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    Severely damaged game, everything broken

    At this point they still can't answer my question of whether I'm getting a whole game replacements or just parts. I received another same auto reply email last night saying they are still waiting for parts from manufacturer, it's been two months for me and yet there were a lot of people who received their replacement in quite a short time I believe. I just don't understand how their operation and customer service can be such a chaos....yes there is an overwhelming amount of replace requests I understand, but at the same time we paid good money to back them up. I myself is working as a helpdesk support and although the requests and issues I receive won't be as close as the amount they have, but still it's really not hard to just at least set up a proper system with case number or get a free ticketing system online to sort all the cases. Maybe I'm underestimating their workload or missing some points, but again, we paid and we should not be treated like this.
  2. PunchPieKate

    Severely damaged game, everything broken

    Some follow up photos of the other damaged items EVERY game tile was smashed like this at the corner. sorry for the blurry photo I only found one other thread talking about this, and seems like the lack of packaging is the most common reason for broken parts and boxes.
  3. Hey guys...just wondering if there's anybody else who didn't get a proper replacement/refund for when your dark souls board game arrived damaged. I've been trying to negotiate with steamforged for a whole game replacement because a lot of the items were broken when they arrived. They replied back to my first two emails almost 1 month after I sent them with vague answers like passing the case to replacement team, then need to wait for the parts from manufacturer. And since then I have waited for another month without getting any further reply...it might be late but I'm really starting to worry about this. I sent them an email requesting for their response again last week but looks like they ignored me completely. Up to this point I'm just really disappointed at how this company treats their kickstarter backers and clients. This is just one of the severely damaged part, it's just the box cover but because of this a lot of the other items in the box got smashed without the cover's protection. Couldn't upload more image but I believe you can imaging how I felt after seeing this.