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  1. Veteran Cinder

    At the very least get a 2" melee. Corsair style drag and crowd-out games with access to Tooled Up, Dirty Knives, Sentinel, added damage when on fire for Cast and several models with high momentous damage might be a bit much.
  2. Veteran Cinder

    You’ve probably seen the news elsewhere but we’re getting veteran Cinder in July. If the art is anything to go by she’ll get 2” melee. Any thoughts?
  3. S4 arrives october 12th

    Season 4 has been announced. Have SFG completely lost their mind when people qualify for Worlds in S3 but play in S4 or is it a cool way of finding out who can figure out the differences before duking it out at SCUK? What are your thoughts on the upcoming S4?
  4. Tips against Ballista gunline

    I played a vassal game against a friend last night. Took the kick-off six against Ballista, Mother, Ratchet, Hoist, Harriet and Gutter. Ballista kicks, I get the ball back to my lines, but due to a failed kick I don’t get Mom quick enough and harmony gets taken out turn 1. I then proceed to score, take out Ballista and mother, then at 7 points I stupidly score again loose the ball and several turns worth of shooting starts to take its toll. Without the ball I don’t have any way of generating Mom and healing so it’s just a slow grind with me talking a few chances and eventually loosing . Had it been on the clock I probably would have won, but the problem of being shot half to death with no chance of sending enough models forward to get that last takeout still remains. How do you dig yourself out of such a situation.
  5. Veteran Cinder

    I guess that would be the Kindled [Furnace] trait.
  6. Veteran Cinder

    vCinder is still an apprentice according to the Vengeance keynote.
  7. S4 arrives october 12th

    This, to me as a casual player who still likes tournaments, is a big plus and the first thing I thought about when I saw the discussion start. I think it will mean more great moments for us who just watch a couple of streamed games and read about Worlds on the forums and hear about it in the podcasts.
  8. In my day...!

    And it was a good magazine too. And I've put Warhammer FRP 4th ed on pre order at my LGS. Can't wait to see what they come up with this time.
  9. In my day...!

    In my day we played WFB.
  10. Vassal GB 7.88 module. The notes posted on Vassal say that the following stuff has been changed: * Added Devana. * Swapped the trap and jawbone trap images. * Fixed the card display so the players don't fight over which side is shown. Observers in a game still share card state, but the home and visitor players should be unaffected by each other and observers.
  11. Clock Questions

    You don’t have to do anything during your activation, but even not moving and not doing anything is an activation.
  12. Veteran Chisel

    I guess you’ve all read about the new box for the guilds that did not get anything out of the UiC event. Tell me all about your hopes and dreams for veteran Chisel. https://wyldstormgames.com/collections/guild-ball/products/the-faithful-new-beginnings
  13. Best "Killy" Teams?

    While falconers look like they can deal quite a bit of damage they don’t look like brawlers. Hit them back and what we’ve seen so far will not last very long.
  14. Vassal 7.87 Pride and Falconers

    Seems like that link does not work anymore. Try this: https://www.dropbox.com/s/d3zdffjs4j3wruq/GB7.87.vmod?dl=0
  15. Vassal 7.87 Pride and Falconers

  16. Season 4 Token pack?

    Those are the same as the Frozen Forge game plan deck tokens so I think they just got the name wrong.
  17. If a model with 3 or less HP ends it activation engaging Pelage the model takes 3 damage. This damage then leads to the model being taken out. Rats/morts would then get 2 VP for the takeout, but no momentum as the take-out is not the result an action by the an active Pelage. Is this correct?
  18. Would this also include Grim Caress if the Rising Anger model ends it’s activation engaged with Pelage?
  19. SF Email: Announcing the End of Metals

    Not worried about the resin being fragile and prone to breaking?
  20. Model distribution needs to change

    He should be available again. Inventory fluke, not actually sold out.
  21. Season 4 at GenCon 2018?

    I guess we can close this thread now.
  22. Being taken for Granite...

    While I see her uses I still struggle to find anyone to cut from my 10.
  23. Pride!

    Same health and def/arm, better counter attack and only gives up 1 VP. Well, there is a reason why Chisel seldom sees any play.
  24. Killing the ball with masons

    So what are your best ball killing tactics?
  25. A bit of silly (and extreme) speculation

    Masons already lost Honour (fluff wise) and I don't think Hammer is quite ready to pass the mantle just yet. But I would love to see vet.Chisel become the new captain and vet.Hammer be a pure squaddie beater. 2/3 inf and even easier access to .