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  1. Flohsors Redfield

    How to decrease the randomness in RE game?

    @HeroQuestFrancethat's a very classic approach. Did you play Elder Sign before? There characters' stats go as high as five and start at as low as one. The number tells you how many D6 you roll when performing a check or test. A 5 or 6 is usually a success, so rolling five D6 gives you a really high chance to pass. Some items will buff certain stats while some monsters or injuries will debuff you (which means you roll even more or less dice... but always at least one!) Needless to say I like that system a lot.
  2. Flohsors Redfield

    Skills and abilities

    @HeroQuestFrance skills and super powers are two different things. None of the examples allows you to do what you just wrote but yes I get it, I will have to homebrew it. I think we discussed this and you provided a solution a couple of weeks ago
  3. Flohsors Redfield

    Concerns about amount of items available

    @HeroQuestFrance I believe we already have these topics opened by yours truly.
  4. Flohsors Redfield

    Concerns about amount of items available

    @dadajuice if it is just a new scenario I am not sure what to discuss... unless it includes the typewriters or item boxes. Oh and of course some of the other characters. I am hoping for Annette and Sherry Birkin... and maybe Brad. I am really curious to see what their skills are exactly
  5. Flohsors Redfield

    Concerns about amount of items available

    @P-Gatt I think I am going to reduce the amount of posts now. I was riding the hype train initially and had some ideas I wanted to share... been there, done that... now what to do with my life?
  6. Flohsors Redfield

    Tension Deck

    @SharkeyI am looking forward to the battle log after that session. Please consider sharing it! @EggheadI think the initial demo scenario has 20 cards in the tension deck and the Yogscast demo had like 30ish? They mentioned adding more cards as the player count increases (which was not mentioned up until that 4 player demo!) so I think we can rest assured that they are still tweaking it. For me personally I think I would replace 5 green cards with cards from the hard tension deck and shuffle it that should be enough extra tension.
  7. Flohsors Redfield

    Greetings from Berlin!

    @ForestRambo thanks a lot!
  8. Flohsors Redfield

    Concerns about amount of items available

    So um ... the conclusion is "it's ok to have less ammo and items because the amount of zombies we face is reduced as well" ? I personally will just sit back and relax for now... here's hoping that one of the SFG devs shows up and gives us an update at one point
  9. Flohsors Redfield

    Concerns about amount of items available

    @ChubbyCopyou are right! Dozens of magnum bullets and a couple of grenade rounds xD The only thing I never had enough of was gasoline to burn all those zombies before they turned into Crimson Heads!
  10. Flohsors Redfield

    Concerns about amount of items available

    @Egghead haha be careful with those two words Ok I am with you. Nothing of what I said is something that SFG absolutely have to look into and fix, all of my suggestions are just that : suggestions. I am more concerned about the lack of communication after the kickstarter ended. Yes I get some folks were busy at Spiel Essen, but what happened to Mo, Jay, Ash, Chris and all the others? It's too quiet and that's why I start thinking about the game, and where my fantasy starts to trail off and come up with ideas. Mind you, the skills idea has been there since Claire and Marvin have been revealed and people were asking for Alt skills on Alt characters. Imo my idea would fix these issues (and probably create a few on their own as @ChubbyCophas stated )
  11. Flohsors Redfield

    Concerns about amount of items available

    @Egghead I am sorry but I got lost there... what is the difference between voicing our thoughts and trying to change the game? I think all we are doing is writing about the things that look like they need extra care or adjustments, and hope that SFG will somehow look at it and say "we will take a look" or "we are already working on it". And with all due respect Egghead, now is the best time to influence SFG's development because the game can still change. We are their stakeholders right now and those people usually get a say in the development of things. It is up to SFG to decide which of our ideas/suggestions deserve a better look and maybe become part of the final product. But at this point I haven't seen anyone from SFG take a peek and say hello here... so I guess Kickstarter remains the only channel of contact...?
  12. Flohsors Redfield

    Resident Evil boardgame

    @Chud_Munson yes that's the topic! Thanks a lot for all the effort you put into this
  13. Flohsors Redfield

    Skills and abilities

    Yes that was my idea! Thanks a lot for the support
  14. Flohsors Redfield

    Skills and abilities

    @ChubbyCopand I always thought that optional rules were kind of a "try at your own risk" kind of thing Also I don't see how these skill rules could break the game unless the heroes become too powerful later in the game. I think I get where you are coming from... but still, I don't see any risks here beyond the aforementioned one.
  15. Flohsors Redfield

    Puzzle Ideas

    I agree, the pressure plate idea is interesting (I pointed that out previously, didn't I? ) But randomly drawing cards for a key to solve a puzzle? More random luck? Seriously SFG please reduce the amount of RNG... I like that Martin mentioned the Mansions puzzles, those are really well implemented... they are too complex? I believe a child can solve them... and even if you don't get the hang of them, you can always brute-force them which would then simply require more actions.