then coasting like last year. We need all hands on deck (or at taps, as it were) to get games in early AND often. 2) Reporting games is priority #1. While a lot of us are on "Team Amber," maybe you aren't. That's OK. We can shift our pick by shifting our reporting later in the process if we need to. The important thing is to get games in. WHO we're backing is far less important than number of games reported- it won't matter which player you're pulling for if we don't get an early pick, so get games reported. 3) Don't get lazy/discouraged. We're Brewers, through and through. Season Four drops halfway through this league, and we don't know whether it will be great to us or horrible. I prefer to hope for great but plan for horrible, so in that regard... at the end of the day, it doesn't matter! We're going to be playing this guild over the long haul; the most disappointing thing in the world would be for us to lose this contest b/c SFG changes the guild in S4 in ways we don't like and we sulk about it. If it's that bad, they'll fix it in an errata six months from now, but the player we get or get stuck with is going to be with us for the life of the team. No matter what happens mid-October, we need to keep playing games. Plus, if you hate the changes, the only way to prove they need to be undone is to get a bunch of data playing games with them, anyway (and you gotta play a bunch even if you think they're bad in order to confirm that you're right, anyhow). So no matter what, whether you love the S4 Brewers or hate them, remember that an individual edition (and errata) is temporary, but a model added to your Guild is forever and should be prioritized as such! 4) We don't owe anyone anything. The Butchers won last year because they convinced a lot of other Guilds to help them. That's all well and good, but let's not leave anything to chance this time. We have a dog in this fight, all the way to the end, and we can each only play but so many games. Let's make them count for what we need them to count for- ourselves. 5) We know who we are- we're the guild that brought Decimate home, that kept slugging away even at the bottom tier throughout Season Three, and that keeps growing in numbers no matter how bad things might get because we're just that cool. Let's remember that, get out there, and win this thing! (Or at least get second pick after the Butchers...) #saveamber #bringamberhome
  8. Fish-in-a-Beer

    Free Cities Draft

    There's a difference, to my mind, on a Brewer having a drinking problem VS being on drugs all the time. Plus, even when Spigot was drinking too much, he wasn't staring vacantly into space the way Layne is described. Just a matter of personal taste, I guess! To each their own, I suppose- I meant that we already have a whole guild full of various takes on Goth (Morticians), do we really need to dredge that particular well any deeper? It's just not a look I like in the context of the GB universe unless you're a Mortician. Again, a matter of personal taste- I want more kilts and less eyeliner for my drunks. Knuckles doesn't strike me as a bad backup plan; he's the one (other than Amber) so far whose story and look feel the most "Guild Ball" and "Brewer" to me. I'm not sure what he is bringing to the table that we don't already have (a tough guy who fights), but maybe it's OK to double down on what we're good at. I'm a little nervous we're going to change directions sharply when S4 comes out; Guilds who haven't had their blog entry before the event starts are going to have to operate from guesswork about how SFG might be changing their players/playstyle. Ah, doesn't matter. We know who we need. #saveamber #bringamberhome
  9. Fish-in-a-Beer

    Free Cities Draft

    Honestly, if we can't get Amber, of the other four we've seen so far, I guess I'd take Kami or Cutlass, but I actively don't want Layne based on his story (guy spends half his time addled? No thanks...) or Edge based on her look (do we really need another pseudo-goth character?). Maybe next week will reveal a backup pick that I can get behind, but until then, it's Amber all the way, followed closely by "anybody but Edge or ESPECIALLY Layne." #saveamber
  10. Fish-in-a-Beer

    Free Cities Draft

    Totally agree with you we should be thinking about backup plans just in case- I was trying to say that before, but lost track of my point during my last post in my excitement over the narrative possibilities. =) If we CAN'T get Amber (though I think we can if we push hard), I'd vote for a striker or a winger over a defensive midfielder or a goalkeeper- I don't think "hunker down" works well for us with our speed issues, and we have plenty of players who can do that, anyways; we need somebody who can get up there and get involved. A coach could be interesting, but that seems like a strange thing for a rookie to become! I don't think any of the ones who have been revealed so far sound like our kind of players; I particularly am not interested in the one who came out today (Layne). I guess we'll have to see what else turns up!
  11. Fish-in-a-Beer

    Free Cities Draft

    Haha, fair point! Considering things from the tactical perspective, even, I think I'd still rather have an attacking midfielder who seems like a good kicker- in my experience, I like doubling down on my strengths rather than shoring up weaknesses when I'm creating lineups; this is one of the reasons (aside from her rules) why I just don't play Bushel much when I'm picking a Farmers lineup. What she does is neat, strikers are nice to have, but it's so different from what the rest of the guild is trying to do that it ends up often not working well in concert with the rest of my plan. Friday is a nice striker for us because she can contribute in other ways when she's not making the goal run, too- if Amber as an attacking midfielder turns out to be a model like her, maybe a LITTLE less good at scoring but a little better at scrumming, I think she'd be a fantastic addition to the squad. #saveambersavethedrunks
  12. Fish-in-a-Beer

    Free Cities Draft

    I suppose that's true, but I'd rather work for what's a good story than something based on effect on the pitch. We're among the most popular guilds- if we make it clear early and often that we're after Amber, the others may look elsewhere anyway.
  13. Fish-in-a-Beer

    [spoilers] Season 3 Brewers Fluff

    Since I can see you're following, Sherwin, I'll take the opportunity to say thanks for writing such wonderful stuff for our Guild. It's always a treat and the Decimate/Tapper story at the end of UiC was poignant and wonderful. Now that I've done all that buttering up...please don't let that horrible woman (Esters) take control of our guild! #teamtapper #saveamber #bringamberhome #amberwillsaveusall 😃
  14. Fish-in-a-Beer

    Free Cities Draft

    My vote is 100% behind Amber, and sure, it's 100% for story reasons (well, OK, 85% for story reasons- I also would like a little more goal-scoring for the kutte squad), but that's still my vote. We've played Brewers when they were really bad as a team, and we've played them when they were good; we're here because we love them and most of that isn't about how they actually play on the tabletop (although we love that, too). =) I say we do whatever it takes to bring the lass home!
  15. Fish-in-a-Beer

    V. Honour is Stronger Than You Think

    I like vHonour in principle (because she's Honour and because allocating influence mid-turn is great). In practice, what it costs to bring her in a lineup (by way of whatever player you have to leave out), I feel, outweighs what she brings to the table. I played Thresher into Blacksmiths yesterday and had a pretty solid win (Thresher, Peck, Tater, Millstone, Harrow, Jack vs Capt. Burnish, Hearth, Ferrite, Alloy, Cinder, and Cast). I only ended up using Tooled Up once, so maybe in that niche scenario she could have replaced Harrow, but I feel there are too many situations where you're going to want the 2" reach and Tooled Up. In another game, against a different Smiths lineup, I think I would need Harrow. In my Grange teams, I'm usually running Grange, Peck, Millstone, Harrow, Tater, and Fallow (sometimes Bushel). I don't think she can replace anybody in that grouping- MAYBE Millstone if the opposing team has a lousy condition game, but even Get Out! and a free harvest marker is much better most turns than what Honour is going to do, sadly. TL,DR: She's just not good enough for my playstyle to replace Millstone, Jackstraw, Tater, or Harrow in any of my sixes, so why give her a spot in my ten? (admittedly, my taste is questionable, because I sometimes run Bushel, but...)