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  1. Jotnebane

    The Free Cities Draft

    Pft, Hammer has the best hair. 😉
  2. Jotnebane

    S4 Granite

    I just want all the 2” masons to go out there and support Hammer. I’ll loose out on the goals and it’s not as beaty as a beaty team so Hammer will probably have to do most of the work himself, but I think it would be a fun list to play. Bricks counter charge, Granites KD and Broken Ground, vChisels assist and inf moving, Mallets 3” and Singled Out and Wrecker pushing models into the killing zone for Hammer to grab and punish Probably not the optimal lineup, but fun
  3. Jotnebane

    S4 Granite

    S4 Granite blog post She's good. Me likes. Makes me wonder what role o.Chisel will fill in S4.
  4. Jotnebane

    S4 Granite

    Tomorrow. So just another 22 hours.
  5. Jotnebane

    Ideas about minor guild

    Character play: Yellow Brick Road, +2/+2 Move.
  6. Jotnebane

    S4 Granite

    So S4 Granite is the next card we'll get to see. Any wild guesses?
  7. Jotnebane

    Making a 10 post vChisel

    I'm with @Nykolae on this. Now that we got another way to deal with conditions with v.Chisel I tend to drop v.Harmony but Lucky still does lots of work.
  8. Farris & Bolt from the SFG blog Another strong hint at a Watch/Lawkeeper minor guild for blacksmiths.
  9. Latest Vassal module was posted on Discord today. Vassal module 7.95 • all ‘Faithful’ models • added Gameplans tokens to ‘New Game’ pitch by default • added option to clear all conditions (CTRL+G) • added option to heal 4 HP (CTRL+NUMPAD_/ or CTRL+U) • added option to allocate max influence (NUMPAD_multiply or CTRL+O) • added option to change colour of the rim of Harrier template (CTRL+Q)
  10. Jotnebane

    vet. Cinder

    vet. Cinder on the steamforged blog. I'm looking forward to trying her out in a few games.
  11. Jotnebane

    Hammer Masons

    @Nykolaespeaks (writes) the truth. Hammer wants to go last in the first turn, with tooled up if possible, do tons of damage and generate lots of momentum so he can go first the next turn, finish the job and move on, preferably with the ball for a 6VP activation. So first turn if receiving, make sure Hammer can't reach the ballholder and remember those extra inches he gets from Knockback. And if you want that first turn goal, don't make it to easy for Hammer to delete the scoring model after the goal. Or at least if you let him do it, make sure it happes so far back on the field that Hammer will need an activation just to get back to the midfield where the action is.
  12. Jotnebane

    Any ideas about the minor guild

    Well, the Librarian was a special constable, if we look to the Ankh-Morpork city watch for inspiration they might still get a "mascot".
  13. Jotnebane

    Any ideas about the minor guild

    I guess that depends on if the Watch will use the Master/Apprentice system or not. Since the Blacksmiths INF is balanced by the master/apprentice pairs it might not be that easy to use them in a guild without the same division of models so I think the crossover models will be one master and one apprentice.
  14. Jotnebane

    Vassal Bug/Suggestion Thread

    Game plans are there, at least in the newer modules. Check the other threads here to find the latest version. Why the GICs and Plot cards have not been removed I cannot tell you.
  15. Jotnebane

    Any ideas about the minor guild

    Yes, and maybe a focus on debuffs if we are to read even more into it.