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  1. Captain my captain with Hunters

    I only played once this format, with Butchers on Steamcon UK last year. (Had Theron once, that was great!) I would play what is comfortable in a normal game for me. If any of that players need setup from the regular captain, switch them. For me it's Fahad, Jaecar and Zarola for sure. OHearne is a great and efficient setup piece, but without a forest jump from Theron he is less than optimal. On the other hand a 2" meele is a must. And he brings only 1 inf, so if your captain is inf hungry... But I would take him. Egret is only in my team against low def teams (Corsair, Brewers, Farmers), and I generally think she is a really bad striker. Even Ulfr is better, and I don't like him either. I would take Minx or Hamelock for the last spot if the format allows you. I recommend to play the players you like, this format is more about fun than competition.
  2. Hunters v Farmers

    It's still a better matchup for Hunters, than to most other teams. (Maybe Morticians have better chance, but still not sure about them) With all that, it's still favourable for farmers. (Except if the farmer forget to play the game - distances, auras etc.)
  3. Vet Minx in May

    I think it's a very good point, that the same size trap markers are possible confusion sources IF they are different. So +1 on being the same as Chaska has. Reach alone will be a huge improvement to the team, so I think she will see as much table time as the original before.
  4. G.B. Scrum: Android / Web App

    Love the program, this is the absolute best! Buy looks like vBrisket has a mistake in her playbook. The third colimm is push tacle instead of dodge tacle!
  5. A new blog dedicated to the Hunters guild

    Congrats on the new episode. Generally i found very hard to listen this podcast. Let's say, usually they are very far from what interests me. The guests used to bring quality and you did it very well.
  6. Help vs Blacksmiths

    Fixed for you.
  7. As the incarnations of Minx would play in different teams and not fighting for the same spot, they can be fairly similar. I see no reason to make vMinx vastly different than the original. (Except the two inch reach!)
  8. Help vs Blacksmiths

    I have no chance to watch the movie, but I would rather play Theron into Blacksmiths. Snipe is golden, the -2/2" kick is often overlooked. Jaecar anatomical precision handy against their armor too. This two have the tools to slow down the fast scoring game.
  9. Arguing against self targeting with BotMG and mentioning other captains: Although I don't think Skatha is bad, but this thread make me wonder what you think about her in contrast with Midas? Anyway self reposition is great in this game, and the better captains usually has it. With a cost, but for sure. Snowball has a chance to miss and happens a "lot". That's fine too, an important and interesting interaction on her. But why would to have a momentous 2 dodge in the first column extremely good? (With a cost of additional influence and again a chance to miss?) Anyway I kinda like this second box as it is but I never play any of them. They are not fit my style so I leave them on the shelf. Follow up questions: If you use this models as intended, are they still frustrating? Or we want something they not offer? I guess the first is true in this case, but nothing urgent here, a season four streamline will do.
  10. Week 5 of our Kick About escalation league Game 2 This time I went against our previously mentioned Fish player - who went for the extreme in the league and picked up a Butcher starter six. I was lucky enough to pick up 9 agenda point worth of cards, so the game was on! Scalpel kicked off, but the Butcher lineup was excellent, so no funny first turn play. I lured instead the Defstanced Boiler in, than hit him with both Scalpel and the puppet. I even had a momentum to run to the side With Scalpel, where oBrisket was close to the sideline. On the first turn I had the 6+ momentum and the plus 4 momentum agendas. (4 agenda points) I started the turn with a Scalpel legendary, which pulled Brisket in to b2b, Boiler right next to Dirge and out of Cosset melee. With a low dice I missed the 3rd column 4 times (7 dice on 4/0), so pushing Brisket OFF the pitch become impossible. Ox came in and deleted Cosset and the Puppet too. On my left vetGraves and Bonesaw faced with Shank and Boar. Made a KD on Shank, so 1 more agenda point for condition. A few rounds and Morti players death later I was able to push the KD Boar off the table from 7+ inches. VetGraves rolled that 2s like a boss. (2 agenda points) And I finally get the ball! I positioned Scalpel to snapshot position - as she was the only target who could stand a chance against the Master Butcher to stay there. Bonesaw had to pull of a football dervish action for getting into range and naturally missed the first attempt. With a four inch dodge and a run he would be in range to pass to Scalpel... but just not. At this point my opponent decided to give up to try the wrap agenda and finished off Brainpan for the win. A lovely game of agendas for Hemlock. Keep up the good work fellow Morts, I need that miniature to happen!
  11. the sky is high

    Week 5 of our Kick About escalation league Game 1 This time I went against the guy who currently leading the race - but only with 3 points before me. Unfortunately he is the third best player in our meta, switched to Corsair for the league, and his previous team was Morticians, whom I picked up for the league. So I will not surprise him. Plus this is only my second game against Corsair as our top fish player is a Shark only boy. Played it on Monday, so the details are a bit blurry, and this is the week where agenda points starting to be boring. There are plenty cards in our hand and more or less we learned how to approach them. Also we play more for the cards, than an actual game of guilball. Anyway, I kicked with Scalpel and quickly retrieved the ball. Went into Sakana, who where positioned for this purpose I guess, but feeding Corsair and Co. looked fine as I had no intention to win. At the end of the turn his team was around a Barrier in the middle including Averisse too. The match highlight was, when I applied Snared on him and in two turns Scalpel pushed him off the pitch - on my backline. I was able to get all my 7 agenda points, and I went for a finish, as my opponent had 2 - needless to say a much welcomed result, but Silence pass to Scalpel missed her badly, so it ended up in Corsair, who made a snapshot screamer under legendary with the Hag. 4 points gain on his side. Both agenda and victory point wise. Then he started the next round and picked up the ball, made a kick into open, get the scatter, which was his last agenda. I had only a few minutes left on my clock, so I called it a game. It ended 7-7 agenda points on each side. He still got the lead!
  12. We had our monthly tournament, and I was dedicated to make all my games for Hemlock! http://www.longshanks.org/events/?event=447 video of the 4th game: https://youtu.be/w1hZYclrwGY The first table was recorded on the tournament, so instead of pictures I have a video evidence of this game. Hopefully this will be good enough! :) (If not, let me know, and I'll cut a few pics from the video...) My round four opponent is our best player - which is basically a given thing on a final match, but I have to say he bested me in many games (game systems) before. Anyway I had a very good kick off with Scalpel, where only Tower could reach the ball - and even then he had no one to pass just to open space. So if he goes for the ball, I can beat him up as he has no momentum to counter and second wind into safety, or if he does something else I can grab the ball and save it for a next turn goal! So he hard rolled a 4+ Goad with the monkey on Scalpel, and my game was over. I lured the monkey, he moved Brick to counter charge range. I moved up with Silence into countercharge range. If he moves in, I can free up Scalpel and live, if not, I can block Tower with a fire template and hope for a 50-50 initiative roll... He moved in, and also engaged Scalpel. Finally I moved into the monkey, push dodged and killed the poor bastard, but as my opponent had the ball, he repositioned hisplayers to reach Silence and left him on 1 life. He had the ball and the left side of the table, so I went into guerilla mode and tried to apply hit n run damage with Scalpel. My hope was that he score a goal early and I can kill and counter before he finishes off two of my players or get the ball back. Anyway I killed Flint and Mallet and he get Cosset too. 5-4 to me and I had a 10 minutes clock advantage to. Flint finally went for the goal in a last activation in a turn, where all his teammates ganged on Dirge and has a sure first activation next turn. And my goal kick not scattered enough to leave Flint range, and ha was able to get momentum on Cosset, and get the winning goal even with Silence in the way. I was hoped for a lucky miss, but he bested me in a close and fair game, an almost excellent finis of the day! (And now give me my veteran Hemlock now!!4!)
  13. We had our monthly tournament, and I was dedicated to make all my games for Hemlock! http://www.longshanks.org/events/?event=447 video of the 3rd game: https://youtu.be/Do2s3F8hjJY The first table was recorded on the tournament, so instead of pictures I have a video evidence of this game. Hopefully this will be good enough! :) (If not, let me know, and I'll cut a few pics from the video...) My round three opponent was my good friend and his Rage Union, he also in the league and in a previous report with Fish. I have to say, I truly impressed the way how this league runs, all my participating opponents showed better skills in this tournament than before. Agendas are a great way to introduce different elements of the game. In this Game I was truly surprised, how my opponent answered my second turn goal with an immediate counter goal - with Minx. (Ha was a 6 TO guy before.) He completely ruled one side of the table and one by one killed my guys there - first Cosset, than Silence... only Graves left to be the next victim. I binged back my players on the other side, so in time I had a number advantage there. Had my kills too - for example Cosset kicked Averrise butt hard with the help of Dirge and Silence... We were around 8-8ish this point. He tried to bring the ball forward with the Snake, but had to pass to open. The ball stopped before his players, and Scalpel was able to pick it up with a sprint and Second Wind movement. But it killed the ball for me that turn, on the other hand I was in a fairly a safe position. He had the option to kill Graves and hope he can win (initial) next round, but he sprinted and dodged with Rage and KDd Scalpel with the Vengeance token. The ball went in the middle of the table, and scattered enough for me to grab it with a Dirge sprint and kick the last goal with the creature! Closest game I ever had! Unfortunately our areas best player also won his match - he was the pair down as the tournament were 12 people strong. So in to the finale!
  14. We had our monthly tournament, and I was dedicated to make all my games for Hemlock! http://www.longshanks.org/events/?event=447 video of the 2nd game: https://youtu.be/H7L7f0XLLGo The first table was recorded on the tournament, so instead of pictures I have a video evidence of this game. Hopefully this will be good enough! :) (If not, let me know, and I'll cut a few pics from the video...) My round two opponent was a young but talented gamer, who played his Butchers now (Brewers in the league and a previous report). I used to think to Scalpel as a pseudo Fillet, but that girl is a beast herself! The only thing I was able to do was slow her killing to one player per turn. Fortunately he had a bit more confidence at the end (10-8 to him) than he should. So I was able to grab the ball and farm a few momentum on Truffle to shoot a game winning goal - before his next activation secure him the win! It was a very close game and I would recommend the video - you just need to understand Hungarian language for it!
  15. We had our monthly tournament, and I was dedicated to make all my games for Hemlock! http://www.longshanks.org/events/?event=447 My turn one opponent was a long time - and excellent - gamer, but he is even greener in this game as myself, and this was his second game with his new team, the Hunters! As the TO named the event accordingly, we just realised, both of our daughters were vaccinated this week, so some sleep deprivation kicked in right away... He kicked off with Hearne to prepare a first turn beating on me, but I was able to pick up the ball fast, and score immediately with Scalpel, Second winding and Knee Slider to back to safety. Hearne reached Graves and started a brawl, but even with the help of Jaecar and a great killing of influence on Cosset, Graves and Minx were able to hold the line. The captains exchanged some hits too... and this game went to time on his side, when I finally finished off Hearne. It was a great game, although Hunters are not an easy team to learn.