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  1. Is Skulk Tournament legal?

    I think that's totally fair.
  2. Is Skulk Tournament legal?

    I would consider a model available for purchase on the SFG webstore would count as "released to the general public," but the wording is tricky, I agree.
  3. Idea for Thresher Change

    This, this, this, a thousand times, this.
  4. Idea for Thresher Change

    I liked Alex's comments a lot in his interview (to be fair, I'm also a big fan of Strictly the Worst, so that probably shouldn't have been a surprise to me). I hope that SFG will be judicious in their errata. It would be easy to jump on making a bunch of changes, but if they do decide to make alterations, I hope they do so at a measured pace- make a single change (two at most), see how it plays out, then reevaluate. I'm afraid that what's coming is an across the board nerf that will slap much of the team (a team that does need to have powerful abilities to compensate for their terrible defensive stats- where that balance falls is the trick) and make them a lot less fun to see on the table, either to play with or against.
  5. Esters lineup advice

    I don't think I would ever field Esters without Mash...he's such a great place to hide the ball and if he doesn't have it, he provides good reach for gang-up/crowd out and good tech for knocking the enemy around so you can control the scrum. He's good at clumping people up for Esters/Stoker to drop AoE's on, too. My WiP lineup for Esters is Esters, Scum, Spigot, Mash, Stoker, and Friday. I've considered swapping PintPot for Friday, and probably would if I went with Quaff instead of Scum, but the cat's too good in most cases not to take. With 2 Shadow-Likes, a "Get Over Here!", and an Unpredictable Movement, this is a surprisingly squirrelly Brewers team... Then again, what do I know...I mostly play Tapper. =)
  6. Idea for Thresher Change

    A couple of things I think need to be considered: 1) The top competitive players are not the only market for Guild Ball. It is bad for SFG's business model if Thresher is nerfed out of the box for more casual/local players who haven't been proxying for him for six months the way the competitive crowd has. 2) Ignoring the competitive scene is ALSO bad for SFG's business model. Competitive players are a major part of SFG's sales, so they need to do their homework and keep those people happy, too. It would be impossible for Steamforged not to have their eyes on this at this point. What they're going to have to decide is how much to adjust and how much data they want before making said adjustments. We will all have to be patient, wait, and see. 3) While it's reasonable to assume the top players in the world would be anticipating Farmers/Blacksmiths at the two Steamcons, because they knew the boxes would be available, it's also reasonable to assume they may not have anticipated the prevalence and as such may not have gone into the tourneys assuming they needed to really specifically work "anti-Thresher tech." I would be stunned if Thresher is as successful in the next few major events, as people will now know he's the boogeyman of the season and will have to prep an answer to him (Warmachine has gone through this with Denny1/Ghost Fleet over the last year). 4) If adjustments are necessary, it probably makes more sense to adjust Thresher rather than the rest of the Farmers, as weakening/altering them weakens Grange's team composition as well, which nobody would consider OP. 5) It's important to remember we're coming up on a major wave of releases in the forms of the minor guilds and the rest of the Blacksmiths. If the Farmers need to be brought in line, SFG may be using these as opportunities to do so. They have access to a lot of future data we don't. 6) Most importantly, people need to be civil- people need to not try to use Farmers (or anyone else) to beat their opponents into a blubbery paste just so they can feel good about themselves, and those playing against Farmers need to remember that there are plenty of people who just like the guild and aren't playing it for any perceived power level or brokenness and avoid complaining about their opponent's models in a way that will make that person feel bad.
  7. The despair of a castaway

    I was also very disappointed to see how this played out, both because I think it was a mistake to let SteamCon UK and not SteamCon US affect the UiC results (gotta do neither or both) and because the losing guilds get nothing. It's very telling to me as well that both Fishermen and Alchemists, who got hit in the last errata, suddenly have less players showing up at SteamCon- and doubly frustrating because in spite of many people moving on from the Fish, we managed to go into the event ahead. If your "worldwide campaign" ends up getting tipped by a tidal wave of votes at a weekend-long event only a small subset of the player base will be able to participate in (where a metric crapton of games are being played rapid-fire in comparison to what can be done at an average FLGS game night in the weeks leading up to the event), why have the pretense of making it a "worldwide" campaign? Steamforged clearly didn't do a good job of balancing the input of players worldwide against that of the players at the event, who seem to have disproportionately affected the outcome. It's also a bad move to have a worldwide event that takes some of your player groups and turns them into material (as well as story/thematic) losers- you've now told Masons, Fish, and Alchemists that they're going to be down a player relative to the other guilds who participated in UiC (and I guess Farmers, once Vet Honor comes out). That's bad from a game balance perspective AND a customer satisfaction perspective, as it makes those players perceive that the company doesn't care about how they will feel or somehow isn't aware of how much it will suck when the other guilds get their shiny new toys and the losing guilds have nothing (or have to wait months and months longer, either way). All in all, I think UiC was a great event until the very end, and then Steamforged just tripped over its own feet at the finish line. TLDR, to make players at one event in one place on one weekend have the ability to impact the event as much as players from all over the world did over the course of four weeks was a mistake, and telling the losing guilds that they get nothing at all is a mistake, too.
  8. Idea for Thresher Change

    I will reiterate that it is way too early to be crying OP and talking about changing models before they've seen general release. The second half of Farmers, as I understand it, isn't even tourney legal (outside of the SteamCons) until it hits the retail shelves in January. Give it a few months after that and we'll see. I think Farmers are very strong if you let them play their game. If you can break them up (and this requires, sometimes, a different playstyle than the ones people want to play or are used to), they have definite weaknesses. Farmers aren't, to my mind, "solved" yet, because the other factions haven't figured out how to counterplay them effectively yet. Once that happens, it may to some extent both change what gets played in those other guilds (and how) and what Farmers bring in response. Adding a whole new guild to the game is a major meta shake-up that has happened only once before since the original release (and now once since, with Blacksmiths). People are not going to be able to keep playing the same old Guild Ball and expect to beat them easily or even at 50/50. Adaptation will be necessary, and I think once we've had a few months of that, then we can better assess if they're OP and need to be altered or if they're fine the way they are and people just need to figure them out.
  9. How to buff Angel?

    Couldn't just giving Angel the 2" reach that her spear should probably provide be a big help? If she's able to reliably counterattack with that tackle, she'd be a much safer place to put the ball, especially at her defensive stats. Would that be too good?
  10. Release Schedule - what we know

    That's only true if you assume there are no new season 4 models or anything else for those guilds to come out in the meantime. We're also at a place where the game is pretty healthy; it might be OK for it to settle for a bit with a slow but steady release system. I'd rather see that than GW's "try to drink from this firehose as we release 10 codexes in six months" model. =)
  11. Ploughman

    I want to try him in my Grange lineup. Defend the Ground is potentially really helpful for him- I find myself often using DefStance and Counter Attack with Grange to ask the question of "how are you going to deal with my KD on one hit when you're only hitting me on 4's instead of 3's?" Cutting that momentum cost in half is pretty huge, and it's easy to get the effect on Grange, since he wants to go early in most turns anyway, and you know where he'll be. That said, I don't love him. It's not that I think Ploughman is BAD, I just like many of our other players BETTER...
  12. Dealing with Alchemists

    I have found Grace to be very valuable in this matchup- you don't have to allocate her much (or any, really), meaning she can go at any point during the turn, heal somebody, and/or make a problematic AOE vanish kind of as needed. She can also counter-score with Bushel if the Alchemists get a goal. Harrow is also really important. You're going to get hit by AoE's; Farmers just bunch up too much to avoid that fate. That said, healing two back each round is super helpful. Most of your farmers can handle taking a little condition damage with their wealth of HP; save your momentum (or use Millstone as much as possible) for removing fire that shuts down your mobility. Poison isn't so bad when you're offsetting the two damage each round. Grange is also a neat tarpit in this matchup; if you can get him in position with Honest Labor and Constitution up and then bait your opponent into sending Katalyst after him, he can usually survive- he's tough enough to take the hit. I also usually defensive stance and counterattack (both) if I can get Kat to go after him- hitting on 4+ instead of 3+ and knowing a KD on 1 hit is coming back at him will often force the Katalyst player to take sub-optimal results on the playbook trying to generate extra momentum to stand up or to knock you down and prevent the counter, which all but assures he's not going to be able to kill Grange. Assuming Grange survives, once Kat is in there, he's going down- you can use Peck or Come on, Mate! to bounce the captain back up (woe betide the Kat player if Grange has his legendary up), and send in Windle, Fallow, or Tater, any of whom when tooled up and under honest labor should be able to take out the big guy before he can Witness Me!
  13. Black Friday Sale?

    Seems reasonable- or it may have been a glitch! It does happen. =)
  14. Black Friday Sale?

    The Solthecian Gutter/Coin were sold out from the moment they appeared on the webstore...is this a mistake, or...?
  15. "balancing" the Butchers

    I like this a LOT. I might make it have a restriction of "if this model is within 6", target enemy model...", just so you can't zap someone with it and then run away (which one would think would reduce the effectiveness of the taunting...), but I like the concept.