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  1. So, with the new rules you know if you’re kicking or receiving before you choose captain and mascot. Will this change who you choose as captain?
  2. New to masons - tackling blacksmiths

    I guess our only way to deal with UM is to send in Mallet with his 3” reach.
  3. Corsaire matchup

    I found Hammer to work just fine against Shark. He'll still get that first turn goal, but Hemmer can really hurt his team and he can score too. Mallet is also pretty handy against all their 2" melee zones and especially against Grayscales unpredictable movement.
  4. What vets do you want to see

    Theron doesn’t.
  5. Honour gets shot by Ballista

    For the final round in the local Big League and Honour goes up against Ballista. Unfortunately noe matter how hard the masons tried the slippery engineers managed to sneak past and score. As soon as the kick off gave the ball to the Engineers who could then use their ranged attack and ball passing to build momentum while the poor masons did nothing but position themselves. In the end the one redeeming part of the game for the Masons was Honour tackling the ball from Ratchet after a 10" charge from the piece of fast ground and scoring a screamer. Unfortunately that meant she was on alone on the wrong side of the pitch and even though she dodge out of trouble and ran to hide in the shadow of a big rock and managed to hold out 3 rounds after scoring the game was over when she finally went down.
  6. Let's Revisit Lucky

    I just found out that all the participants in a local Big League will be getting a Lucky model. I've just got the Kick Off! crew so I've not looked that much at Lucky earlier, but I'll follow this thread now to get any tips as to how I can use him.
  7. OK, it might not be the cold and icy in Oslo, Norway yet, but the temperature did dip into the blu during the night. I picked up the Guild Ball Kick Off! Box after a demo game at the local game store and split it with a friend. A week before I got the box I signed my half of the box (Masons) up for a Big League run by a local club. So no time for practice and so far 4 losses and a steep learning curve with Honour and her team. But I like the game and I'm looking forward to getting all the tricks working.
  8. Project positivity - making Masons great again.

    Come to think of it I might not have dodged out before the shot, but made the shot while engaged and then dodged out with Run the Length. But I did not use Where'd they go more than once.
  9. Project positivity - making Masons great again.

    I'm new to the game. I picked up the Kick Off! box after testing a demo game in my local games store and while I've not played more than a few games so far I do like the playstyle of the masons. Honors Superior Strategy and the Honor/Harmony linked effect does make the learning curve rather steep and as I went straight from a demo game to playing a Big Leaugue series I've yet to win a single game, but I feel like I've made all the rookie mistakes now and during the last game vs the Brewers things finaly clicked. Flint ran up to the Brewers line, dodged into combat with Mash, tackled the ball, dodged out agian and scored. Honor and Harmony got off a perfect tackle ball away from Friday, send to lill sis and she scores on linked activation. And I also managed to get Mallet to lay the ground for Honor taking out Mash. So I'm still learning the ropes and I'm eagerly awaiting the box with the rest of the team.