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  1. Wildcard

    Free Cities Draft [Poll]

    I don't get the love for Amber. Other than being a former Brewer, she's not that interesting. Cutlass is a position of need and she's more interesting. Kami, Gaffer, and Flea are all more interesting.
  2. Wildcard

    GB resolution for –18?

    Find "my" guild.
  3. Wildcard

    Next Errata?

    #Nerfthefarmers Seriously, they are op.
  4. I don't consider myself a great player, but I do have a winning record with my Brewers and have even won a small tournament with them. I do agree that they don't have a sharp "gimmick" like other teams. However, I'm rather surprised to see them ranking in the bottom percentage everywhere in the world.
  5. Wildcard

    Which Guilds would you like to see next?

    Bards guild perhaps?
  6. So team event? Meaning we'd need a partner?
  7. Wildcard

    Pint Pot stymies Boar, Brewers defeat Butchers.

    I appreciate the link. Still can't figure it out. I grew up in an age where VCRs were the height of technology. I'm slowly learning.
  8. **** I tried to upload my photos, but due to size restriction I couldn't. The files weren't that big. Steamforged has some small allowances for photos. I'm pretty computer stupid, and don't have the time, inclination, or know how to set up a third party photo sharing thing. Believe me, I've tried. So you'll have to forgive this old man's computer stupidity, and lack of photos. I do so hope that I can still participate. I'll even e-mail you the photos if Steamforged is so so inclined. ********* Tappper took a long draw off his pipe. He exhaled, and allowed the smoke to coil around his head as it ascended skyward. He glanced down at the cat laying lazily at his feet. He wondered what advice the cat would give on the upcoming match, if it could speak. Hooper approached his captain, silently. He knew that the captain would sense his presence, but he approached with quiet all the same. He stood next to Tapper for a moment before breaking the silence. "Got a match comin', best we select the team and get a movin'." Tapper took another pull, glanced at his second in command, then again at the cat, then spoke. "Aye, that we do. Damn Butchers," he spat before continuing, "we'll need to take the fight to them, knock'em off their game." Hooper nodded, "If it's a scrap we're bringin' then we should bring Pint Pot." Tapper nodded in approval. "Aye, Pint Pot, Yourself," he added pointing at Hooper, "Need Mash fer the goal scorin', and bring Stave. Those barrels of his are just what we need to knock the butchers off their games. I'll bring this damn furball too." He motioned at Scum still laying where he had been. The Brewers arrived and surveyed the pitch. On the other side, the Butchers had assembled. Tapper could see Ox, Boar, Shank, Brisket, Boiler, and the mutt that they called princess. "Pint Pot," Tapper called, "Boar is yer job today. Where he goes, you follow. Keep 'em occupied and off the rest of us." Pint Pot smiled. "That big ugly son of poxy wh....." "Alright," Tapper cut him off, "quit with the name callin' and just do it." It was game time, and the Brewers had a plan. Nothing left, but to kick off. - The Brewers were first on the board after Hooper took out Shank with an assist from Tapper. 2 - 0. -Butchers strike back by taking out Tapper. 2 -2. -Brewers again as Tapper takes out Shank, yet again. 4 - 2. -Mash scores a goal, and the Brewers are way in front, 8 - 2. -Boiler gets the best of Pint Pot, Pint Pot falls, 8 - 4. -Hooper finishes off Boar, 10 - 4. -Ox knocks out Hopper, 10 - 6. -With assists from Mash, Stave, and Tapper, Scum gets the kill shot in on Brisket, winning it for the Brewers 12 - 6! As his team celebrated a hard fought victory, Tapper gazed out into the crowd. There he saw her, the former guild member, Decimate. He'd heard she was looking for a safe landing spot after scrambling out of the union. Perhaps, that spot could be her former guild. Perhaps, Tapper could use someone like her. Perhaps this is where she should have been all along. Perhaps. -
  9. Wildcard

    Warmachine/Hordes Guild Ball teams

    You could always do a counts as. Like these trollkin are actually brewers. As for making your own. Might be tough going. Some stats don't directly cross and certain animi might have you doing things that are unheard of in guildhall. That said, don't let me discourage you. Where there's a will there's a way.
  10. Wildcard

    GIC Game Feedback Thread

    Played Brewers vs. Butchers tonight. As a Brewer, I played another round. Great card, a free heroic every turn is wonderful. Especially when my entire team, except the cat, has a heroic. The issue is it's so good that I really wouldn't want to play the others.
  11. Wildcard

    Union in Chains initial rankings

    I'm sure things will heat up for all guilds once we know more. In the meantime, I'm all for bringing Decimate home. Brewers!
  12. Wildcard

    How did you choose your Guild?

    Although I'm american born, I have a Scottish heritage. I have a long running RPG character who is essentially a drunk Scotsman. Enter, guildball. Knowing nothing about the game I see a faction with tartan, sold. They are also essentially drunks, double sold. They even come with the base game, triple sold. Now I'm a brewer player through and through. Even started to paint my own family's tartan on the models.
  13. Wildcard

    Let's talk about Stoker

    Stoker is really useful. As pointed out his armor and magical brew keep him in fights longer than most others. His character plays are often very useful as well. Having ranged attacks can often help him still contribute even when out of position. Don't sleep on his abilities as a goal scorer either. Given the right circumstances he is a goal threat. I've had him score twice so far.
  14. Wildcard

    Brewers vs. Masons only?

    So as a Brewer player, can only games against Masons count towards this, or any game in general? There aren't many Mason players in our local meta.