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  1. Sniper4king

    Engineers into masons

    I’m not a new player (I’ve been playing off and on since season 2), but I’ve always had trouble playing into masons for some reason. Does anyone have any tips for playing into each of the captains? Any players that work better into them? Are there any thoughts on how season 4 might change anything or if I’m to remain a lackluster artificer in this specific matchup. I usually play ballista but I am aware that if I was better at playing pin vice she might be the pick.
  2. Sniper4king

    Free Cities Draft Event

    We’re slowly catching up fellow artisans of the mechanical arts. Keep up the good work and we can earn a player we really want.
  3. Sniper4king

    The Engineers Minor are the Miner Guild.

    Also fairly sad we didn’t finish the spade puzzle
  4. Sniper4king

    The Engineers Minor are the Miner Guild.

    In the design a character thing someone brought up designing the kid blackhart to function as or similar to a mascot but we moved past it and it didn’t seem like the direction that they ended up going by the end. Like previously mentioned the players are designed based on myths of the guild ball universe and the most mythical superstars from most teams are their captains. Their captain was mentioned as a narrator telling a story.
  5. Sniper4king

    Free Cities Draft Event

    Once all the players are out are we going to have a vote for which one we are aiming for?
  6. Sniper4king

    Free Cities Draft Event

    I know we definitely don’t need the gunslinger but it would be cool to see what kind of damage output steamforged would give a ranged damage dealer on engineers with no ball control (outside kill the ball). Like if she was a 1/4” or a 2/4” kick they would have to give her something to stand apart with. Not my actual choice, just want to jump into a different timeline and see the result.
  7. Sniper4king

    Free Cities Draft Event

    I agree that it feels weird having players that I know I’m going to have in every game because they can’t be replaced. I’d be happy with a control piece or a different kind of support. You know, for variety. alternatively ex brewers player...more knock downs. Think how many knock downs we could have (mostly joking...probably)
  8. The lineups are Engineers: Ballista, Mainspring, Salvo, Hoist, Ratchet and Locus Hunters: Skatha, Snow, Hearne, Chaska, Egret and Seenah Skatha won the roll of and decided to receive. (note - sorry for the picture quality, I couldn't figure out how to submit them without making the pictures ant sized) Locus starts the action off by kicking off far and to the right side of the pitch. This leads to Skatha rushing up to get the ball and passing it back to Seenah without much in the way of an offensive set up. As the hunters players pass the ball along the line Ballista manages to pin Chaska with a well placed deadbolt. This is quickly followed by several of Ratchet's grenades being tossed onto him. Seenah positions aggressively in an attempt to shield her captain from any unforeseen assaults but is punished when an overclocked Locus reaches her and knocks her to the ground and bats her away from her team. Hearne moves in to try and assist but with no way for him to get Seenah off the ground he launches his skewer. His plan backfires as he misses Locus and now is in a terrible spot himself. Salvo shows up only to torment the poor bear further. The engineers make the first move in the next few moments as a result of the crucial momentum the team had built up and not wanting to give the hunters a breather Ballista charges Chaska. Still pinned to the ground and with no way to fight back Chaska is taken out of action and is carried off the field. Seenah stands up and uses what energy she can muster to roar at Locus and swing on Salvo. Locus then returns to the fray and takes he out of the fight. Egret runs the ball up the far left side of the pitch attempting to get in range of the goal and launches arrows at mainspring only to miss time and time again. Hearne goes in on ratchet and with Skatha's help they get Ratchet and Salvo dangerously low. Salvo and Ratchet use their actions to heal up and get in as best positions as possible to take on Hearne in the upcoming moments. In all the commotion Mainspring easily makes it all the way to Egret and prepares to steal the ball. Hoist and Snow try to assist their respective teams but are mostly lending support to the other players. Mainspring takes the next action and after a brief struggle manages to wrestle the ball away from Egret and pass it to Ballista. Skatha activates but is knocked down by Locus while trying to get to Ballista. Standing back up she decides to freeze the engineers around her and begins to beat on Locus to generate momentum. Ballista takes this opportunity to score a goal with an insanely powerful kick after beating Snow with his crossbow and then dodges towards Egret. Backed into a corner Egret had no choice but to go fetch the ball and hope for the best as she made her way back towards the engineers goal. Despite Hearne's best efforts he can't seem to land the finishing blow on either Ratchet or Salvo despite them being both frozen and snared. A once again overclocked and rampaging Locus knocks Skatha to the ground once more and knocks her unconscious. At this point with the odds looking grim for the hunters their coach decides to call the game. Had the coach not been ill or luck been more on their side perhaps events would have transpired differently. This time however engineers can count this game as one step closer to claiming a new companion.