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  1. Living in the new reality

    Most of my goals come from Obs, Bp&M, oGraves and Bonesaw, with Mist if he is taken being a distraction from who I'm really trying to score with. Obs and the creepy puppet pair can create goals from some really unexpected places, and a lot of people forget oGraves 2" T on 1 hit. Really liking Skulk as a psuedo-striker as he suits the midfield nicely and his access to T << can be a surprise for your opponent. Just lacks straight line speed and range, but that's a Mortician problem in general we've always had to work around. I will miss Mist as I like to play for 3 goals and he makes this easier, but I also like playing pure Guild so don't take him that much anyway. Not tried Pelage as I hate proxying but I'm looking forward to the headaches she'll cause opponents.
  2. My Blacksmiths (:

    Was good to see them in the flesh.... They were my vote for best painted πŸ˜‰
  3. Morticians post rat catchers

    I like to run a 3 goal team of Obs, Dirge, Graves, BP&M, Bonesaw and Mist. Gives me two midfield goal threats with Obs and Memory, Bonesaw and Mist on wings to threaten T1 goals and Graves running interference / supporting Bonesaw 's 1" melee to hook the ball if needed. This style of play is going to suffer as Mist is there to distract opponent from the others and / or give me a quick route to goal that doesn't require jank and a ton of clock time / passing risks. It is a very hit and miss style which either fails due to wiffed rolls or ball killing or gets to 12 before the opponent realises 3 goal Morts is a thing so while fun I don't think is reliable for reaching top tables. In this sense I personally will be very sad to see Mist go as I've been playing this style since season 1, but going for 2-2 is definitely not going to suffer long term but the goals will just require more thought than 'get the ball to Mist on 4 inf'. BP&M and Obs can easily get goals down the middle and Pelage should help up our reliable damage amounts. My best tourny results have incidentally come from pure Morts teams and usually by our lesser used players catching out opponents. (Still secretly hoping Vet Hemlocke ends up being a striker thoughπŸ˜‰)
  4. Rat Catchers

    I love Bonesaw and get good work out of him..... but he usually plays alongside Mist as double threat. On his own he is too easy to deal with and while his range is great it relies on a risky passing chain to achieve his full potential. Mist just gets 4 Inf and is point and click. If he's our 'solo striker' he needs something outside of Dervish so he's not relying on a risky gimic to get into position. His low tac / 1" melee is a real handicap to try and bounce off players or get around goalies and his Def tech is pretty non-existent. If he got the old Dervish back under a new name to kick/shoot off his playbook he would have an extra trick no other striker has, and not have to resort to buyable dodges, while also being more Inf efficient. While buying a dodge is great, Morts should be about the janky options, not the straight forward routes. Having said that, I'll still keep using him and he's scored the winning points in my last 3 games 😊 Losing Mist does seem like the end of the Scoreticians though...
  5. Guild Ball in North London

    I think we've had that conversation via FB already? πŸ˜‰ Just been too busy to get along to Hemel yet...
  6. Guild Ball in North London

    Well I work in Central London and travel north to get home so so if you have a handy venue in mind, such as it is, you can add me to a list of people that could possibly swing by.
  7. Then pass, via B&M to generate MoM, to Bonesaw. Dervish shenanigans and score. T1 goal from the kick off. (That's the theory anyway, before dice come along and ruin it...)
  8. When do vGraves & Vileswarm ever see play?

    If I'm going for TOs then VetGraves is a good set up for Cosset as he brings another KD and Gravedigger. He can also be a good ball holder against low Tac strikers, (but Skulk has probably stolen that role now). Vileswarm I like for fun games but I always seem to suffer more from the inevitable explosion than my opponent. When I do use VetGraves it's to set up Cosset so I want Dirge to help offset losing Tooled Up, so it's handy their synergy is so poor as you don't miss it...
  9. Cacklad's Hunters

    Zarloa's playbook gets a lot of flak but the model itself is stunning... definitely one of my favourites in the GB range. I wanted some height so she got a post to perch on, but that left her hand dangling. To continue the cannibal theme she got a freshly skinned trophy skull and some clothes made from the same victim:
  10. Cacklad's Hunters

    The colour scheme was turning out quite barren and desert like so I figured Fahad would be a sandy colour to blend in. To give him a bit of presence he got a big rock to pounce from....
  11. Cacklad's Hunters

    So after being a Mortician fan boy since day 1 I have been tempted to give Hunters a go. Played against them a few times and their playstyle seems similar enough to Morts for me to enjoy but with some new tricks to learn to keep things fresh. Next trick was to come up with a colour scheme that hadn't been done before - and there are some gorgeous teams out there that I can't hope to emulate so 'winter' or 'autumn' was out. I decided on a crazy back-woods cannibal murder family theme, with hints towards a supernatural 'somethings not quite human' vibe to some of the players. First up as a test scheme was Chaska:
  12. Football themed CPs and traits

    I still miss the original Football Dervish play It could be called "Nutmeg!" and basically work exactly the same way....
  13. Black Friday Sales

    I just want Skulk. The rest of the swag stuff will just rot in a box or get given away. Would have liked to be able to buy him separately. Might make some useful spot prizes for local tourny next year but hopefully won't make him too expensive :/
  14. Morticians' Playstyle?

    I've always played for 3 goals... Now I think 2-2 is more realistic with all the ball killing. You can switch to attempting 6-0 or 4-1 quite easily though, using Casket Time or Gravedigger to help drop the number of TOs needed. Morts have quite a flexible roster and can play for either goals or kills but you need to pick the team carefully if focusing on one or the other; our players generally don't do both well.
  15. Took a break, coming back into it.

    I use a list like that quite a bit but take Graves1 over Ghast for the T on 1 and extra speed / Inf. Ghast adds some useful midfield control and ties up some of the 1" melee beaters quite nicely though so can see benefits to both. BpM and Bonesaw both suffer from 'when it works its unstoppable, when it doesn't work you are screwed' syndrome in that often their janky goal runs rely on a passing chain to work or the ball is punted miles away or ends up intercepted. Bonesaw going for early goal and then playing snapshot-turret is a good distraction away from Mist and Memory and gives you a 3-pronged attack for collecting goal kicks. With Obulus kicking off you can even get the ball straight back with PM and go for a turn one goal with Bonesaw to shut up the doubters. Just for the sheer joy of playing for 3 goals though I heartily recommend giving this sort of line up a go.