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  1. Best and worst pairings Smoke/Midas

    Even Thresher? Not saying you are wrong (I love Smoke after reading your post - you know which one - and learning how to play with her), I just haven't played against Farmer's at all. In theory, Midas seems like a better option.
  2. I played against Blacksmith's twice, both times with Smoke. Sledge never reached me before his inevitable death (either conditions or Witness Me!) - it was really sad for Blacksmith's player...
  3. The Union

    So, what would you suggest when playing against Union (especially Vet Rage, but not only)? What's better, scoring goals with Midas or burning & poisoning with Smoke? Which models are better choices against this team?
  4. So...half the team showed up

    That picture reminds me of my attack with Vet Kat against Hearne to kill him with Witness Me! (and Fahad with the pulse). Couldn't charge, but he was almost dead, so I thought: two attack should do it. I needed at least one Intensify and guess what? Two times in a row, with TAC 8 and Hearne's 3+/1, I had only 2 hits. Arrrgh.
  5. Plastic Fisherman's Guild

    Thanks for all the suggestions. You're right, waiting until Gen Con sucks, so I guess I'll go fishing much sooner.
  6. I planned to buy Fisherman's soon and start playing them after a couple of more games with my Alchemist's. And now I'm not sure whether to buy more expensive metal starters or wait for the platic ones... I've just seen the pictures. Anyone know if Steamforged plans to release plastic Fisherman's soon?

    So, when you have Midas, Vitriol and Mist in one team, how do you usually spread influence between them? I always find it tricky to have three strikers, since they are all quite influence consuming (at least when I play) and there is not much left for other players.
  8. Smoke smokes again

    Played against Spooks again, my third game with Smoke. I managed to slow them down (Ghast didn't reach me until the end of the game, when it didn't matter), basically almost all of them were poisoned and/or burning at the end of each round (excep the one whem Smoke scored a goal). My Vet Kat didn't manage to kill Brainpan and died himself (0:2), but then at the beginning of round 2 Brainpan and Dirge died due to conditions (3:2) and Vet Kat killed Cosset with help of Witness Me! (7:4). Obulus tried to score a goal but missed. He scored a goal round 3 (7:8) and dodged towards Smoke... that was what I needed - I used Unpredictable Movement, went after ball, put Smoke Bomb, teleported and scored as well (11:8). Luckily for me ball didn't reach Mortician's Mist (I noticed him too late... stupid, as it could be over for me, even though he had only 1 influence... but was in cover, so he'd be able to finish the game); I stalled a bit and at the beginning of round 4 poisoned Dirge with 1 life died... 12:9 for Alchemist's.
  9. How do i play Smoke well?

    This time I managed to pull it off:
  10. A recent game against my friend's Blacksmith's Guild proxies. Never played against them yet, plus it was my second game with Smoke (the previous one was lost). This time everything went according to plan: I burned and poisoned the armored bastards, so it was difficult for them to move close to me during round one (only Mercury was in danger). Next round Vet Kat killed Cinder with Witness Me!, at the same time giving 6 damage to already burning and poisoned Sledge thanks to Intensify. At this point Sledge had only 1 health before he managed to touch any of my models, so a quick charge into him with Harry managed to KO and then kill him. It was 6:4, as I've lost Mercury. Then Smoke shoot a goal (10:4) and, during round 3, when I had the first activation, Vet Kat, who just came back on the pitch, charged into badly damaged Ferrite.
  11. It was quite a quick game my Alchemist's won on Monday 12:3 against Mortician's. Midas shoot a goal, then I've managed to take out Cosset and Silence and finally Midas shoot another goal. In the meantime my Mist was taken out, as well as Flask, but i kind of let it happen on purpose - Vet Graves had a ball and my flask had 3 hp, so I just came close to Graves in order to blow up and make him burn and suffer movement penalties. A couple of pictures:
  12. Smoke's Chemical Breeze

    I thought so, but I wasn't sure. Thank you both!
  13. Chemical Breeze states "This Character Play may only be used once on each ongoing-effect AOE per turn". So, if I have 2 separate AOE's after using Chemical Shower, can I copy each one, or is the whole Chemical Shower treated as one ongoing-effect, regardless of how many AOEs I actually have on the pitch thanks to Smoke's Legendary?
  14. Speculations: Future game mechanics

    Sounds reasonable. As I said, before, "I'm not sure". Of course having more models is good, I just don't want to have too many.