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  1. Descripion of Falconers from SFG Email

    So Tooled up AOEs or bird feed markers placed like harvest markers?
  2. Counter Charge Discussion

    Counter charge eats clock time, I would not be surprised if it's 5+ minutes per game. It's not that hard to avoid, even with the double counter charge bubble of Brick and Marbles, but it might mean you do an extra activation before your goal run or whatever you need to stop the counter charge from preventing and when engaging the counter charge models you might have to position a model in a way you don't want to.
  3. STF streams Rats vs Butchers today and vet.Gutter is making her debut.
  4. Veteran Gutter Speculation Thread

    I guess there is no point in speculating any more.
  5. Chiseling away at the fallacy.

    I recently watched Round 4 of the British Championship Qualifier where Stephen Easton plays Blacksmiths against James Long with Corsair. The amount of bad moves towards the end of that game kind of makes your point. And my other team just happen to be the Blacksmiths.
  6. Chiseling away at the fallacy.

    I know. I blame it on this being game 4 and I was really tired.
  7. Chiseling away at the fallacy.

    The TO answered correctly given the information he had. I don’t blame him at all. This was all down to me not asking the correct questions and the other player misunderstanding some rules.
  8. Chiseling away at the fallacy.

    At the begining of the game I asked which models had UM and he as he was knew to the game he had misunderstood I've been burnt before... and mixed it with UM so he pointed her out as being one of the models that had UM. So when later Vitriol moved into goal range I still did a countercharge with Marbles ending in base to base with Vitriol so that she (with the UM she does not have) had to dodge out of goal range if she wanted to avoid my countercharge. Then after looking at the card he claimed to be able to dodge due to Marbles having the poisoned condition and just then the TO happened to come by asking what was going on and only half explaining the situation he confirmed that she could dodge due to the condition. This was game 4 and I'd been up very early do to my kids getting up at 05:30 so I just took his yes she can dodge as an OK for the dodge when due to us not having explained the situation completely he thought it was start of activation for Vitriol and not after her advance. So I got punished for not knowing the rules of the Alchemist models well enough. I should have gotten the charge and hopefully pushed Vitriol out of goal range. So going forward I'll try to play som games on Vassal with different teams so I learn them better and know what I'm up against.
  9. Chiseling away at the fallacy.

    Chisel ended up only in the game against Smoke where I wanted an additional 2" model to deal with unpredictable movement. Hammer and Flint still did most of the job with v.Harmony helping out with condition removal, but Chisel did get a chance to go in and pick the ball off of Naja. I still lost with 2 VP, but I it's the first time I played against Smoke so I had no big issue with that until I found out after the game that my opponent being new to the game had misunderstood some rules and ended up getting a goal he should not have gotten due to a counter charge by Marbles. So my goal going forward is going to try to play some vassal games with different guild so I learn their models better and don't end up taking my opponents rules claims for granted just because I've never seen the model in action before. But Chisel even though she did not do a lot did just what she was supposed to do.
  10. Advices to an event

    So the draw will be bottom half for the first round so you will not meet the best ranked players for your first match?
  11. Advices to an event

    What do you mean by upper and lower side?
  12. Chiseling away at the fallacy.

    I'm giving her a spot in my 10 for a tournament tomorrow. Looks like 4 rounds so there is a good chance that she'll see play. I'll try to do some theoryball with her tonight and see what kind of matchups can be favorable for her. I guess she might take Harmonys spot with Hammer if I don't need condition removal.
  13. Yes, they are dual guild models the same way Compound and Lucky are and will be friendly guild models when playing for the major guild and the major guild dual models will be friendly guild models when playing for the minor guild. This was stated in the blogpost about the Ratcatchers in January: Two players in each Minor Guild will be ‘dual Guild’, meaning that they can play for both the Minor Guild and the Major Guild. In the case of the Ratcatchers, Skulk and Pelage are the two dual Guild players, they can play for either the Ratcatchers or the Morticians. When playing for either Guild, both Skulk and Pelage will be friendly Guild models, in much the same way that Compound is a friendly Guild model to both the Alchemist’s Guild and the Engineer’s Guild.
  14. Masons and the Guild Plan Deck

    Now that SFG has showed us some of the game plan cards in their Rats vs Farmers game, what do you think they mean for the Masons?
  15. Game plan deck

    Will we see the game plan deck in vassal before the official release of the cards?
  16. Masons and the Guild Plan Deck

    His condition removal is good against condition heavy teams like Smoke, but I've not used him that often myself and only with Hammer. The problem is who to drop to give him room.
  17. Masons and the Guild Plan Deck

    As you get your game play cards before choosing models you know if you got lot of high or low initiative cards and can choose models according to you chances of winning initiative. With lots of low int cards I think Lucky might see more play since you know you’ll get that extra inf more often.
  18. Game Plan deck discussion

    There is no second player to pick. From the blogpost post about the cards: At the start of the second turn, in the Initiative Phase, instead of rolling a die to determine the initiative, both players secretly select a Game Plan from their hand. Both coaches then reveal their selected card at the same time and compare the initiative values of their selected Game Plan.
  19. Game Plan deck discussion

    @Csonti said it’s 0,0031423% in the other game plan deck thread. The odds of you rolling 3 or less on 7 initiative rolls in a row is much bigger.
  20. Falconers pics

    SFG presentation at GAMA Trade Show.
  21. The Offside Trap

    You play the card, your goalpost is the friendly goal post. So if the opposing players model trying to score against you is the model (from either team) closest to your goal post then it must pay +1 additional MP to shoot at your goal. I agree that it's not quite what offside is in soccer, but it's close enough as it makes your opponent pay more MP if you can manage to make it so that they have to be behind your lines to be able to score. At least you should be able to get tap-in to cost more even if 8" goal shots still can get through without the MP penalty.
  22. Any ideas about the minor guild

    When everyone just wants either Ferrite/Iron or Hearth/Alloy as the crossover models.
  23. Chiseling away at the fallacy.

    And now there is rookie chisel in the Webstore.
  24. Game plan deck

    Just found out the 7.81 module has the Guild Plan Deck.
  25. Game plan deck revealed

    Head over to the Steamforged blog to get your copy of the Game Plan Deck. It's all there with a download and everything.