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  1. Vassal 4.55

    Yeah Mat, don't forget to send Ratty a big check too .
  2. Community Mumble Server

    Hi, I played a full game with Tom (cheers!), and Mumble stopped transmitting cleanly after approx. 1 hour, dunno if it is because of server traffic or Tom's laptop. So we finished on Skype.
  3. Guild Ball in the Tampa Area

    Hi there Daveerness, join THIS group on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/370286063179832/?fref=ts Also, we ought to get together on Vassal and ball there. Get the module installed here: www.vassalengine.org, and then go in section Modules to download the latest version. Superb work done by Ratty.
  4. Hi, Princess has the Character Play Seduced, Obulus has Puppet Master, both of which allow to take control of an enemy model which becomes friendly. If that model makes a successful attack, and selects a momentous result, does the MP count? Cheers
  5. Unpredictable movement

    OR else it would make the free Dodge too strong .
  6. first go

    Agreed Ratty, Brewers are a good D team, and probably hold the best Heroic Play in the game with Tapper.
  7. Where in the World Are You?

    Hey LionTamer, Montréal here, let's play on Vassal, scorpioseb1 on Skype
  8. Vassal 4.52

    Let's play tonight man, scorpioseb1 on Skype
  9. Vassal 4.52

    Something that can be improved is your share of the pie yes, no doubt . What I meant: when I select a player and try to choose direction with Up and down arrows, sometimes there is a lag between my clicks and the result. Might be my video card but would be surprising.
  10. Dream Teams

    Hey, I am with Csonti here, since I faced Ghast. A KD Brick is pretty harmless. Agreed, autouse of Counter Charge systematically is good... if you can. 2 free MPs when you hurt Ghast is over the top, AND an extra Inf to attack him: teflon. Placed on a field where Ghast can block an edge all by himself will be a huge positional advantage. We need more game data to validate, but this one looks pretty safe to support.
  11. Vassal 4.52

    Ratty is the man. Played two games so far, and only slow item would be redirecting the Arrow key with Up and Down keys. Other than that, pristine. I really hope the GB game designers/owners understand the value of this work man.
  12. Hiya from Kansas in the US!

    Hey man, we should hook up on Vassal so we go through the mechanics of the game. I played 2 games so far. scorpioseb1 on Skype is where you find me.
  13. Valet de Coeur

    Salut, je vais les joindre demain. Pour les versions, c'est à eux de voir si ils génèrent assez d'intérêt au départ, pour voir ailleurs ensuite. Mais je ne crois pas que ce soit un problème majeur .
  14. Cosset

    Hey, I haven't a played a game yet, but the idea with the CPlay 'Lure' is to bring the prey closer for a beating. You use it on a target that has already spent its actions at the end of Activation turn. Next turn, you play Silence first, and use the CPlay 'Shutout' on that very prey, to keep it close, and unleash all possible pain on it while it's stuck, including the crazy Cosset. What do you think?
  15. Valet de Coeur

    Alright will do, cheers.