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  1. Egghead

    Tension Deck

    I see the cause for concern and it led to a lot of discussion in the comments section about how to deal with it, and possibly how to house rule it, etc. Fortunately with the inclusion of the typewriter and ink ribbons, it now has a means of refreshing itself. Also add the mechanic of managing your time and when to use a typewriter, etc. Do you back track & save/refresh the tension deck, or can you finish in # turns, etc. That combined with the tension deck not being used in some places like boss rooms, I think it's going to be ok. I'd also think bigger scenarios had larger tension decks, etc. Would be silly to have a 10 card deck for the streets leading up to the Police Station, and then also have a 10 card deck for inside the station, both floors, etc. Surely SFG have already thought about this... I hope, lol.
  2. I apologize Cane if you took my replies the wrong way. I never said people should refrain from voicing their concerns. If I had replied "If you don't like it, get over it and house rule it, sheesh man!" it would have been seen as rude, aggressive and disrespectful. So by using the precautionary labels that I did, I was merely trying to preface my statement so it wasn't taken harshly. I do think people should voice their concerns and collectively we all make the game the best it can be. The other side of that coin is people seem to be overly eager to change things that aren't even set in stone yet. I was merely stating both sides of the subject. Again, my apologies if you took my comments as rude or disrespectful, they were not intended that way. Also, @Mako thank you for jumping in, I hope my comments were not taken in a harsh light as that was never my intention. I find myself overly cautious of other peoples perceptions in online/forum settings and I'm sure you've heard that old saying about... "The road to hell is paved with good intentions", lol.
  3. I think you did get lost, because A: you know I am a proponent of voicing concerns, and B: It's really late, I'm up studying and my brain hurts so I am not articulating myself well, lol. My last main reply was supposed to be answering why I said "not to be rude or disrespectful" as asked by Lux Liu. I was stating that I was only trying to be polite when I disagreed. I did stray off topic and mention that I think people are jumping the gun on some things. Dice, puzzles, more info, moths.... yeah, let your voice be heard. But I still think there is a lot of talk about "change this, change that, fix this, fix that, etc." when to be fair... we haven't even seen most of the game because it isn't completed. I think it's a bit early to complain about the number of items in scenarios we haven't seen yet. I think it's a bit early to try and redesign the characters and add skill progression. I think it's a bit early to want to revamp SFG's game before they even get to finish working on it. Dice are an issue, yes... but they are an issue we've seen a few times. We haven't seen all the contents of all the scenarios, so in my opinion, it's a bit early to worry about what is or isn't in them yet. Trying to change rules that haven't even been finalized yet is a bit hasty I think. I spoke up for dice. I spoke up for the Moth. I spoke up for puzzles. Those are things we've seen and were able to make suggestions on... but almost daily here, on the Kickstarter comments page and even the FB group, I see people saying "I wanna change this, I wanna change that, etc." and a lot of it are things we still don't have much of a clue about. To me there's a big difference on speaking out against things we've seen, and just spouting off "how we'd make the game".... not to be rude or disrespectful, lol.
  4. I was simply trying to be polite and disagree. In this day & age more often than not if you have the audacity to disagree with someone you're a troll or a hater, or whatever. I am a firm believer in "to each his own" and everyone is entitled to their own opinions. I only said "not to be rude or disrespectful" because I didn't want someone thinking I was trying to incite chaos because I think people are jumping the gun. I wasn't attacking anyone, I just wanted to be extra polite to make sure no one got their feelings hurt. It feels to me (my opinion only) that since the Kickstarter ended people are trying to change a lot of things before they even get to play the game. We've seen less than 5% of the total game, a game that isn't even finished yet. It just seems a bit premature to me to be trying to change things and worrying about things that aren't even set in stone yet. I am also a firm believer in voicing our thoughts to SFG... I was one of the many cult leaders of #PraiseTheMoth and poof, we got a moth miniature through our collective efforts. I have voiced my opinions on the die issues, but I have faith that SFG will look at it and act accordingly. I have also weighed in on puzzles and the simplest way to implement them. So don't think I am telling people to not voice their concerns, rather I'm hoping people will give SFG the chance before they try and change everything. Everyone take a deep breath, place some trust in SFG, and when we get the game, if there are elements you don't like... house rule them. It's that easy...
  5. Not to be rude or disrespectful or anything, but if you guys collectively feel there aren't enough items based off the small number of scenarios & demos we've seen, would it be so hard to add a few A/B tokens to the board, add a few cards to the Item Decks and house rule it? Again, not trolling or being rude, just saying... there is a year of development and production ahead of us, where some things will be tweaked, but if not, you can always make adjustments on your own. I don't think SFG is setting us up to fail or not enjoy playing the game... It's not in their best interests.
  6. Egghead

    Puzzle Ideas

    I think the one thing we collectively need to be careful of is too big of a change. The focus of the game is not puzzles... the focus is a one or two objective scenario. There are people who could care less about puzzles, so puzzles shouldn't interfere with basic game play or we risk irritating the people who are not focused on puzzles. Asking SFG to rework every scenario they have already designed to include an Item Deck C, extra cardboard tokens, terrain miniatures, puzzle markers and so on is a sure fire way to get them to scrap the puzzle concept entirely. The more easily and simple the mechanics are, the easier it is to implement and the less bearing it will have on the main portion of the game, especially the parts they have mostly completed. One of the simplest ways to accomplish this with the least amount of impact is: No change to how the tension deck works No changes made to the scenario sheets No Item Deck C No extra cardboard tokens Add extra cards to the existing Item Decks Add tiny icons on the game board to indicate where puzzles are. This could be implemented by simply adding additional cards to the two existing Item Decks, and printing an icon like a small white puzzle piece directly on the game board itself. (Similar to the tiny Umbrella symbols that indicate where zombies spawn.) Some examples are: 1: Short scenario: 1 gem into socket, 1 gear into machine, 1 limb to a statue, etc. Players can collect 1 puzzle items from the A deck The item must go to the square with the white puzzle icon printed on the board. Success means drawing a card from Item Deck A. 2: Medium scenario: 2 gems into sockets, 2 crests on to a mantle, 2 keys to a double lockbox, etc. Players can collect 2 puzzle items from the A/B Item Decks. The items must both go to the square with the white puzzle icon printed on the board. Success means drawing a card (or two) from Item Deck A. (maybe one from A & one from B.) 3: Large scenario: 3 keys to a triple lockbox, 3 body parts returned to a statue, 3 parts to repair a crest symbol, etc Players can collect 3 puzzle items from the A/B Item Decks. The item must all go to the square with the white puzzle icon printed on the board. Success means drawing a card (or two )from Item Deck B. 4: Extra Large or complex scenario: 4 chess pieces to the chess board, 4 keys to a special chest, 4 colored lenses to a prism, etc. Players can collect 4 puzzle items from the A/B Item Decks. The item must go to the square(s) with the white puzzle icon printed on the board. Success means drawing two cards from Item Deck B. That seems to be the easiest method to get puzzles in the game, not require a ton of rework on SFG's part, keep the primary focus of the game on the scenario but still allow players to solve puzzles, while not affecting scenarios or the Tension Deck, etc. As for 'flavor' it can be printed on the cards: "After moving a dusty old book case you found a Ruby crested gold key shining in the darkness. What could it go to? Hmmmm, I wonder..." and now you've essentially created a narrative that requires no extra physical pieces on the board to clutter up game play. Players should have the option to tackle these challenges if they want, but they should also be able to discard the items, or place them into Item Boxes. Some puzzle element cards 'could' be found after defeating a mini-boss or villain NPC ( Brad, Marvin, Irons, W. Birkin, etc. ) There may still be some backtracking involved, and you may find two puzzle elements, pass the white puzzle piece icon on the board, and later find the third element and have to decide whether going back is worth the reward or not. This streamlined solution keeps the board clear of clutter, requires the least amount of additional pieces added to the game, and allows player the option to do them or skip them. The only true physical additions are the extra Item Deck cards with the necessary puzzle solution items, and some extra icons printed on the board. Yes, this is just my two cents, but having read almost every related post dealing with puzzles here, in the KS comments section and on the FB group page I am very confident that this solution offers originality, practical rewards, less clutter on the board, and the least amount of rework for SFG. (Can you tell I've spent QUITE a bit of time fleshing this all out in my head and on paper, lol?)
  7. Egghead

    Puzzle Ideas

    Yeah, my thinking is more item tokens on the board, maybe you solve a puzzle, maybe you don't, just like in the game. But if you do... you get something extra, and it's all item tokens and cards in the item deck... little to no backtracking so you don't tick down the Tension Deck in the backtracking process, and all SFG has to do is make some more Item Deck Cards and print more item tokens... Lol, I hope they are listening, ha ha ha....
  8. Egghead

    Puzzle Ideas

    So one solution for puzzles I had really simplifies the process... A: In the Item Deck there are three cards... lets say the Red Gem, the Blue Gem and the Statue card... ...if you manage to draw all three cards you are awarded a predetermined prize; ammo, weapon, key, etc. B: A token on the board representing the statue, and you have to have both Gem cards in your inventory to access the token... ...and then you are awarded a predetermined prize; ammo, weapon, key, etc. This addresses puzzles, places relevant items in your inventory, and doesn't clutter up the board, and should alleviate some backtracking. Just a thought...
  9. Egghead

    Community suggestions

    This topic has been brought up in quite a few places and I've decided I am on board and agree with the motion to add a third color of dice. My only issue on this is purely based on my background as a designer and the "form over function" theory... -Green (dodging, evading and melee attacks): 4 blanks, 2 single hit -Blue (average weapons): 3 blanks. 2 single hit, 1 double hit -Red (special weapons): 2 blank, 2 single hit, 2 double hit I think this solution accomplishes a few things: Allows SFG to make minimal changes to the system they have already designed. Meets the general consensus of the community that evading should have its own dice set Mimics the video game's herb progression too (as per April C) Just my two cents... now to dodge whatever Sharkey just threw at me, lol.
  10. Egghead

    Game & miniature storage ideas...

    My best friend owns all the Decent minis I've been painting on my channel, and he came up with a similar solution, but one piece. He found this cool big plastic box, that had like hanging file folders he could put the scenario sheets and board tiles in, a space for the books, and then all the drawers in it, like a tacklebox, he lined with foam and stores the minis in. He has every expansion and Lieutenant pack, and can fit it all in this one big, huge plastic briefcase/tacklebox hybrid thingie.
  11. Egghead

    DM Style Playthrough Discussion

    I had a thought in the same vein as this, but nowhere near as thought out as Lickerbait's full on campaign style setup. Rather myself setting up and "running" the game for others to play, and placing the tiles, doors, miniatures, item tokens & corpse markers as they go. Also keeping the scenario sheet out of their sight. This way they don't know the layout from the start, can't see things until they get to them, and have no idea how big the scenario is when they first sit down. Everything is revealed as they progress in real-time with no advance information on any part of the game.
  12. Hey gang, Lots of people have brought up ideas for storing the complete game and all the miniatures in one single container. I went back and skimmed the comments section of the Kickstarter page and some of the ideas tossed around were: A box resembling an in-game item box (complete with save room music) A metal Umbrella attache case with the green & blue double helix spirals A silver rifle case marked with Umbrella logos, interior storage for the game and foam trays for the minis A giant "handgun bullets" box resembling the old game art So, what ideas do you have to store the game, add ons & miniatures? This is a great place to share designs and ideas, and come next year we can start sharing photos of our storage solutions. Cheers...