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    How to be a statistical anomaly

    Try as they might, the engineers just couldn't resist the charm of good 'ol Flint. Flint starts the game kicking the ball to the engineers. Mainspring immediately retrieves the ball and attempts a pass to Velocity, but fails. Velocity still manages to grab the ball anyways, and the keepaway begins. Honour gives Flint a pep talk, and he manages to get a second round in him to engage velocity again. everybody else advances the field to get better angles, while Salvo pops a few shots off at Harmony. Turn 2, initiative to the Masons. Hammer comes in swinging, knocking Velocity down and sending the ball flying. Luckily, Colossus is there to nab the ball before either of the other two. Unfortunately, Hammer doesn't like being denied, and he sends the big gearhed tumbling as well. the ball goes flying back once more, but this time flint is prepared. he darts around our two napping friends, and scurries up close and personal with the goal. It sure would be embarrassing to miss the easiest goal of a lifetime. Flint goal 4-0 The ball is tossed back on, and Mainspring snaps it up. The gears start turning as the plan comes into place, as Ratchet, Ballista, and Colossus all converge into the center to put the pressure on the Masons, and generate a few precious momentum. Mainspring kindly asks Velocity to stop gawking at Hammer long enough to get back on her feet, then a well placed pass followed by some fancy footwork let her line up the perfect shot. Velocity goal 4-4 Turn 3, Initiative to Masons (common theme) A couple back and forth attacks in the center, with Ratchet, Colossus, and Ballista trading blows with Honour and Harmony. Ratchet realizes a little too late why he likes the company of the mechanica a little bit more. Honour kills Ratchet 6-4 After seeing her sister take out one of the opponants, Harmony decides it's time to make a power play and further their advancement. she picks up the ball from where it landed after Velocity's goal, and makes her way around the central fight. realizing Flint is wide open, she takes her chance. Harmony chains to kick a snap shot goal to Flint 10-4 At this point, Ballista gets his hands on the ball from the goal. He is put into position to use his legendary play, and knockdown three prime targets while also scoring a goal. The only problem? his team doesn't have any momentum! "No problem, I'll just go and hit Honour a little bit and get one momentum, easy as that." With the crowd out bonus from Colossus, it' be even easier, as I only need 4 success on a total of 7 dice against a def of 3 and armor of 2. The odds of rolling only 1, 2, or 3 successes is a super low 17.33% chance. Ballista manages to flub four attacks in a row, and a character play shot for good measure (only needing a single 3+ to secure the momentum from his Momentous Inspiration.) .1733^4 x .1111 = .0001 Or to put it lightly, a .01% (POINT ZERO ONE percent)* chance of failing four consecutive attacks and a character play. Realizing he's totally forgotton how his arms or legs work, Ballista thinks it best to just drop the ball and find a new profession. Hammer decides Velocity back on her feet is not a good thing, so he charges her and sends her sprawling once more. Salvo comes in and saves the day, grabbing the ball and landing three attacks on Honour to generate the momentum he needed to tell velocity that her time's not over yet. Salvo passes to velocity, who dodges away from Hammer, and lines up yet another shot on the Masons goal. Velocity goal 10-8 Turn 4, Initiative to the Masons. Unfortunately, the beating Colossus took earlier left him as easy prey for the captain of the Masons, who finished him off for the final score. Honour kills Colossus 12-8 *My statistics may be a little rusty, but trust me guys, the chance of it happening are loooooooow.