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  1. I just need to find some time to get all my teams out and rephotograph them all. Thanks tho.
  2. Done up the piggy so now got all the butchers complete.
  3. I played against opponent using box 1 yesterday, I found they worked perfectly well. Now, I was only playing my 4th game with hunters and was trying out models to see what things did but still saw the threat from them. First couple of turns he didn't get more than 1 inf, just to run up behind anvil & furnace. Once people started to get engaged in the middle of the pitch he can then stick his head round the corner and put the smack down on whoever was around with the +3 hits from tutelage but it still relatively safe with the two masters keeping anyone away from him.
  4. dafruk

    Blacksmith tourny 10

    How is furnace a beater? Even with 5 influence vs a 4/1 model he does: 1 - tool himself up 2 - attach for damage and remove the armour 6 dice at 4/1 is going to be 2 damage more often than not, plus burning. 3-5 = 3 damage each on averages. 11 damage out of a 5 stack doesn't wow me. I see him as a setup model. Go into scrum pop the bubble to be disruptive, hit a couple of models for burning and tool up cast (so she's now 4 damage on 2 hits vs the burning players). 3 inf to do all that though.
  5. Snow interrupted play for a few of our players so we ended up with only 10 in attendance. The team mix was 3 union, 2 Blacksmiths, fish, masons, farmers, engineers & morticians. The fish player managed to throw the pair down in round 2 so we were done after 3 rounds with the unexpected winner of Thresher Farmers. Who knew that was a thing! Next event - not fixed a date as yet due to personal commitments in Feb but hopefully Feb/March time for another 4 round 1 dayer. For locals to the SW Ross Tully is probably next up in Jan/Feb running down Portsmouth way.
  6. For tomorrow registration starts at 10, games at 10:30. BIG is not open before this so you’ll be stood in the cold unless jim is very kind. I’d recommend not turning up too early as it’s been chilly here the last few days.
  7. We've had a drop out so a space has opened up again if anyone is interested.
  8. The 16 slots have gone, I'd appreciate if any players who know what guild they're going to play could go and comment over on Facebook or here, so I can start populating out Longshanks. Also if you've not used longshanks it's possible for registered players to input their own scores after the games so it's worth you all getting signed up so that I have to put in even less effort on the day!
  9. One space left, anyone fancy a trip out to Bristol for a day of Guild Ball to round us up to an even 16 players.
  10. All blacksmiths & farmers are allowed for the event but they MUST be painted.
  11. Event is filling up, we're on 14 now, so get signed up to avoid disappointment.
  12. Farmers Commission Farmers issue seems to be doing it from my phone, moved to a desktop and it's working now. Stupid phone!
  13. dafruk

    Honest review of the Farmers box

    Yeah, I’m kind of a big deal. I own many leather bound books and my appartment smells of rich mahogany. I’ve painted two sets of the farmers and one of the blacksmiths. I found the blacksmiths were worse than the farmers, for the set that I had. Largely because the moldlines went across a lot more detail and (some of) the sculpts being more dynamic means they’re harder to paint and the moldlines fall in more obvious places.