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  1. T-Nova

    Building your own scenery

    Why do I get the horrible feeling I will be showing my sculpt of the RPD front at some point? xD
  2. T-Nova

    Community suggestions

    I think the idea of them still able to attack after failed rolls is similar to Bio 1 if you don't push any buttons zombies can kill you. as you never knock them back without pushing anything its automatic in RE2/3, So from my perspective I don't mind the way it as at the moment. The tin is a good idea, as long as there is a random zombie spawn in them, because who would suspect a zombie hiding in the item box of all places?
  3. I wonder if I will actually paint any of mine. Haven't done miniature painting since my mid teens (in my late 20's now) I pretty much do art based stuff every day so I think it will help in the end, who knows I might go back into mini painting again I haven't honestly decided yet xD
  4. T-Nova

    Happy successful kickstarter everyone!

    My first ever boardgame kickstarter (not my first backed KS though) I can't wait to unleash this game and play it from another perspective (board game as opposed to PS1/PC) So many minis, and so many crazy ideas are so going around in my head right now....just never forget Elliot Edwards on the back of a burning helicopter xD I still crack up just thinking about that.
  5. T-Nova

    Community suggestions

    One idea at the moment I have on my mind, is when entering the R.P.D. Since I know they tested Irons as a mini boss/NPC and it didn't do well with those ideas, however even with that in mind one idea I came up with is that Irons himself has the ability to shoot the lights out within any of the RPD rooms. What this will do is change say a green safe room into a amber/red room dependent on dice roll. Another ideas is to make zombie Brad a dangerous zombie (One Dangerous Zombie Mode from REmake) where during the RPD campaign minus the green rooms, Zombie Brad always spawns and cannot be killed otherwise the whole precinct goes up in flames. Anyway just some ideas for now. xD
  6. T-Nova

    Kickstarter Stretch Goals

    @Flohsors Redfield What kind of replacement have you got in mind? If you mean actual physical ones, I can't help with that. 3D versions I could add those to my own list of things to do and make a few, wouldn't be too much of a problem...although I say that now xD
  7. T-Nova

    Kickstarter Stretch Goals

    I'm looking forward to mainly re-playing the entire RE2 scenario in board game form. Stretch goals so far are fine, however I wouldn't say no to a replica G-virus sample, even a small sized one that is a Key Chain. Or even a replica of the RPD badge. That's just my thoughts so far anyway.