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  1. CivilizedStorm

    Starting out resources

    Going to give a shoutout to @the_aY for his One-Page Reference Sheet. I've found it immensely useful for players both new and old! Although it's the free one's that Steamforged provides, having it on one sheet i a godsend!
  2. Those are exactly the rules I was looking for! Told you I missed where it actually said it! Thank you!
  3. Hello all! So, in a game I played last night, my opponent and I had a disagreement on character plays, specifically Red Fury. He stated that I couldn’t Red Fury the same model multiple times in a turn. I explained that it is a legal play, because models couldn’t have multiple effects of continuous character plays (probably not the correct way to phrase that) at the same time. As Red Fury was one and done, the same model could be targeted more than once. My only request is if someone could point me to somewhere it specifically states that (if it exists) or where it says that the one effect only is solely for continuous character plays. It’s probably in the book, and I just overlooked it somehow I apologize if this is poorly worded or hard to understand. It’s early, and I’m not fully thinking straight. Thanks all!
  4. CivilizedStorm

    Vassal Bug/Suggestion Thread

    I've had the same issue with drawing plot cards. I've tried uninstalling both the module and Vassal as a whole, but am still experiencing it. I'm also playing on a Mac, so I'm beginning to think that it may be a limit of the hardware, and not the software. However, it may still be worth checking out! Whenever I attempt to drag a card out, I simply get a black selection box (see below). This is true for the main plot deck as well as the home and visitor decks. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks! UPDATE: @Sid helped me with a workaround. It seems to be an issue with Java operating in OSX. In order to fix it, you need to go into the Module's Preferences and untick "Use Combined Applications Window." Restart the module, and it should work fine! Hope this helps someone else out, and thanks to Sid for the help!
  5. CivilizedStorm

    Hello from Rhode Island!

    Hello all! My name is CivilizedStorm, and I currently live in Rhode Island. I got into Guild Ball a few months ago, and am hooked! I currently own Alchemists, Union, Masons, Brewers, and Morticians, with enough from each guild to have a playable team, even if I don't have enough for a tournament list for some. I mainly play Alchemists, but have a feeling I will be playing more Union/Brewers once I have them painted up. I'm excited to meet more people involved in the game! Any questions, don't be afraid to ask!