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    Season 4 Player Summaries

    He also brings Sturdy by way of his Heroic. Against teams like the Brewers Sturdy can be very handy and help you get those nice counter attacks with your 2" reach models.
  2. Jotnebane

    S4 Chisel (oChisel) lacking flavour and value?

    For me she's got plenty of value now. She does ball retrieval and damage better than she did before, and the +2 ARM after a takeout is gold. And as I'm not that interested in the fluff and stuff like that I'm very happy with S4 oChisel.
  3. While we might be the guild with the most unchanged models I'd we'll se quite a few changes in the models seeing play. What do you think will be your 12 and what 6 do you think you play in different situations?
  4. Jotnebane

    Honour in S4

    I played mostly Hammer in S3 and so far it's been Hammer for S4 as well. Hammer, Wrecker, Granite, vHarmony, v.Chisel and a flex. But I want to get back in the Honour game. While Honour is mostly unchanged there are some new faces on the pitch these days. So how does peoples Honour 6s look like and how do you play them? Is it Super Strat Flint for that first turn goal and then grab what oppertunities arise or are there some other janky stuff you use with Honour? Do you use the new and improved oChisel missile, do you superstrat Honour then let vChisel tank her up with inf? What are the S4 Honour tricks?
  5. Jotnebane

    Tactics for the Masons Guild

    This probably needs a little rewrite now.
  6. Jotnebane

    Brick's blind spot

    Counter charge is still good, but with only 1" melee he 's still in their melee zone so unless he get the KD and they have no momentum the still have a target to spend their inf on even if you do get them out of their intended target for the charge or what they were trying to do.
  7. Jotnebane

    Vassal S4

    Download Vassal S4 here.
  8. Jotnebane

    Wreckers New Battering Ram

    It's higher if you really want to get all those passes off. 2 - Wrecker uses Battering Ram 4 - Pass the ball to Flint and dodge 8 - Flint Sprints 4 - Flint passes and Dodges 2 - Honour Quick Times Flint 4 - Pass the ball to Flint 8 - Flint Sprints 4 - Where did they go 8 - Flint Shoots and scores 44 inches But even without any dodges from passing that's 32 inches. And the Battering Ram trick has been done by many a Blacksmiths players with Iron starting just behind the deployment line. Flint has an excellent goal threat with Honour even without those 2 extra inches. I'm more thrilled about what it in combination with v.Harmony does to Hammers threat range. Nudge him 2" with Wrecker, use Marked Target and watch Hammer Threat 14 Inches from the deployment line with Iron Fist and Tooled up. Might not even need to pay for the extra movement.
  9. Jotnebane

    S4 Masons complete spoiler

    Or you can have vChisel around to help with that.
  10. Jotnebane

    S4 Masons complete spoiler

    2 free furious charges in one turn?
  11. Jotnebane

    S4 Masons complete spoiler

    And then you have the Hammer Legendary for a total of +3 damage if you really want to do a lot of setup.
  12. Jotnebane

    S4 Masons complete spoiler

    I kind of hope Hammer will have some other way of getting that extra move and improved Kick. He's getting 4/6 Inf in S4, but he often used 7 Inf in S3 so if all three buffing CPs are cost 1 inf he can't perform as well as he does now. Oh noes, they are going to bring out the nerfhammer. 😒 Now, if they give him Powerful Charge like Sledge got now, that would up his damage output quite a bit. But No, I don't expect any big nerfs. I guess Tower and v.Harmony will get their AOE ranges changed. We know Marked Target is 10" in S4. If nothing changes on Wrecker except Ramming speed getting changed into Battering Ram then he's buffed. That 2" nudge forward of your whole team at the start of T1 can do a lot for the Masons. No matter what the changes are I'm looking forward to playing Hammer, Wrecker, Mallet, Brick, Granite and Chisel just to know what it's like to have a lot of 2" models.
  13. Jotnebane

    S4 Masons complete spoiler

    Having looked at the Union and the Engineers I'm kind of underwhelmed. It's not that I expected them to have lots of changes but knowing that the Masons are one of the guild with the least changes I don't expect much from tomorrows reveal. What do they need to do? o.Chisel will get fixed, but probably nothing that changes her to much so probably playbook changes and maybe the number of hit points Painful Rage triggers on. Hammer will need his 0-point CPs sorted out and we know that Iron Fist costs 1 inf now and that he goes from a 4/5 to a 4/6 inf model. I'm guessing his move gets adjusted or he gets a trait that fixes it. I doubt that they will give him a straight up increase in kick dice. Honour's Legendary will need a rewording. I think they have found a way to let her still give out Inf to the whole team, but no other changes. The rest, except Granite, might not see anything big at all. Mallet has lost his momKD and I've seen speculation that he will get Powerful Charge, the same trait the Sledge gets, for KD on charges with damage. Tower will keep his Tooled Up. Wrecker will get Battering Ram and can push friendly guild models as well. Anything you folks expect to happen?
  14. Jotnebane

    Latest Vassal update

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/102fr3bn5y7mqyg/GB7.98.vmod?dl=0 Don't know whats new, but I guess it's not S4.
  15. Jotnebane

    S4 Masons complete spoiler

    I got a 5 hour drive on Thursday so I might just wait with the podcast.
  16. I think that might be more a natural progression for Honour than it is connected to the Coach position on the team. Also vet.Chisel picking up Honours old armor and stepping into her role a bit and moving influence between masons models. That said, yes, some influence shenanigans would be nice.
  17. Jotnebane

    Free Cities Draft

    Me not thinking thru what I wrote I guess. But I still heard sometime during WTC someone say that Tower kept his Tooled Up and getting somewhat improved as well.
  18. Jotnebane

    Free Cities Draft

    While the Masons apparently is the guild with the least changes for S4 we know that Hammer will change a bit and Granite as we know will be a more viable model to hold down the center. I have no idea what role o.Chisel will get in S4, but based on the S4 event kit Tower will keep his Tooled Up and at WTC I heard a rumour that he becomes a bit better, I assume that this means that either his playbook changes or he gets some nifty adjustments to the back of his card. So if he becomes an even better support model we don't need yet another one of those. I've never bothered with getting the union picks we can use so I'm mostly interested in another striker or winger to give us even greater ball pressure against beaty teams.
  19. Jotnebane

    The Free Cities Draft

    Pft, Hammer has the best hair. πŸ˜‰
  20. Jotnebane

    vet. Cinder

    vet. Cinder on the steamforged blog. I'm looking forward to trying her out in a few games.
  21. Jotnebane

    S4 Granite

    So S4 Granite is the next card we'll get to see. Any wild guesses?
  22. Jotnebane

    S4 Granite

    I just want all the 2” masons to go out there and support Hammer. I’ll loose out on the goals and it’s not as beaty as a beaty team so Hammer will probably have to do most of the work himself, but I think it would be a fun list to play. Bricks counter charge, Granites KD and Broken Ground, vChisels assist and inf moving, Mallets 3” and Singled Out and Wrecker pushing models into the killing zone for Hammer to grab and punish Probably not the optimal lineup, but fun
  23. Jotnebane

    S4 Granite

    S4 Granite blog post She's good. Me likes. Makes me wonder what role o.Chisel will fill in S4.
  24. Jotnebane

    S4 Granite

    Tomorrow. So just another 22 hours.