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  1. MakeGhastA2/3Influence

    We did it boys.

    Thanks for all the support over these trying times, my life quest is now complete. Ghast is now a 2/3.
  2. MakeGhastA2/3Influence

    Here's why I don't like new Esters

    My bad, Didn't know quick foot was on grace. Still a real good play.
  3. MakeGhastA2/3Influence

    Here's why I don't like new Esters

    Tooled up and Quick Foot aren't squadie character plays, quick foot in season 3 was a captains only play, and we have reason to believe it will be heavily restricted who has access to it in season 4. Just wanted to throw this into the discussion.
  4. I want to run all female morticians in season 4, the lineup atm due to only 5 females is Scalpel, Pelage, VHemlocke, Cosset, Graves, and Dirge so I'm really looking for a graves replacement, or a replacement for the off casket pick. So I'm cool with any non edge female really, but champ looks cool.
  5. We can't let hunters have champ, there will be a hungry like the wolf joke on her card. Solution, we must take champ.
  6. Knuckles seems interesting, having another model with midnight offering seems super useful.
  7. That is subjective, we must now argue over which model has the best hairstyle, and in true morts fashion get nothing done because of infighting. I think I am sticking on the cutlass train though.
  8. MakeGhastA2/3Influence

    Free Cities Draft

    This sounds like butcher propaganda, trying to dissuade fish from catching the victory they deserve.
  9. Seeing Cutlass, she actually seems like a decent fit, she is a goalkeeper but she seems like an off goalkeeper, I can imagine some weird shenanigans with stabbing people that shoot on goal, stacking skulk and another goalkeeper against a 3 goal team also seems pretty sweet. So my votes might end up going to her. I am now thinking about how bad, and how much I would like a trait that puts butchery onto enemy models that score goals.
  10. MakeGhastA2/3Influence

    What the eff is Brainpan?

    Memory is a lich, Brainpan is their Phylactery. No, I did not get them mixed up.
  11. MakeGhastA2/3Influence

    The Free Cities Draft

    Thanks for the answer, I appreciate it!
  12. MakeGhastA2/3Influence

    The Free Cities Draft

    So it mentioned minor guilds could support majors outside their own, is that a flavor thing, or can you say have a shared model between say falconers and butchers, if the falcs support the butchers in the event.
  13. I don't care, about what the model will do for morticians, i just want to put a very non mort player into the morticians, already amber is a great choice. Just hardworking earnest, but angry drunk that obulus and scalpel have to learn to deal with, ten outta ten lore opportunity.
  14. Seeing as how the images themselves have data too large, here are two game reports for demos I ran for new players at my college, they were sort of impromptu and are missing some things (pitch, plot cards, etc) so lets refer to it as backyard guildball. Reports hosted via imgur https://imgur.com/a/NMjIC
  15. MakeGhastA2/3Influence


    That is correct, if morticians win they get vet hemlock as a morts player, union hemlock still exists and can be played but in the story from then on hemlock is a morts member.