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  1. smashed247

    Free Cities Draft Poll

    Heh, Flea went from having no votes to tying for No.1 overnight.
  2. smashed247

    Free Cities Draft Poll

    Edge would be an acceptable addition while also pinching the Spooks No.1 draftee, which is a nice bonus. 😈
  3. smashed247

    Free Cities Draft Poll

    I can't agree with you more. Kami doesn't sound like she'll bring as much to the Hunters as other Draftees might. Her personality and gimmick don't sound as interesting as some of the other Draftees either. Given how several members were pro-Knuckles in the Draft prep thread I'm surprised he has no votes. Are they popular Draftees with the other Guilds?
  4. smashed247

    Hunters Guild Ball Draft Prep

    Gaffer would be a safe bet until S4 releases and we have a clearer idea of what the Hunter's roster looks like as he sounds like a player who will improve his team's INF efficiency and positioning on the pitch.
  5. smashed247

    Hunters Guild Ball Draft Prep

    I don't think Tough Hide on its own would be worth it as it doesn't help Seenah much. I envision Knuckles having Fear and/or Resolute which would be awesome as a tar pit - not thematically in-guild and very much an NPE but awesome none-the-less. Hmm...Nomad sounds like the kind of player I wouldn't mind having in the Hunters. The only thing is that we already have plenty of good wingers. Definitely a strong 2nd choice.
  6. smashed247

    Hunters Guild Ball Draft Prep

    I agree that Theron & Hearne can't fill this role for long - very few players can. vMinx is a good alpha striker (9"/11" threat), survivor (DEF 5+, ARM 1) and provides good attack support and crowd out/gang up bonus. I don't think having an S4 Granite-style player fits with the Hunters' play-style; adding another control piece to lesson Theron's burden would be a better suit for the guild.
  7. smashed247

    Hunters Guild Ball Draft Prep

    Hearne & Theron do fulfill that place on the pitch though. I agree with your first and last remarks. The four ranged players in the Hunters each fulfill slightly different niches in-play and I can't imagine Kami's guns providing enough extra to carve out a spot for her in my 12. I've mentioned earlier why I think Layne is the most appealing to be a Hunter. I also agree with this suggestion.
  8. smashed247

    Hunters Guild Ball Draft Prep

    You are correct, I had missed the paragraph where the blog mentioned the event running until 10th November. It frustrates me that the mentioned the start date and the end date in at the two ends of a blog post.
  9. smashed247

    Hunters Guild Ball Draft Prep

    Layne sounds interesting: MOV 6"/9", Kick 3/8", Showboating and Close Control spring to mind from his description and having an entire paragraph talking about how flawed he is, rather than just a line or two has me curious as to how it'll be represented in-game. The vast improvements to S4 Skatha heralds that the Hunters' goal-scoring game will become much stronger so having a superstar striker will be a great boon. I'm not in favour of a goalie as they've tended to be quite static players in the past and the Hunters are a mobile, hit-and-run guild, plus Cutlass sounds too friendly to play for the Hunters. This is a very good suggestion, unfortunately past examples indicate that we can't act on this. Both the Butchers Civil War & Union in Chains ran for 4 weeks and 4 weeks from the 24th September 2018 is October 14th, which is when Season 4 is released at Steam Con USA - and since the results for both prior community events were announced at that year's first Steam Con... However, there may be a week-by-week progress update just as there were for Union in Chains so if our initial preferred prospect is looking unobtainable by week 2 then we should redirect our efforts towards a more achievable prospect lest we be left with scraps. At the end of the day that is the only thing we can be certain on.
  10. smashed247

    Indirect S4 Egret spoiler

    In today's blog post Salvo's season 4 card was revealed and in doing so the updated version of Swift Strikes was announced as follow: "During this model's activation, when it damages one or more enemy models it may make a 2" dodge." this change piqued my intertest because of how it affects Egret assuming her S4 version still has the above character trait. A minor tidbit but I think the people here would be as exited as I am to know this.
  11. Monday's match saw the Hunters V.s the Masons. The line-up: Guild Identities: Hunter's - Got to Ground. Mason's - Built to Last Guild Plots: Hunter's - Heroic Landing, Wingback, Super Fan. Mason's - Knee Slider, Man Marking, Composure. Turn one - Mason's to receive. Start of turn: Theron takes the kick-off. Honour retrieves the ball but misses the pass to Flint and the ball scatters to Marbles who attempts to eat it only to to be glared at by Honour and decides he doesn't want it anyway so drops it at Harmony's feet. Harmony then sprints deep into the Hunter's half and lines up for a goal run next turn. Minx tries to use Marked Target on Mallet to set up Jaecar while Brick is occupied with Theron but fails. Jaecar takes up position 8" from the bottom of the pitch. End of Turn: I realise now that Minx isn't a legal target for Sun Strike but since she didn't generate any momentum from it there was no benefit from the mistake during the match. Player health, MP & VP: Turn two - Mason's have initiative. Start of turn: Honour charges Theron generating MP for Harmony to make he shot and score. The Mason's player then plays Knee Slider on Harmony and the Hunter's player plays Super Fan to give Snow the ball. Theron continues to pin Brick out of the way. Snow sprints and kicks the ball which scatters to just beyond Mallet's snap to range. The Hunter's player uses Wingback to allow Jaecar to charge Mallet, attack him twice taking Mallet out in the process and then pass to Egret who Snap Shots to score. End of Turn: Player health, MP & VP: Turn three - Mason's have initiative. Start of turn: Marbles once again has the ball but this time knows not to eat it and eagerly jogs to pass it to Mallet. Flint finds himself between a Jaecar and a Pit Fall and chooses to leap into the bit trap, saving himself from an untimely end. Brick brutally beats Theron like some angry green giant playing with a puny god but fails to Take-Out the Hunter's captain who puts the big guy on his arse and uses Blessing of The Sun Father (Heroic Landing is played to get back the MP) to Snipe Marble three times achieving a Take -Out on the ape. The whistle blows and the Mason's sag in defeat except for Flint who can't hear over the ringing in his ears from Minx descending upon him like a Screeching Banshee. End of play: Player health, MP & VP:
  12. As the Hunters & Morticians have been denied their ability to compete for Hemlocke, I'm throwing my lot in with the Butchers. Guild Identities chosen: Hunters - Winter Training. Masons - Built to Last. Guild Plots: Hunters - Heroic Landing, Field Dressing, Who Are Ya? Masons - Man Marking, Good Marker & Brace for Impact The line-up: Turn one - Hunters to receive. Start of turn: Brick takes the kick-off, Hunters retrieve the ball and pass it along the line to Snow while the Masons begin their advance. The Hunter's player uses Heroic Landing on Theron. End of turn: Player health, MP & VP: Turn two - Hunters have initiative Start of turn: Marbles Goads Seenah into charging into Brick, who grits his teeth and bears it until Honour comes in a knocks Seenah off his feet. Snow gets scared and runs towards the wrong goal after Egret moves too close to Mallet and ends up flat on her back while Minx flails ineffectually at the old workhorse. End of turn: Player health, MP & VP: Turn three - Hunters have initiative Start of turn: Theron tries to protect the ball from Flint and generate MP for Seenah but Brick Takes a Breather to remove all his conditions and hits Seenah twice with wrapping Concussions and reducing the bear to just above half health. Time was called then ending a rather boring match 0-0 End of play: Player health, MP & VP: Neither player enjoyed this match but hey it still counts for Union in Chains.
  13. smashed247

    Union (hunters) Vs farmers jumpers3 game 3

    I'm happy to see someone having more success playing Farmers than I.
  14. smashed247

    Hunting for Extra Life

    Your support is appreciated. Cheers!
  15. smashed247

    Union (hunters) Vs engineers jumpers3 game 1

    Nonsense it's groves not graves, remember?