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  1. If you kick the ball to space off the obstruction, the ball lands next to the obstruction?
  2. Morganrl

    Spillage - vCalculus

    If it happens that vCalc make her kick within 4" of Snow, and the ball scatters in a way that would trigger Oooh Ball, would Snow be able to make the job before spillage procs?
  3. Morganrl


    Another 8" kick, a dodge that is better than free, conditions with out rolling/paying, low momentus takes. She is so good
  4. Morganrl

    will S Brisket get a change in season 4?

    All she really needs is for route one to be range s, this model immediately makes a jog, directly towards enemy mode in possession of the ball marker within 8" She isn't bad, she's just linear, which makes her sad if she cat play the game she wants
  5. If a player has used the Back in the game gameplay (Reassign influence after a the first TO) Does a model being TO'd by condition damage cause this cards effect to be lost? I assume it dose, but would like to confirm
  6. A discussion on one of the facebook groups has indicated that the dual guild church models (Grace, Benny, Harry and Mist) will no longer be available in their extra teams once season 4 has been released. Can we get a conformation from SFG about that?
  7. Which Batrep was it if I may ask?
  8. If Vet Honour pays an influence to use crofting time, and then used her legendary, does she get to use crofting time again, despite it being OPT?
  9. Morganrl

    Vet Calc confirmed

    I'm hoping she dosn't compete with oCalc, but fills in a different role entirely
  10. Morganrl

    Vet Calc confirmed

    New Beginnings box. To be released in June. Let the speculation begin.
  11. Morganrl

    Harriet 'the Hat' revealed!

    Can't you also deletion Harry, give her 4 and get at least another 3 3 dmg plays off? Assuming that the big guy isn't in range for her to walk up to with the crowd out and get them off the book.
  12. Morganrl

    First game vs hunters.... any advice?

    For Theron from my 10 I'd take Midas, Decimate, Vitriol, Compound, Venin and whichever mascot I've got. Try for a 3-0 game. 2 5 def and glut mass makes it hard for a Theron team to get the board control he wants. Find an opertunistic TO or 2. If they don't have Theron I take Smoke and build her for take outs. Haven't really played into Skatha too much but if they have both captains and drop her I probably take oKat and Mercury rather than Vitriol and Venin. Play 2-2 or 4-1.
  13. Morganrl

    Looking for KS Tapper

    I thought they were mirrored in foot placement? KS is the same as kick off
  14. In addition to any successful attack At what point can thus trigger? Can Decimate dodge before resolving the playbook results (dodge towards then push the model away) or does she have to make the dodge after the attack is resolved?