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    So I guess most people drop sledge and anvil. But now we have vet cinder, who else drops out? I'm struggling. Everyone else does something worth taking them for
  2. Chriscdoa

    Potters Guild May 27th

  3. Chriscdoa

    Potters Guild May 27th

    What are the timings for the day? can't find it anywhere!
  4. Chriscdoa

    Potters Guild May 27th

    Im going. Who else?
  5. Chriscdoa

    Who to Drop?

    Unlike other guilds Rats only have 1 captain, mascot and 8 players total. So there's no discussion on captain into other guilds. But since we only ever drop 2 players - there can be a discussion on who to drop into other guilds... Generally here are some drops/combinations, but i'm not going into who're they're good into yet... Most 2" melee - Drop Pellage and Bonesaw Best kick - Drop Skulk and Scourge Max damage - Drop Bonesaw and Skulk Survivability - Drop bonesaw and Pellage So what do people think the best 4s are into the different guilds? Or is it always Bonesaw if receiving and never if kicking... and of course for some its captain dependant I'll try one... Fish (either) - need 2" melee and goal threat counter, so Miasma, Scourge, V Graves, Skulk.
  6. Chriscdoa

    Kickers or Receivers

    Yep. Didn't even need to heroic. Double 2" inch push of charge!
  7. Chriscdoa

    Proxy catchers

    So cards are out but not models. Anyone got any good proxy models to use for next month? I've used a malifaux doppelganger for pellage. Same pose, half naked... Used a zombicide fatty for scourge. Bit small. Will use abomination next. Got nothing for the rest yet...
  8. Chriscdoa

    Vs Farmers

    1) So now that Farmers have been nerfed does it change anything? I'm playing My First Morts games versus Farmers having finally got a handle on pre-nerf Thresher with my Alchs. I was Going to proably take Obulus, Dirge, oGraves, Ghast, Brainpan & Memory and 1 other. I want Obulus Because although I like Scalpel, against Farmers her AP is wasted (especially with millstone nerf) I figure Graves for 2" and Tooled up. Ghast for easy KD, Fear and 2" melee. Brainpan and memory for using memory to block charge lanes (and not set off Counter charge) and to setup a goal, and for damage (and to not give up VP) Dirge for Signled out (and not being Vileswarm) I can't decide who else. Casket seems like a good shout, but then I lack speed for scoring. Pellage or Cosset for damage, but then they can die quick. Bonesaw for Scoring. 2) help?
  9. I had posted these in Proving grounds, but apparently thats non guild specific... I've only just started playing morts, so this is mostly theory crafting, and just for beginners, not experts (who will already know this stuff) https://that70sgame.wordpress.com/2018/03/01/morticians-turn-1-goals/ - Turn 1 goals with morts https://that70sgame.wordpress.com/2018/02/28/morticians-killing-game/ - Killing with morts - mostly %s
  10. Chriscdoa

    Starting out resources

    sorry totally missed the non guild specific yet, figures having all the help stuff in one place was a good idea.
  11. Chriscdoa

    Starting out resources

    And another one, for beginners trying to decide on a guild: https://that70sgame.wordpress.com/2018/02/27/which-guild/
  12. Just started adding Guild Ball content to my long-running gaming blog, and started with Alcs since been playing them most recently. Since i'm still relatively a beginner it's really for beginners, nothing for the pros. Scoring easy goals with Alchemists The main Guild Ball Page, mostly bare at mo
  13. Chriscdoa

    Starting out resources

    Just started adding Guild Ball content to my long-running gaming blog. Since i'm still relatively a beginner it's really for beginners. Scoring easy goals with Alchemists The main Guild Ball Page, mostly bare at mo
  14. Chriscdoa

    Damage Trackers

    I use dave millington 2 page cards which I have laminated. They I just write on.