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  1. Morganrl

    Free Cities Draft Discussion

    Id also line to point out that she doesn't necessarily have kill the ball. The report says she deflates the ball from between people's feet, which is potentially far more powerful.
  2. The Ratcatchers blog post says that the only change to Miasma is the salve rework. Does this mean that the range on Rataclysim is still 6"
  3. Morganrl

    Free Cities Draft Discussion

    Kami, guys I want her. Ranged damage and ball tech. More importantly, I really don't want the cogs getting her.
  4. Morganrl

    Free Cities Draft Discussion

    Close control could be good and looks like she's got some movement jank
  5. Morganrl

    Free Cities Draft Discussion

    Looks like she'd be another pseudo striker or ball retriever, as opposed to a dmg piece like vKat. I'm interested, but want to see who else they have
  6. Morganrl

    The Dirty knives Cannon

    It's not a terrible idea for the end of the first turn, just go in and sink 4 dmg into 3 players, but it's not super viable tactic most of the time
  7. And there goes my anti rage tech
  8. So my group has always played that you can have an opponents model over an obstruction with lure or PM. But you can't push a model over one. I recently saw in the rule book the following line "While a Player is in control of another Player’s model, that model may not move over obstructions." Does this mean all dodges, jogs, places are prevented from having the opponents model on obstructions? Also can a model already on an obstruction be pushed around on it or off it?
  9. If both your players beat both the opposing players you can't opt to have the lower of yours to snap instead?
  10. A ball scatters to a position where it is placed within 1" of 4 players, 2 from each team. If all models wish to snap do they all roll at the same time, or do 2 players contest, and if they fail the next 2 try?
  11. Morganrl

    Ball Scatter Behind Goal Line

    Season 3 rule book page 31 Scatter rolls. Otherwise, place the ball-marker centred on the final landing-spot. The final action in a scatter that hasn't been intercepted or snapped is to place the marker.
  12. Morganrl

    Ball Scatter Behind Goal Line

    If the last player to interact with the ball, causes it to go behind their own goal line, then they won't generate momentum. Because the player that cause the kd, which I turn caused the scatter is friendly, momentum generation stops. This will include puppet master or seduced characters as they are friendly during the action.
  13. Morganrl

    Microspeed Chase

    Does starting base to base with ground, and moving away count as triggering it?
  14. Morganrl

    Kicking in to Smoke

    I take it you're only pulling in 1" melee chars to avoid her getting crowded out and loosing the dice? And is it worth BC her as you loose the dmg buff on Sb?
  15. Morganrl

    Been away for too long, what have I missed?

    Is this confirmed? I was hoping for a alchies vet Greed