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  1. Tension Deck

    Yeah I think the "add your own house rules" is pretty simple indeed and that's something nice with board games. It can easily be expanded as you wish But I think what we are striking for is a global solution from SFG that would work directly. Like I said, I'm sure SFG will come up with something great, I just wasn't a big fan of the overall "countdown" feel like if we were in Mercenaries mode And I'd really love to keep this nice urgency feeling for like the final scenario with the actual countdown before the explosion
  2. The idea to have some sort of stat system is nice, but aside from later games where you could upgrade character and weapon "stats", its not something that ultimately feel like the original RE2 game. But, adding a simple solution (pretty basic rules of passing zombies when dodging and pushing them away) that works in the current game setup seems more possible than going with an RPG style solution which would greatly change everything. Because, it would not make sense to have a solo stat for dodging and nothing for health, some sort of defense, speed, and so on and so on like so many RPG style games.
  3. Maybe they could talk about some modifications concerning the dodging system
  4. Can't wait for a new gameplay video from SFG with a different scenario. I think we'll see a lot of things discussed being addressed.
  5. Tension Deck

    Yeah I'm sure SFG will come up with something that feel natural I really don't want to feel as I'm only at 3-4 rounds before dying haha What traumatized me in one of the demo video is that they were really hesitating to go in the room with the shotgun and they kept looking at the tension deck and it was kind of tight when they entered the William fight It surely add a feeling of urgency, but we are normally not rushed in classic RE, you can take your time exploring and taking out enemies as you wish (it will lower your rank tho haha). EXCEPT for the final countdown ... I clearly see this tension deck countdown behavior for the final scenario when the self destruct has been activated That will be SICK haha But well, I want the stress to be "if I enter this room there may be 4 dog zombies and I can die" rather than "if I enter this room this will drain my tension cards too fast". Really love the solution to drop a Mr. X when tension runs out hahahahah
  6. Tension Deck

    Wanted to know if I'm the only one concerned about the Tension Deck being some sort of "countdown". I understand the feeling of urgency they are striking for, but RE2 isn't "The Mercenaries". I love the concept of the Deck, but not the idea that if you run out of cards its game over. In RE I love to explore ... its feels like going for the shotgun (as seen in the demo) might burn a lot of tension cards plus spawning a great deal of foes. So ... exploration is like not really recommended which goes against what RE is. I really love the idea of rooms with random spawning enemies like the shotgun room, but I'm really not sold on the tension deck being a "counter". Maybe its just the demo, but I hope most game sessions will have PLENTY of tension cards to be able to have some fun exploring the map.
  7. I'm kind of following @Egghead here ... I will not base the entire game resources / items experience based on a little demo. There's a lot to come and to me it looked pretty accurate for demo of the raccoon streets. The idea is to be surrounded by masses of zombies and reach the police station. In the game you could grab many ammunition, but there were also a lot more enemies Also there was the optional shotgun ... (when Kendo dies) which was present in the demo scenario.
  8. I'm not a huge fan of having an additional deck for such actions and those actions are not really close to the original game experience, but more close to the later installments such as RE5 and RE6 ... mostly RE6 where can literally slide in zombie groups and kick the hell out of them haha And that would also change a lot the core game with a new set of cards and rules. What I'd like is a new rule system where dodging a zombie is more forgiving : If you miss your dodge, you are not pushed back to your initial tile, you get to pass the zombie but that a hit of damage; If you miss, there could be an additional dice roll to check if you push the zombie back or if you managed to knock him over (prevent its next reaction phase). I think adding something that simple would greatly improve the dodging idea in the game and be more faithful to the original game where dodging enemies wasn't THAT hard and when you got bitten you knew you would push the zombie away and sometimes it fell over.
  9. Community suggestions

    Yeah that would be very nice to be able to shoot one bullet at a time ... like in the game where ammo conservation is victory, here the game highly suggest that we waste 3 bullets straight up to have a slight chance to kill a zombie. I like what I read on the combat system, many things that could help out making the combat more interesting and more forgiving, but I'd really love to have an updated dodging mechanic. In the game dodging is about everything, I can easily get to the police station without any damage and with a minimum wasting of bullets. Dodging in the RE series is extremely important and its not entirely up to luck. I know this might be incredibly difficult to put into a board game, but my suggestion is to at least push the zombie when you get hit and have a certain percentage of knock over (maybe a dice roll) which could prevent its reaction phrase. I also don't like the idea that you get back to your initial tile. When I get bit by a zombie in the game I push them away and I go forward. I'm not staying in front of him waiting for another bite Because, sometimes, getting hit by a zombie in the original game is the way to go ... you might have 1 first aid spray, 3 herbs in your inventory and sadly no more ammo and there a group of zombies. You go straight in and when they stop bitting you you can push them all away and pass. I'd really love this sort of thinking in the game when I feel I can dodge zombies and if they attack me its not a complete waste and I can still escape while taking in exchange some damage.
  10. Community suggestions

    Love that umbrella case As for the life I like it how it is right now with the green to red slider. Feels a lot like the game to me. We just need it to be less intense to fight or evade a zombie in my opinion since in the game its really not a big deal. Lickers are another thing We need that 3 bullets automatically push back 1 square the zombie even on complete miss as @P-Gatt mention. We need some sort of knock over mechanic. We need more chance to evade The thing is that evasion makes automatic dommage which make sense since its supposed to be like "you go bit on the way", but they can also react afterward. Maybe after a bite we could have another dice roll to knock him over ? Like that it wouldn't feel like that miss dodge was a complete mess and waste haha Maybe it has been told before in the kickstarter comments There's like 20000 comments haha If SFG can come up with something it would be amazing.
  11. Community suggestions

    Love the box idea ... it could be represented as a sort of item box and would make it easy to carry items for multiple sessions But if it ain't happening that's the sort of thing that can be easily done by ourselves. That's something great about board games haha You can easily customize the experience.
  12. Community suggestions

    I do think the game seems kind of hard on the dice judging from the videos. I like some ideas I read here I know they are trying to replicate the in game danger, but to be honest Resident Evil games are not THAT hard ... I mean I can easily evade a great deals of enemies without any problems. I'm in favor of having a way to increment the odds of dodging an enemy when he's alone. I love the fact that when there are more its more difficult like it should be, but one zombie behind so hard to dodge is king of weird ... Imagine what it will be to try to dodge a zombie dog. In the game there a gemmick that for each 3-4 bullets shot at a zombie he's pushed away. Something easy to implement in the actual game would be that if you shoot 3 bullets it automatically pushed back or something like that. And I really would love the idea of knocking them over with two pushes on the dice.
  13. If I would be able to paint them I'd saw the different William forms and Claire But I have no skill.
  14. Kickstarter Stretch Goals

    Everything RE related may not be off-topic I enjoyed Operation Raccoon too ... but only for the references of RE2 and RE3 to be honest. Seeing that sweet William in HD and shooting at him was great fun haha Same for the Nemesis encounters. But this game is nowhere close to the feels of the Outbreak games.
  15. Kickstarter Stretch Goals

    Outbreak File #3 is indeed long overdue. The Outbreak games were ahead of their time IMO, now every games are online its the time to release those games! I find the outbreak game to be so much better online games than the later ones (RE5 / RE6 / Umbrella Corps / ...)