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  1. Gelosy2

    The Goal Post Thread

    Can't wait to see some paint on that one! Looks awesome!
  2. Gelosy2

    The Goal Post Thread

    Thanks. Dollar store chain. Superglue holds it in place.
  3. Gelosy2

    The Goal Post Thread

    Butchers Guild goalpost
  4. Gelosy2

    The Goal Post Thread

    My Brewers goal post
  5. I'm intrested in the grace & benny.
  6. Tapper's Brewers faced off against Pin Vice and her army of automatons (and Ratchet) and managed to shut them down. Tapper and Hooper took out ratchet early and Hoist followed that up with a goal. Friday managed to get a goal followed by a second goal by hoist. Not to be outdone, Friday squeaked one more in in while Vet. Velocity tried to get to the goal before her. Scum finished off Ratchet, and the game for the Brewers!
  7. Gelosy2

    Showing Brewers pride!

    Playing the psychological game off of the pitch lol.
  8. My second union in chains match. Managed to get a couple take outs before Hoist steamed in and got a goal. Scum snagged the ball after that goal and heroic run for a goal. When he got there Vet Velocity was waiting and even if she wasn't, Scum missed and engineers had the ball. The final take out was Tapper and Hooper ganging up on poor Ratchet. Brewers did what brewers do and managed 6 take outs for a win!
  9. Gelosy2

    Decimate Revealed In Brewers

    I think everyone needs to stop the sword-shaming lol. Sword or paddle, as long as she isn't holding a hammer, i'm happy.
  10. Gelosy2

    Showing Brewers pride!

    Managed to get my first Union in Chains match in last night. Played a little mental game against my opponent by wearing my new Brewers shirt I had made. It didn't work because i lost, but I looked good losing and was forced to go home and cry into my beer.
  11. Tapper Brewers vs. Obulus Morticians. Morticians managed to take the win by wrecking poor Friday not once, but twice and getting a beautiful pair of goals. Tapper and Hooper managed to take out Casket and Hooper scored a goal but it wasn't enough.
  12. Gelosy2


    Maybe everyone who isn't excited about bringing Decimate to the Brewers should change perspective. Instead of looking at gaining an ally, we should consider denying the Masons an advantage! I for one am looking forward to drinking to her health! #decineedsadrink
  13. New player and love the game. Fell in love with the Brewers miniatures and that pulled me into the game.