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  1. Michał

    The Navigator's Guild

    Same here. They look too good, at least on paper.
  2. Michał

    The Navigator's Guild

    Eye Spy doesn't.
  3. Michał


    Seems to be nice in the Midas team.
  4. Michał

    Veteran Chisel - no more speculation

    Looks very solid. Can Honour have Assist from both Marbles and Chisel? Or is it like two Tooled Ups on one model, which doesn't stack?
  5. Anything changed after playing Vet Decimate more?
  6. Michał

    Need a better team list, Model question,

    Haha, all right, I'm not sure anymore.
  7. Michał

    The Casual Mortician

    They don't.
  8. Michał

    Who to Drop?

    Yeah, I'm not saying it's not possible, I'm just kind of surprised.
  9. Michał

    Who to Drop?

    Seems you have almost no problems against one of Ratcatcher's toughest matchups. Sounds good.
  10. Michał

    Who to Drop?

    If Smoke has last activation, Miasma clearing conditions doesn't really matter. Additionally, she will probably loose 4 life every maintenance phase (disease + burning + poison). She can do a lot of nice stuff, but she's risky into Alchs in my opinion. Scourge is a better pick (hard to kill even with conditions on him), as long as he's able to reach any Alchs models. Then the killing starts. The question is, how many he'll reach. Should be difficult for him with burning and Alch trying to avoid close combat.
  11. Michał

    How do I play against Morticians?

    Don't worry, it's normal. 13 dice against a model and only 2 hits is nothing strange with vKat. At least when I play him.
  12. Yes, I believe Cinder works the same way.
  13. Michał

    My first real game yesterday :)

    Yes, I used to think throwing AOE on Esters or Compound triggers Glut Mass when you hit. It's worth knowing that it does not.
  14. Michał

    My first real game yesterday :)

    Glutonous Mass doesn't ignore the hit effect of the AOE, as you are not targeting a specific model with it - or am I wrong?
  15. And I guess you'd take Esters into Blacksmith's as well, due to their armor?
  16. Michał

    Tactics for the Masons Guild

    A great read, as always!
  17. ...aaaand the box with Esters is on its way to me!
  18. Played Brewer's yesterday for the first time (and I have my Kick Off! team for more than a year). What a great fun! I want more!
  19. Great post, thank you. Just checking, why not Tapper into Masons, at least without Vet Decimate?
  20. Michał

    Murderball: Vet Rage Primer

    Thank you for the post! I just started playing The Union and this is very helpful!
  21. Michał

    Fish influence spread

    So, yesterday I have played my first 2 games with Fisherman's Guild, one with Shark against Obulus (yeah, I know...) and the second one with Corsair against Honour. My teams were: Shark, Tentacles, Sakana, Greyscales, oSiren & Hag Corsair, Tentacles, Sakana, Jac, Gutter & Hag I liked Corsair, Shark was a bit too complicated for me, but a question for both these teams: how do you spread influence? Corsair seemed easier, but Shark seems very influence hungry with him, Siren, Sakana and Greyscales. How many influence points do you usually give to what players in Corsair's and Shark's teams if you want them to work as best as they can?
  22. Michał

    Fish influence spread

    Thank you all! Soon I will be testing Fish more.