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  1. Hello fellow spooks, I have all the morticians but 2, namely vileswarm and pelage. I would like to avoid buying two 60-70 € box for 2 minis ... So any proxy idea ?
  2. MrFox

    S4 Masons - what's your 12, what's your 6es

    My 12: Honour, Hammer, marbles, wrecker, Granite, chisel, vchisel, tower, harmony, vharmony, flint, snakeskin 2 captains + 2 mascote is a lot of space but I like new wrecker and goad + assist will still win me games. Didn't bring mallet in my 10 anymore for some months now and did not miss him. Now that oChisel is back he is out of 12 too. Brick is loosing so much with this mz reduction, I am not 100% sure yet but I think he won't make it either... Most of my 6 will look like Honour + mascote + granite + one chisel + flint + flex
  3. MrFox

    Making a 10 post vChisel

    ah ... Interesting "out of the box" option ! I always thought him auto include but it's true that I tend to play him less and less lately. It may be because I tend to only play Hammer latelly though ... Don't you think Mallet is still needed in a Honour 6 ? I find that we lack his "easy" KD and the 15" Threat range he has with superior strat T1. Any one thinking that droping Flint might be an option ?
  4. MrFox

    Making a 10 post vChisel

    Hey everyone ! Now that our glorious new veteran model is here how do you build up your roster of 10 ? (I know that in a few weeks the cap will go up to 12 but there are still many tournaments until then) I'm building my 10 for an upcoming tourney and here are my thoughts: We can choose between 15 models (my union choice is decimate). For diverse reasons, I find that oChisel, Granite and Lucky don't bring enough to make it to the 10. I am left with 12 models for 10 spots. Some profiles I can't (or won't) go without: Hammer, marbles, Brick, vChisel, Tower, Mallet, Flint. I can see 3 choices: - Droping vHarmony and hoping not to play against Theron/smoke (Not a bad plan for a team tournament imo) - Going monocap and droping Honour/oHarmo and some matchup will be harder (union/obulus/farmers) but still doable. => Now I have seen some dual captain rosters without oHarmo, but it just feels weird to play honour without one of her biggest strength: the 10-12 influence (and often 6 VP) double activation. - Droping Decimate and loosing the versatility of decimate (+ she is a really good "squad tactics" target for vchisel). It also means loosing the "second wind + tooled up Hammer missile" option for T1. What are your thoughts on the subject ? What does your 10 looks like until november ?
  5. MrFox


    Now the real question: How can I buy him without wasting 60€ on 5 models I already have ? (He might be a little too good I agree)
  6. MrFox

    The church dudes and dudette

    Playing the same but with coin. Works really well and I love the "hidden influence" on coin / grace and rage. Strongbox is good too I think but too slow for my taste. You can swap out mist for gutter if you receive or play against a football team
  7. MrFox

    The Rookies are here!

    You can buy them one at a time and use them as alternate sculpt of non-rookie version. I was only missing Fangtooth for my unions and I really like this sculpt ! (way better than bunnyguy anyway)
  8. MrFox

    Another Errata, another Fish nerf

    I know it's the fish subforum, and I'm sorry for the digression but I have to "strongly" disagree with this In my opinion, you really want A&G in your 10 (whichever captain you are playing) . There are matchup (engineers for example) where they make your life that much easyier. They are great with vRage and I love to play them in a 2-2 3risket team too. Grace is their best friend.
  9. MrFox

    Farmer Errata has landed

    Where is fallow's nerf ? ^^' Intelligent nerf otherwise, I like it (especially millstone's).
  10. Interesting take on chisel. I'll try her again thinking on those good points.
  11. MrFox

    Masons kickoff pressure

    I like to kick with Mist. I walk him in cover and kick to the edge of the pitch next to the middle line. (I either play him in stead of flint when I kick or play both in an all football team) Some times my oponent won't even be able to retrieve the ball... When he can he has to hide it 14 inches away from mist or risk a goal. If he manages to hide it for the whole turn mist just hit the model I will send my mallet missile on to give a crowd out and build some momentum. (influence repartition: 4 on mist, 4 on mallet, 4 on honour)
  12. My problem with granite is that a football team will just ignore her (or worse.. bounce on her), a control team will just lure / pupet master / ... her out of position, and a beating team will just kill her and generate a lot of mom doing so. Once she is dead, if you don't play in your half, she is useless for the rest of the game. She is slow, mz1 and her counter attack is not really good. Her pb when shi is active is nice enough though and her kick stat is good, but that just means that she wants and needs influence (to hit and get where she needs to) in a team, filled with super solos and better field players, that doesnt want to give her any. As for poor chisel (one of the model that got me into masons), as stated by many other people here, her pb is just plain bad. Seeing the rookie version, I hope they rework her into a winger / striker brisket 1 style (with hammer / tower we can't have the monster beater she was supposed to be I guess).
  13. MrFox

    Who do you like into Obulus Morts?

    I play the sisters into him. He can control Hammer way too easily. With honour it's hard to kill your influence and your mouvement shenanigans always help. The 15' mallet missile by the end of turn 1 will force your oponent to stay back so you can control the field. I personaly go for the 2-2 game : Honour, marbles, brick, maller, harmony and flint / mist depending if I kick or receive. Most of the time I dont even try to kill obulus, just smahed shins / kd him with mallet if he threats the goal and kill his mates.
  14. MrFox

    How to Play: Honour Masons

    Depends on the defensive stats of the character you are beating on and the configuration of the board. But with 2 inf you could get 2* momentous >< and push your target into marbles mz. Achieving the same goal and geting 2 mom out of it. Depends also if you really need those +2tac and / or momentum. With 4 inf and marbles, if you dont wrap and want mom you will do 3*4=12 dmg (2 mom +assist), with 6 inf and without marbles you can reliably aim for the second colomn too so 2*6 = 12 dmg also. Now if you dant need the mom and can achieve a full playbook reliably with the +2 tac from marbles your damage output will be higher. It really depends on what you want to achieve =) (and that is the beauty of this game)
  15. MrFox

    Idea for Thresher Change

    Most people remember him well enough and farmers should be toned down as a whole, not just Thresher. While Thresher is far more easy to play and forgiving than Grange (and most of other GB captains to be fair), the support pieces of the farmer team just do a little bit to much each. Main culprits in my eyes: millstone, fallow, tater. I agree that thresher may need a nerf but if only him gets it, my guess is that it would just result in reaching faster the best version of the "Grange prison" many people are starting to look at. And, in my opinion, if this is not adressed at the same time as thresher, sfg is in for another errata 3 months later or a tsunami of very salty tears on the forums when grange prison starts to get popular. (We just had our French qualification for the wtc and while I don't have numbers to back my overall feeling, many people there I had the occasion to chat with found Thresher to be "OP as f***" and more generally farmers to be a "NPE") EDIT: I totally agree that SFG are right to take their time for the eventual nerf and not rush it. Tuning a game like GB must be really hard and the most trivial modification can have an impact on the meta.