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  1. Damage Trackers

    I use dave millington 2 page cards which I have laminated. They I just write on.
  2. Mist or Decimate Union pick

    I'm finding decimate so useful. Second wind is great, as is her mom damage. And she fast enough to score if needed. Hope the minor guild replacements are something good. Obviously mist is great, but I'd not feel he gives something extra, decimate does. Unless I need the 2" melee.
  3. Damage Trackers

    I'm really not keen. I can't see the opponent health easily, and they're easy to nudge by accident. But each to their own
  4. I turned up to a tournament in July knowing one person and was made to feel welcome. Got battered round one, won the next two. Through my local meta I met a group of great people that started showing me the ropes. At my next tournament I managed 2 wins and 2 losses but again people were friendly. At a similar time I played a malifaux tournament. One player was rude, another wiped me out turn 1 and the only nice person was the to who I already knew. Having had a similar malifaux experience 3 years ago I have now quit. In the mean time I have played a team tournament, playtested and met a tonne of super friendly, welcoming and helpful people. I have learned a lot, and am trying to help others. I'm currently signed up for 3 more tournaments. I say this as someone with serious social anxieties who has had the same best friends for 30 years. The guild ball community is like nothing else. Yes it's competitive,but everyone I have played is nice with it. Thanks to zi, Steve, Anna, myk, Owen for making me welcome and teaching me the ropes. Thanks to Nathan for all the games as we both pick up the game at pretty much the same time. Thanks to all my opponents. Thanks to my wife, who won't read this, but continues to play me. GuildBall is just great P.s. In turns of Npes, yep I've had a few. But I've had revenge on corsair and obulus and thresher. Ànd having given one npe myself, I now try to not play smoke like a total #@* although the missus would disagree
  5. How do i play Midas well?

    just posted in another thread!! This gives me some ideas but who else am i taking? Vitriol doesn't seem that good - because her shadowlike is dependant on other players. And a lot of them are a bit weak. When i played midas agaginst pinvice the rest of the team (and midas) got wrecked, and i couldnt get the ball back, and i couldnt get takeouts. Who else are people taking with midas?
  6. Midas post-nerf? Little buff pls?

    Can anyone suggest to me some tactics or tec for using midas? I've just started Alcs and i'm pretty happy with Smoke, both in scoring or condition game. I went 2-1 at Sheffield Team tournament (great day) only losing to Jay clare's Thresher. But i picked Smoke every game because i don't feel i can do a lot with midas. Any suggestions? He doesn't have the immediate goal threat that smoke does, and she makes good use of the AOEs. So what is he doing? TIA
  7. Butchers go big

    Butchers v brewers Fillet, meathook, boiler, brisket, vet ox, princess v esters, mash, Friday, spigot, stoker, scum Fillet kicks off sending ball v wide. Only spigot can reach it putting him v wide, he passes back to Friday but is out of range. She is out of range to score so just moves up and pulls cat up. Fillet charges Friday and kills her. Esters gives scum damage and flames boiler. Scum charges meathook as fillet was Def 6 but despite 8 dice gets 1 hit for 3 damage... meathook kills cat. Round 2 Friday and scum come back on wing near spigot. In range of fillet who promptly kills cat and Friday again. 6 0. Spigot damages fillet a bit and moves up with ball. Meathook puts more damage on spigot. Stoker tries to do damage to boiler but fails. Turn 3 spigot dies to bleed. 8 -0. Boiler kills mash, Esters fails to kill meathook. Stoker fails to kill boiler. stoker is killed by vet ox. 12-0. Some bad dice rolling and positioning by brewers.
  8. Butchers final push

    Butchers v masons Fillet, meathook, boiler, boar, vet ox, princess v hammer, tower, brick, mallet, flint, wrecker. Vet ox kicked off. Tower received and passes back, but couldn't reach flint. Lots of moving up. Flint tries to pass to hammer for momentum but misses! No one in range until brick moves up to far and ox charges with last activation of round, doing some damage. Start of turn 2 fillet hits 5 masons with pain circle thanks to bad positioning. Then legendaries and takes out tower. Hammer and mallet attack fillet but she survives. Wrecker moves some butchers about allowing flint to get through on goal and score. 4-2 Boar charges brick and flint and kills brick and flint. Bleed kills wrecker. Now 4-7. Hammer and mallet kill fillet. Butchers kill hammer and mallet. 6-11u Flint collects ball. Start of turn 4 flint scores, but meathook kills wrecker for easy win.10-12
  9. Better dice required

    Farmers v masons Original 6 for both, using alternative formations setup. Brick kicks. Peck goes for ball to prevent harmony getting ball. Poor kick. Brick collects and passes to harmony who is. https://photos.app.goo.gl/NVitGK709uD5toZ02 Harrow tools up windless who charges brick and does half damage. Honour strats flint. Harmony scores. Bushel scores. I debated holding her back but flint with 4 inf and 2 activations seemed to be able to get her from anywhere. https://photos.app.goo.gl/6a8mNQfQp38MDvYy1 Flint double activates to score. Ball scatters to bushel, pretty flukey. Farmers win initiative. If bushel goes for goal ball is probably returned but if not both mallet and honour are in charge range. Bushel charges mallet looking for momentum. Need 6 3+ for << or 3 for mom damage. 3 1s 3 2s on 8 dice. Misses. Only 1 inf left. Hits but can't do anything. Honour starts mallet and tackles bushel, dropping ball off. Grange kills harmony, needing all 6 inf. Flint moves to get snap shot setup. Windlesham takes out brick. 8-8 Mallet moves up, and again, passes to flint who is engaged by Jack straw. Flint only gets 1 hit despite tap in range. Ball bounces off goal... Roll for initiative to decide game. Farmers have +4. I utter the words "you can only win if I roll a 1 and you roll a 6". Farmers roll 1, masons roll 6. Flint hits windless of mom. Dodge. Snaps ball, scores. 12-8 masons. https://photos.app.goo.gl/D4cJ020JfhqmhIYi2
  10. My first Engineers (Pinvice, hoist, velocity, collossus, ratchet, mother) v Brian's First Fish (shark, Sakana, Siren, Jac, Greyscales, Salt) Fish kick. annoyingly only hoist can reach ball, so sorta wasted first turn. couldn't pass to velocity so had to go to pinvice. Fish out of range of tackles and goal. Ratchet dropped some AOE, everyone moves a bit. eventually pinvice passes to velocity and goes in on sakana. actually im a bit fuzzy here (was hungover for game) sakana scores via some janky dodges. then dies. not sure how he had ball... Salt kept threatening to score, but never got ball velocity scores... shark scores at some point. jac ends up getting ball back from pin vice, and is able to ramming speed then shoot for goal. 12-6 Fish. But despite a Fish win, im putting this in for butchers...they need her more than Fish.
  11. Union : Seasoned Brisket, Grace, Mist, Hemlocke, Decimate, Coin v Morts: Scalpel, Casket, Cosset, Graves, Mist, Dirge. Brisket scores Turn 1 by getting Mist to walk to her then tackling the ball, then passing off to her Mist. Turn 2 Brisket scores having got ball back from Mist. Is then surrounded by Scalpel, Dirge, Cosset and casket. 4-0 Turn 3 Brisket dies at the top of the turn to casket time. Mist gets the ball back off graves and scores. 4-8. Turn 4 Scalpel kills hemlocke and decimate kills mist. 6-10. Turn 5. Scalpel kills coin and scores. The ball returns near enough to mist for him to pickup the ball and score. 11-12 Union.
  12. Esters lets decimate win...

    Esters' Brewers v Brisket's Union Esters, Mash, Friday, Spigot, Stoker, Scum v sBrisket, Decimate, gutter, Grace, Hemlocke, Coin. Esters kicked, moved into mid-field. Hemlocke collected it and passed to Brisket, trying to blind and poison Esters, forgetting about gluttinous mass. Esters charged Hemlocke, almost finished her off. Spigot, gutter,decimate all move up. Graces heals Hemlocke before Friday and Stoker gets some damage on Hemlocke. Cat finishes the job. Brisket pulls off some BS hocus pocus in my wife's words. Pass, dodge, pass back, run, shoots, scores. 2-4. Mash passes up to friday, misses, it goes to the cat. Turn 2. Brewers win roll off. Cat gets a momentous dodge, then goes for goal. 6-4. Grace collects the ball and thanks to +2 move also scores. 6-8. The kick goes straight to friday. she also goes for goal (this was a mistake - esters could have killed decimate, before friday scored, for the win...i guess she wanted decimate to live) and scores easily 10-8. 3 goals in 3 activations. The ball's in mid-field. Decimate picks it up passes to Brisket and dodges to safety. Stoker cant KO decimate, so Esters goes, having to use the extra movement rather than +1 damage, but Decimate survives on 1. Brisket goes for more jank, 1-2 with grace for the tap-in - 4 dice needing 2+. scores. 10-12. Brewers showed Decimate and her mates leniency.
  13. Hop Prices Dispute Settled on the Pitch

    Hmm I believe it was 12-6. Before harrow burned alive grange took the ball and scored.