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  1. So if I select a KD result on a model with sturdy it does generate mom? Of only if the choose not to use it, in which case getting double KD would only get 1
  2. Morganrl

    S4 Clone

    Does this mean vitriol will now take kd from storm wind?
  3. Morganrl

    Spirit Bomb vs Reinforced Plating

    You roll for each hit individually, and a model suffers the effects of the play as soon as they're hit. If you hit burnish first you can push him so that no one else is within the aura when they are subsequently hit. Page 21 of the rulebook.
  4. Morganrl

    S4 vCinder Grim Vengeance

    Does that mean a KD on counter can nullify grim vengeance?
  5. Nowhere on either of their cards does it say memory doesn't return to the pitch during maintenance. During S3 it was irrelevant as you just opted not to return memory. With the S4 rules memory must enter during maintenance.
  6. During the maintenance phase all models suffering the taken out condition are returned to play and recover health up to their recovery level. Memory is a model with out a recovery level. Does this mean that Memory must return to play, and sit on the side of the pitch as it cannot jog and there is no check for taken out step? RAW would seem to have it so, but I would imagine that this is not the intent I would also make an argument that Memory could not be taken out from this point, as check for taken out says "Has a model been reduced to 0 hp?" and memory could not be reduced to a hp value its already on
  7. Morganrl

    Alchemists Season 4

    No one got to go after him, too busy trying to get the ball of of vitriol or Smoke, and getting around mercury. He just sat back, went late first turn to get into position and dropped a key player straight away. The only time someone caught him was vFang with no INF, so he just baugt the ground pound and walked away. He could have been an easy kill, but if anyone went after him mercury and Crucible were breathing down their neck, and I could go for my goal runs. To be sure, he won't be seeing play in every match up (hoist and azimuth seem particularly good against him), but against low health teams with out much ranged gb shenanigans he seems fine
  8. Morganrl

    Alchemists Season 4

    vKat is a beast. I played him in 3 games yesterdayday and had him goining in first each turn. He reliably does 9 dmg to a single target getting the take out and generating 6 mom for 3 INF. I
  9. Morganrl

    Alchemists Season 4

    I think I'm leaving Compound on the bench for a while I figure out everyone else
  10. Morganrl

    Alchemists Season 4

    Ground pound is a trap. Play him as a sweeper. Put him off of a wing and once there's a model or 2 sitting at that 10hp sweet spot he can come in to get the kill and a 5mp up swing go first next turn for the second one. He won't need INF for most if the game and shores up your football game. I'm also going to try running him center field with Crucible and mercury. A bit of INF there should put down a fair but of hurt.
  11. As with the following ruling it would be destroyed if you moved over the marker during the sprint or charge.
  12. Morganrl

    Free Cities Draft Discussion

    We will get what ever we want, so long as it hasn't already been selected by another guild. There is no point in not voting for your top pick because another guild might get it first. Just play more games and report everything.
  13. Morganrl

    Free Cities Draft Discussion

    Id also line to point out that she doesn't necessarily have kill the ball. The report says she deflates the ball from between people's feet, which is potentially far more powerful.
  14. The Ratcatchers blog post says that the only change to Miasma is the salve rework. Does this mean that the range on Rataclysim is still 6"
  15. Morganrl

    Free Cities Draft Discussion

    Kami, guys I want her. Ranged damage and ball tech. More importantly, I really don't want the cogs getting her.