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    Why I don't like veteran gutter

    I feel like the loyalists kind of cheapened the whole fight for this new character and probably wouldn't have cared to win if I knew they were coming as well. We might've gotten something more useful than a bland model who feels like the worst of the Exiles. I was super hyped about fighting for her but man does she not feel very satisfying to use.
  2. I enjoy a tournament with decent space so everything isn't cramped and I have room to place things like my tokens, dice, widgets, and such. I don't really have a local store to play in so I have to travel for events and as such having enjoyable opponents is fairly nice because starting your day off against someone acting like a jerk just kills the day for me. I also liked the thing about timing between rounds as it is nice to have a few minutes to chat and wind down instead of rushing from game to game.